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TODAY'S NEWS, January 23, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


2) Holy Spooge, Batman! Rutabaga now holds a ONE-POINT lead over President Trump in New York.

3) And Holy Double Spooge! President Trump opens a DOUBLE DIGIT lead over Rutabaga with 3rd party candidates included.

4) Another post-mortem on the DeSoros campaign by leftoid Michael Lind, who says "If there’s a conclusion to be drawn from his rise and fall, it’s that Trump voters want the real thing, not a placebo." Lind accuses President Trump of being sometimes incoherent. I don't see it. There are times where political reality forces a compromise, but Trump has had an economic nationalist plan (that Lind has endorsed) from day one.

5) This time the great Ryan Burge weighs in on politics and religion, showing that a) Trump's vote by cultural evangelicals in 2024 will be almost double that of McCain's in 2008; b) they are becoming slightly less important because overall Americans are becoming slightly less religious. This is why hewing to a strict abortion/social issues line (a la a Rick Santorum won't fly).

6) Music to my ears. The Wall Street Journal editor in chief tells the Rich Men North of Rotterdam in Davos "We no longer own the news." Yeah, duh, diddlepickle.

7) The DemoKKKrat House Patriot Day (J6) committee deleted hundreds of encrypted files days before the GOP took over.

8) In what could be a major victory for college education, nearly 30,000 faculty plan to walk out of 23 Kollyfornia state universities on Monday. This could improve education 100% if they stay out.

9) The Supes proved in a 5-4 ruling they are still oriented toward big gubment and not state's rights by ruling in favor of the federal government in the Texas border dispute. There were two ways to look at this: one is that the borders are fed responsibility, but the other could have been that the feds weren't doing their jobs and the states had to a la 10th amendment.

10) Gov. Greg Abbott pulled a Rutabaga and said he would continue to protect the border no matter what the Supes said.

11) The divorce records for Fat Fani Willis's lover/prosecutor will be unsealed. This should be good.

12) There has been another massive data breach called "the Mother of all Breaches" with 26 billion records stolen from Twit, Linkedin, and Dropbox.

13) Right after the press sec says there is nothing wrong with Rutabaga's brain, he mixes up two of his, er, foreign sounding secretaries.

14) A new cheating scandal in the Ivy League, with a Harvard teaching hospital scrambling amidst falsified papers by top researchers.

15) A new book details what a horrible veep Kampuchea Harris is, how all the DemoKKKrats hate her, and explains why they can't get rid of Rutabaga cuz they can't get rid of her.


16) Vermont resettled a bunch of Somalis. Now shootings are up 185% in Burlington, and I guarantee it ain't the "Green Mountain Boys."

17) And a mom whose daughter was killed by an illegal criminal alien and MS-13 member has sued DHS for $100 million. Too bad this comes out of taxpayer funds and not out of that slimeball Mayorkas' bank account.


19) So called "gender dysphoria," or simply being confused, is now rampant and has grown by over 250% in many states, with one in five being under 19.


20) Our pals at Axios are now chiming in, saying that EVs in DC are no ok for winter.

21) The collapse of the movie industry, as movie tickets are down 45% from 21 years ago.

22) Actions have consequences. DeSoros spending months in Iowa and on the campaign trail, the "book tour" trail, the "world tour" trail has now led to an insurance crisis in Florida. Take care of bidness, man.

23) The Dow closed above 38,000 setting a record high. Thing is, President Trump was on track to do this three years ago.

44) Another indicator of economic health shows no growth for months.


25) A new Hindu temple built over an older one is triggering riots in India.

26) A climate change nutjob pled guilty to setting Canadian wildfires.

27) Kiev's mayor says Green Screen Zelensky is "increasingly autocratic and moving in the wrong direction." Well, Kiev-ski, he follows the money.

Again, it's heads on pikes time, as the WEF wants to limit coffee intake to 2-3 cups PER YEAR. Per hour? Maybe.


A new, non-woke Pokemon game "Palworld" sells five million copies, as whiners complain it is an AI game (with no evidence).

So we may not have to look at Taylor Swift with the Chiefies much longer, as insiders say Travis Kelce will also retire at the end of the year.


The great Steve Kirsch shows that "The New Zealand data leaked by whistleblower Barry Young is unassailable proof the COVID vaccines increase your risk of death."


Forget a super yacht. Now you can get a super sub for $2 billion. Ah, did anyone tell you that the whole purpose of a yacht is to be seen on it? Kinda hard when you're 100 feet below the water line.

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