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TODAY'S NEWS, January 19, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1I In from Richard Baris per Suffolk Daily Tracking poll: President Trump continues to lead Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb in New Hampshire, overnight gaining two. He is up to 52%, while Nick Knack dropped a point to 35%.

2) Steve Bannon predicts President Trump's first 100 days will rival that of FDR. I'm not so optimistic. FDR had a slavish Congress. Trump, if lucky, will have narrow majorities in each house, of which small minorities within are truly MAGA. But, if the mandate is strong, fear is a great motivator.

3) The lawless, evil clownspooge Rutabaga has canceled another 74,000 student loans, ignoring the Supreme Court.

4) Wow, pigs are flying. The head of the Heritage Foundation told the demonspawn at the WEF that Trump is right and that "you're part of the problem." Following the blast by Argentina's president, can the WEF take much more criticism before they cuddle up with their child sex-slaves in the corner?

5) RINOs are fleeing congress. The Washington Examiner credits Matt Gaetz. So far 17 Rs have left, 17 Ds---but no MAGA.

6) The sex scandal involving Fat Fani Willis continues to grow as her office tries to prevent the wife of the prosecutor from testifying. Cuz it wouldn't be pretty.

7) Bridgeport, CT. voters will have a third primary after fraud was discovered in the previous election. What a novel idea! Not tolerating a fraudulent election.

8) James O'Keefe has uncovered a shadow network of NGOs facilitating the invasion of illegal criminals.

9) President Trump says he thinks the Supes will "intervene soon" in his cases.

10) And another one. Washington state, reading the writing on the wall, says President Trump stays on the ballot.

11) New footage shows Secret Service, police calmly walking by what they already said was a "pipe bomb" on Patriot Day (J6).

12) Two "verys" and one "cool" as RINO Nancy Mace's former chief of staff launches a MAGA campaign against her.

13) Looks like Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb was cheating on her hubby with her comms director, new affidavits show.

14) Yikes. DeSoros falls to new low in Kollyfornia at 6%. This is White Lizzo levels of irrelevance.

15) Odd. After Arizona signed a consent decree in 2018 to allow ballots to be cast without proof of citizenship, the number of said ballots increased by over 10,000. Gee, almost exactly the number by which President Trump "lost" Arizona.

16) Just when you thought flying couldn't get any worse, a American Airlines flight attendant (stewardman) was using his phone to record a 14 year old girl---and it turns out it wasn't the first time.

17) An Atlas Air jet had to land afters flames burst out of one of its engines.


18) Thousands of schools are at risk of closing due to a massive drop in students. Enrollments are down in places up to 20%. I discussed this in a story during my Commentary on Wild World of Politics on Wednesday. Let me give you an example reported in a local paper. Chandler, AZ, is one of the very fastest growing cities in the U.S. At one point last year we grew by 2,000 a month, and no, not illegal criminal invaders. Two days ago the local paper reported that Chandler School District was down by 821, exceeding expectations by over 600. This amounted to a loss in revenue of $3.5 million! Overall, the district has 41,000. Arizona passed a voucher system where any parent with a child gets the education allotment for that child anywhere---private or charter school, or homeschool. The public schools can't begin to compete, and other states have picked up on this.


19) Existing home sales fell to the lowest level since 1995.

20) Macy's will slash 2,350 jobs and close five stores in this fine Rutabaga economy.


21) Maine is on track to become a transoid "sanctuary state" for children who don't want their parents involved. The honor roll of evil grows.


22) Winken, Blinken, and Nod unveiled his Middle East peace plan, which of course is guaranteed to promote war by creating a so-called "Palestinian" state. Repeat after me. There are NO Palestinians because there is no such thing as Palestine. It's called Judea.

23) Canada's pole vault champion died suddenly at age 29. I'm sure the vax had nothing to do with it.

24) China's Yuan is gaining greater currency in the Middle East.

25) Love this guy. Argentina's Javier Milei denounced the WEF's "Bloody abortion agenda."

26) A Japanese lander touched down on the moon.

27) Ecuador's army took back control of its prison after inmates staged a riot.


28) Bwa hahaha. "Roots" and "Star Trek" star LeVar Burton discovered he is a descendant of a Confederate soldier. NOT the Babylon Bee.

29) Jeff Bezos' hottie girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, was seen out and about in what could only be described as lingerie. Megan Kelly called it a "hooker" outfit. I see her point . . . and much more.


30) Information from VAERS obtained through Freedom of Information Act shows that indeed some batches of the China Virus vax were worse than others for side effects. These batches alone accounted for over 1,800 side effects.


31) She's a professional "girl friend" who rakes in $30,000 from lonely guys on line. "Can you figure out what's special about Lexi Love?" I diligently studied the photos and haven't a clue.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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