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TODAY'S NEWS, January 22, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

In Mrs. LS's feel good story of the day, all Sports Illustrated staffers have been fired. Go woke, go broke. But wait! Actually two today, as the Los Angeles Times also plans big layoffs! Can we handle the joy?


1) President Trump reached his highest level yet in New Hampshire at 55% (+2) while Nick Knack stayed the same at 35%. NOTE: Some 92% of Trump voters say they are voting FOR him, while around 50% of Nick Knack voters say they are voting AGAINST him.

2) President Trump's pollster Tony Fabrizio said the President was about to deliver a "smackdown" of Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb in the SC primary coming up.

3) Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Nick Knack is counting on DemoKKKrat saboteurs coming into the state to vote for her, like these people.

4) Meanwhile DeSoros finally read the tea leaves and dropped out, endorsing President Trump, who reacted by officially withdrawing the nickname "DeSanctimonious" and said he would henceforth be known as Governor Ron DeSantis. I don't think some MAGA backers will forget, though.

5) This story says the SC polling showing him getting crushed was the final straw.

6) As with analyzing why the Titanic went down, a spate of articles now are analyzing the utter failure of the DeSoros campaign, as now does NBC. Some of this bears noting: He spent an inordinate amount of early cash on staffers, then had to fire 40% of them; hiring the "influencers" known as the "fight club" who were terrible (including Shill Mitchell and Dave Littleboi); and most of all, putting too much on a Twitter launch that exploded on the pad.

COMMENT: The DeSoros campaign will be studied years later as what not to do in a campaign. For one thing, the relationship with the PAC "Never Back Down" and the campaign was likely illegal. But it was clear from the get go that DeSoros didn't have enough money, and needed the PAC, which "coordinated" all Iowa events, paid for the bus tour to all 99 counties, and paid for the "door knockers." Those "door knockers" ran into "ran into staunch resistance from Trump voters who showed no sign of budging." Yet this was what Baris's polling showed a year out, that Trump supporters were incredibly loyal. Again and again in American politics since 2016, people have misunderstood Trump's connection with his voters, always to their peril.

7) Now Gov Chris Snooze-nunu of New Hampshire saying, "Haley doesn't have to win" as she drifts further behind.

8) An election expert quickly hacked into an electronic voting machine in court, suggesting they are hardly tamper proof.

9) Techno-Fog has the receipts on the Fat Fani Willis affair, arguing that the likelihood of recusal just rose.

11) And not a good week overall for Fulton County, as six people, including jail food contractors and a detention officer, were arrested for a contraband scheme.

11) Now even the Scotusblog says that the Supreme Court will overturn the Chevron doctrine. Major blow against the administrative state, if so.

12) The Department of INJustice confirmed the authenticity of the Hunter Biteme laptop after dodging this issue for months.

13) . Still afraid of the fraud? Listen to what the DemoKKKrat lawmakers are saying about Rutabaga. They wouldn't be terrified like this if they knew they could steal the election. And they also know it's too late to pull a switcheroo.

14) Contrary to conventional wisdom, younger voters want abortion limits.

16) This traveler explains why American cities are "squalid" in comparison to Sofia, Bulgaria. While he's right, simply de-regulating many things won't fix it. He alludes to the difference in "trust" in Europe and America---but Europe is rapidly becoming just as squalid with waves of immigrants. Ask some of the residents of Stockholm about "trust." And until the U.S. and state governments get serious about four issues---illegal criminal aliens, crime, homelessness, and mental illness---there will be no relief or improvement.

17) Right on cue, New Kabul (NY) has seen a neighborhood literally go to s**t as the illegal criminal aliens poop and pee everywhere.

18) Nearly 140 abortion clinics have closed since Dobbs.

19) The "pipe bomb" hoax of Patriot Day (J6) Continues to unravel).

20) A new poll by Rasmussen shows an enormous divide among the elite/superelite class and ordinary Americans. By almost 90% the former think Rutabaga's economic policies are fine; most report growing wealth; and almost three quarters are fine with rationing meat and abolishing cars.. And of course between 47% and 53% of the elite/superelites think we have "too much freedom." I have always supported the wealthy, and think no society can last for long without a healthy prosperous class---but these attitudes are an existential threat not only to our society but to our world and human existence. It's time for heads on pikes or "Gangs of New York" stuff.

21) New Hampshire introduces a bill to ban chemtrails.

22) , , , while Louisiana lawmakers passed a closed primary bill and a redistricting bill creating, as per court order, a second black district that could remove one R seat.

23) A bankruptcy judge has allowed Rudy Guiliani to challenge the $148 million judgement against him for "defamation."

24) Holy cow! This is "A Few Good Men?" The USMC had to call 9/11 after its F-35 jet went missing. "We are trying to look for it and coming up dry so far."

25) A very sad story here. You just never know why people lose hope. This beautiful 34-year-old 2-time Afghan vet killed herself just days after her daughter's birthday.


26) In Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) a newly arrived illegal criminal migrant gang is behind a string of recent burglaries.


27) Florida's Board of Ed has banned DEI in public schools. Good start. But ultimately you need to get rid of the Marxist faculty and administrators.


28) A man posing as a woman has won a spot on the LPGA tour.


29) The Wall Street Journal has detailed the collapse of Rutabaga's wind farm dreams, although it failed to address one of the biggest concerns, dead whales. At any rate, no pun intended, is that as long as the winder whisperers can pass the rate hikes along to consumer (and they DO go up), they can keep these monstrosities economically solvent. Temporarily.

30) Wayfair, has laid off 13% of its employees after telling them to log more hours.

31) None of America's top three car manufacturers will air an ad during this year's Super Bowl.


32) The "Rich Men North of Rotterdam," i.e., the Davos Demons, had as their theme this year "Restoring Trust." They plan to do so through censorship and surveillance.

33) Almost no political leaders attended Davos---Italy, France, Britain, Japan ducked it, as did all the BRICS countries. Even so, the commies here at the Worker are pretty fed up.

34) And the lunacy of these Davos types (why are they so ugly, especially the women?): "farming should be a serious crime, equal to genocide."

36) Among all the other woes of electric cars, a Tesla's value drops by half over just 18 months, and only 6% of Americans want an EV. How's that for "forcing change," Mr. Black Rock?

38) Will "green/net-zero" crash into a wall or just run out of gas? Already a steelworks is closing in England due to "too much energy" use, and a massive new "green" German manufacturing facility is being built . . .in Chy-na.


39) The "world's greatest actor" (according to the Korean guy in "Team America: World Police"), "Awwwwweck Baawwwwwdwin" was indicted on manslaughter charges for the shooting in the "Rust" movie.

40) The new woke New Engalnd Patriots head coach emphasizes diversity and race. I wonder how many Asian wide receivers or cornerbacks the Pats will have?


41) Mary Weiss, lead singer of the "Shangri-las," died at age 75. Here is my story of the Shangri-las. In 2009-10 when filming our movie "Rockin' the Wall," I interviewed producer George "Shadow" Morton. He produced Vanilla Fudge, Iron Butterfly, Janis Ian, and others. Early in his career he was in the Brill Building (often known as "Tin Pan Alley" for all the pianos playing songs at the same time). He was courting a girl when nearby a guy was writing a song that Shadow thought was bad. He said so. The guy replied, "Do you think you can do better?" Morton said, "Yes, I can. Give me a week." Shadow did not play an instrument or write music, but he assembled a local group of girl singers that he called "The Shangri-las." He wrote a hit song for them, "Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)''. When the piano player heard it, he couldn't believe it. The song became an immediate hit. Shadow then was challenged to do it again. So he wrote "Leader of the Pack."

See this in "Rockin' the Wall," at

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