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TODAY'S NEWS, January 17, 2024



1) "Explaining Trump's Iowa victory," look no further than the fact that 40% put the illegal criminal invasion as the #1 issue.

2) NBC (Nothing But Communists) says DeSoros has barely enough money to get through SC. "Hard truths have forced DeSantis to continuously reassess what constitutes victory for him."

3) It looks as though the Supes are indeed going to take on the Chevron Doctrine. This is big. Could completely undermine the Deep State.

4) Man this had to hurt CNN, thought they managed to get a zing in at the end: "Trump's landslide Iowa win a "stunning show of strength" after "leaving Washington in disgrace." No spoogies, it was Washington that was "in disgrace." But ya couldn't hep it.

5) The Fifth Circuit slapped down Rutabaga's war on home appliances. Now, wait til ol' Neil begins chopping the Chevron doctrine.

6) Surprise, surprise. A majority of black Americans approve of the Supes striking down affirmative action.

7) ABC News in New Hampshire isn't going to even cover the so-called "debate" because no one is debating. Trump won't be there, now Nick Knack won't be there.

8) Slate is all butthurt that Judge Cannon is sabotaging the illicit docs case against Trump. Boo hoo.

9) A former Rutabaga advisor is begging the Demented Pervert to drop the "Bidenomics" messaging cuz it's such an obvious lie and Americans are insulted.

10) Maybe that's why the Atlanta Urinal Constipation has President Trump up eight in Georgia. No, no last minute "leaks" are gonna save the Demented Pervert this time.

12) I think I'll take another airline in the future. Thanks. United Airlines CEO has a history of cross dressing and pretending to be Taylor Swift.

13) Moloch-lover Bill Gates will donate $8.6 billion in 2024, in large part to Baal-factories of abortion.

14) An adviser to Traitor Tuppence is already worried that Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon will be in Trump's cabinet. (LS raises hand: "me! me!")

15) Scientists say they have filmed plants talking to each other. What? You mean like this?

16) The FascistBI is investigating the head of Abercrombie & Finch for abusing young men. Naaah. Really? Grab yer Booty &* Pinch?

17) President Trump leads Nick Knack by 16 in New Hampshire, DeSoros loses to "undecided."


18) In a blow to a school district trying to keep a transoid out of the other sex's bathrooms, the Supes refused to take a transoid bathroom case, meaning lawsuits against schools allowing this stuff can continue and will be decided in multiple courts. Or, the Supes punted.


19) The Chamber of Commerce, no friend of business, rages against President Trump's America First economic nationalism. Rage on, rage on, ya nasty little puddlestuffers.

20) Looks like, as I predicted in my book, A Patriot's History of Globalism: Its Rise and Decline, we may be at the end of ESG as Unilever's new CEO says it's time to ditch the causes.

21) When the False Prophet speaks, pay attention. Noah Harari just admitted that President Trump's election would be the death blow to "global order." I think he meant "global control," but whatever.

22) Alex Marlow seconded the panic that is setting in at Davos. Gooooood.

23) This might well be one of those "intellectually challenged" people the FAA is hiring, as a Boeing on the taxiway in Chicago crashed into another plane.

24) Remember when the white-collar types deried the blue-collar people getting laid off? "Learn to code?" Guess what: it's now happening to them. Maybe learn to weld?


26) The Canadian National Bank came to brutal conclusions about high immigration levels and the nation's declining standard of living.

27) The ChiComs' Millennial and GenZ youts are having to lower their economic expectations. As are all youts.

28) A large anti-war protest in Russia does not show what the elites think it does. (I.e., where are the anti-war protests in Ukraine? there ain't none cuz Green Screen won't permit them).

29) Javier Milei of Argentina flat out told the WEF they were socialists.


30) TMZ reported that in December Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was found "blue" in his bed and unresponsive from an overdose.


31) One of the first peer-reviewed papers on the impact of lockdowns, the vax, and maskies says "The waves of the pandemic correlated well with the seasonality of human beta-coronaviruses . . . . we could not find clear or consistent evidence that the stringency of [lockdowns or masks] or vaccination reduced the progression of the pandemic."

32) Japanese researchers warn that the China Virus vax is linked to a mere 201 types of diseases.


There is a new luxury cruise available for $300,000 that includes a suite with a Steinway. I'll go ya one better. Gimme $300,000 and I'll get ya a speedboat and reassemble Rampage to play on the dock for ya.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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