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TODAY'S NEWS, January 24, 2025

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) President Trump set records in his big win in the New Hampshire primary over Nick Knack Haley. First, his vote total of almost 172,000 (corrected from the video) was the highest ever; second his share of the vote per population was exceptionally high, breaking Dinobernie's 2016 record of 11.32%; and third he became the only non-incumbent to win the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries back to back. It is worth noting that had he merely held his 2020 vote share (when he was an incumbent, he would have lost).

2) Check out this exit poll from New Hampshire: of those who voted for President Trump, 80% said Rutabaga was illegitimate. Of the Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb crowd, only 15%. They are the enemy..

4) A challenge to keep President Trump off the ballot now fails in Massachusetts.

5) In this poll, President Trump beats Rutabaga by 5 with or without extra players.

6) Well, well. Another DemoKKKrat seat flipped, this time in the New Hampshire state house.

7) A massive story out of AZ, as Kari Lake caught the head of the AZ GOP on tape attempting to bribe her to drop out, saying people "back east" want her to "pause." She told him to buzz off in no uncertain terms.

8) A prosecutor admits that Ray Epps may have committed multiple crimes.

10) In bad news for President Trump, he got the endorsement of TX senator John Cornhole. Meanwhile, GOP senators rallied around him calling for Nick Knack to drop out. Folks, they ain't doing this cuz they like him. They are doing this because they know he will win.

11) A lib weighs in on, gee, why can't Rutabaga's "great" economy be reflected in the polls?" His answer is the hoax news media is covering only bad stuff---something that conservatives have argued for a long time. Welcome to the party, pal.

12) Good ol' Carpe Diem in American Greatness says DeSoros will bounce back. I don't think so. The model here of a once-Trumpy governor who went to the dark side is Arizona's Doug Douchey, whose reputation was so tarnished by his failures on the 2020 election and his lockdowns that by 2022 he couldn't even run for, much less get elected to, the Senate here. It's called Flake's Disease.

13) Two North Carolina counties ditched the Zuckerbucks' system for 2024. Now all should follow.


14) Jennifer Sey has an interesting look at authenticity in looks, using as Erin Moriarity of "The Boys" as an example. She looks like two different people due to plastic surgery. Sey's point is that now she looks like everyone else.


15) Over 25% of GenZers say they are homosexual or lesbian.


16) Mayor Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul (NYC) has signed a deal to supply $77 million to "emergency hotels" for the illegal criminal aliens. I'm sure New Yorkers could not use that money for themselves.


17) U.S. oil companies posted record merger action in the 4th quarter.

18) The Rush Limbaugh of energy, David Blackmon, argues that green permits should be no easier to get than oil and gas leases.


19) The popmpous goobpooper of a Canadian Prime Minister, Justa Turd-o, had his war on truckers during the China Virus declared unconstitutional. Great. Now how do the truckers get compensated, and how much comes out of Turd-o's trust fund?

20) Nice. A 100-strong international coalition has pressed the UN to investigate the ChiComs' organ harvesting ventures.

21) The utterly demonic "False Prophet" of the WEF, Noah Harari, says that "human rights are just stories." Yeah, ye satanic scabpickle, and in these stories we kick your globalist ass.

22) The Bank of Amigo (Bank of America) initiated layoffs in Asia due to a slow market.


24) The Washington ComPost abandoned all basic journalistic standards when reporting the Israel/Hamas war.

25) "Barbie" is on the Oscar best picture list, but not "Godzilla Minus One," which has done a monster box office (no pun intended). "Godzilla" only cost about $10 million to make, had only 35 special effects people working on it (vs. over 1,000 v\for "Ant Man"). Cilian Murphy nominated for best actor, as he should be.

26) An entertainment story you don't hear every day. Three NFL fans were found frozen in the back yard of a buddy who didn't know they were there.

27) Leftoids freaking out because "Barbie" got a nomination for "Best Picture," but not Margot Robbie for "Best Actress" nor the director. But Ryan Gosling, in the "return of the patriarcy" got one.

28) So "Til Death Do Us Part" now means 2 months according to Dophins WR Tyreek Hill.


29) A journalist who attacked a tennis player for not being vaxxed "died suddenly."

30) The spud-taters at the UN "aren't interested in data transparency" about the China Virus. Gee, I wonder why?

31) A judge has ordered the CDC to hand over 7.8 million docs submitted to V-safe.


32) Yes, a Boeing 757 lost its nose tires upon taxi, but the real ailine news of the day is a passenger taken off an American Airlines flight for excessive farting. It wasn't Eric Swalwell (Farticus). Maybe he thought his gas was helping to keep the airplane up? Thank God they don't allow smoking anymore, or they were one match away from a Hindenburg.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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