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TODAY'S NEWS, January 18, 2024


(No video today. Video will return tomorrow)


1) A new St. Anselm poll for New Hampshire puts President Trump at 52% with a solid lead over Nick Knack.

2) While a Suffolk University poll has Trump beating Nick Knack 50-34.

3) The New York Slimes is desperate, seeing a "wider path" for Nick Knack as DeSoros's super PAC began layoffs. Nope.

4) Described as a "big comedown," DeSoros abandoned New Hampshire to concentrate on South Carolina.

5) Meanwhile, Maine's court deferred to the Supes: Trump stays on the ballot.

6) the "out of touch" evil Minion claims Trump's voters are out of touch while saying he "raped a woman" (found innocent of that). Meanwhile, Minion's support from his own voters is so low he can't run for reelection.

7) Speaker Mike Johnson "dug in" against a border deal that would allow Uke funds.

8) Now Fat Fani Willis's divorce docs are sought by major media outlets. Should be fun.

9) And speaking of Fat Fani, the DemoKKKrat Patriot Day (J6) committee managed to get itself involved in her investigation.

10) President Trump isn't even reelected yet and he is already reshaping international politics.


11) The great Ryan Burge shows that the number of young mainline Protestants is on a path to extinction, and that the mainline churches in general are in heap big trouble.


12) A major EU study found, shocked!---that there are significant sex differences in boys and girls aspirations in STEM. You can cut off all the penises and breasts you want and it STILL won't change how you are wired.

13) Yet another major study of 40,000 subjects had similar results.

Conclusion? "Sex differences in occupational segregation in STEM and in other areas of life are not surprising and not likely to change even with continent-wide interventions."


14) The Philly Fed's survey in January came in over 10 points lower than "expected." Again, if you had a doctor whose diagnoses were always different than expected, you wouldn't keep him very long.

15) Meanwhile savings as a share of GDP went negative.

16) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, asks why the elite experts are always surprised? He points out that the infamous Rutabaga green energy "investment" is barely a minimum down payment on the total cost of building out the grid for their fantasy.


17) Tobacco use has fallen worldwide.

18) A fascinating piece on who was the most "peaceful" of American Presidents. All three at the top are Rs---Reagan, GHWB, and Trump, and depending on the metric, Trump presided over the largest international fall in state-caused deaths ever. Oh, guess who is at the top for Murder, INC.? Rutabaga. Some of this stands to reason: When Reagan won the Cold War, GHWB benefitted by the big drawdown & withdrawal. And the Gulf War was extremely low-casualty.

19) OK, these were beheadings of dead Israelis, but they do confirm what the Israeli Defense Forces claimed.

20) The sons of Nippon are testing a fusion-based laser capable of blowing up asteroids. Thank God. Didn't want to end up like these guys.

21) The UAE will carry out hundreds of cloud seeding missions to get rain. May be try this guy?


22) CNN hopes to recapture the "swagger" of its youth. Dear Communist News Network: it's easy to have swagger when you don't have competitors.

23) Disney in turmoil as Bob Iger doubled his salary while laying off 7,000.


24) Madonna was sued by her fans for being 2 hours late. Folks, you have to cut her some slack. She's closing on 80. She needs her nappie.

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