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TODAY'S NEWS, January 25, 2024



1 This has swung pretty sharply to President Trump in the last few days, as now a second poll has him up over Rutabaga by 5 or more, in this case 6.

2) Harris X now has Trump up by 7.

3) Wow. In 2020, Rutabaga won 88% of the black vote in Georgia, and last week the Atlanta Urinal Constipation had him at 58% with Trump at over 20% in Georgia now.

4) "Donald Trump is the greatest victim not felled by an assassin in the history of the presidency."

5) This is obviously great news, but also raises an interesting question: the Ohio legislature overrode Governor DeWeenie's veto of the transoid bill. The question now is, did DeWeenie anticipate this would be overridden when he vetoed it? In other words, did he know he'd get the policy his side wanted while looking like he was appeasing the left? I've met DeWeenie and was not impressed.

6) President Trump now leads Rutabaga by 3 in favorability in key swing states.

7) Correct: America cannot afford Never-Trump's nihilism. Cuz that's who they are: they want to hand the country to DemoKKKrats and Rutabaga rather than enact policies that benefit Americans.

8) Zero is telling Rutabaga to drop out of the presidential race. I don't think this will work Barry. Do you know any demented people? They get EXTREMELY set in their ways, angry and belligerent.

9) Speaking of corrupt-o-crats, Jeff DeWitt blasted by Kari Lake for not apologizing to voters for his slimy bribe. This story continues to unfold.

11) More idiocy in Groomer City (SF) as a $1.7 million public toilet is canceled. Sure, we pay a million dollars for a toilet every day.

12) FascistBI seizures from safe deposit boxes violated the Constitution.

13) Elon Musk said that DEI initiatives are discriminatory and fundamentally anti-Semitic. Yep.

15) The Supes are moving very fast on Trump's ballot-ban cases and will have a ruling soon, saying they will publish written opinions the same day as the arguments, meaning they have already decided, almost certainly in favor of President Trump. Should be 9-0.

16) Yertle's attempt to push through a "border" bill which is nothing more than more Uke aid was halted by both President Trump, who read Yertle the riot act, and rebellions senators. Trump wants to run on the issue, not have a band-aid put on it.


17) Guess what? There is a link between transoidism and violence. Gee, why would disfunctional, sad people be violent?


18) Ok, I post this because we have had diametrically opposite data but this story says credit card defaults are soaring.

20) Rutabaga's inane government keeps claiming that the economy is growing, yet, gee . .. no one seems to feel it.



22) Taylor Swift and the Swifties are freaked out about an AI porn video of her calling it "predatory behavior." We will probably soon see a showdown on this across the board from the Supes, namely how much control does one have over his or her AI image. However, I do have a question about Ms. Swift: Why is she always holding the mic up like she's farting into it?

23) I guess this could be "entertainment," but certainly a graphic image warning is needed: Cankles is videotaped trying to dance the Macarena.

24) Definitely not good news for Hollywood, as the ChiComs are cutting back their investments. But look at the good side. Now actors can wear their Taiwan patches again!


25) Check out this reasoning from the CDC: They didn't want to alert the public on the dangers of vax-related myocarditis because they didn't want to "cause a panic." Yet these same toadpimples had no problem circulating false research showing 20 million Americans would die.

26) The great Steve Kirsch: 22% of those households who had someone take the vax reported a vax injury.


27) I heartily endorse this from the Huns: a 20 second rule for freeway driving, namely, if you are in anything but the right lane, you have 20 seconds to pass or get out of it. No perching in the left lane. Here in AZ, we have the snowbirds and the elderly "perchers" who just perch in the far left lane but cling to the inside line. GO HOME.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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