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TODAY'S NEWS, January 29, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Whenever leftists write about Trump, even if they are explaining what he is doing right, they have to frame it in the most unfavorable light possible, hence, "Trump's insults and rants mask a ruthlessly efficient campaign." Now, my point in including this article is further evidence that they are beginning to realize they will lose.

2) Massachusetts Supes said Trump must be on the ballot there.

3) Meet the DemoKKKrat funding network trying to keep bozos like Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb (Haley) in the race.

4) And Nick Knack is whining because in Nevada, they moved from a primary to a caucus to name delegates, and Trump will win all.

5) Speaking of funding, Christopher Rufo has helped uncover a network of NGOs such as the Anti-Defamation League (which is a hate group) and the Southern Poverty Lawless Center (another hate group) that work to "defame and punish" anyone working for common sense.

6) The paddleaddled moronic chainsmoking brain-stem-deprived douchnozzles in Kollyfornia decided that now they are going after trains, and that all new engines and trains must be zero emission by 2035. Further, diesels can't be older than 23 years old. Something like this maybe?

7) According to a watchdog group, an FBI official's anti-Trump rant violated federal law. Yeah, yeah. Remind us what prison Deep Stroke and his sex-buddy Pageboy are in now?

8) Naomi Wolf, who has made a surprising move to the center-right, argues in her "Letter from Charlottesville" that MAGA and the RFK, Jr. wing of the DemoKKKrats need to unite. I like Naomi. She is very much a Nicodemus, seeking the truth but still afraid to admit what the cost will be. There are fundamental differences that themselves are "existential" between these groups. There can be no "uniting" until one or the other (and I hate to use this example, but)) like the Nazis, are completely defeated and their structures torn down.

9) Kaiser Peremanente, Oakland's largest employer, has told employees to eat lunch inside. Too dangerous to go outside.

10) Meanwhile, In-n=Out Burger, a Kollyfornia mainstay, is closing a restaurant there (first ever closed) due to rampant crime.

11) And in Bengahzi-by-the-Lake (Chicago), the city has seen a record level of car thefts, while arrests have fallen. And another!

13) Zero and Slick Willie will have a fundraiser with Rutabaga. Again, not an indicator they were going to replace him.

14) Internally the feds were warning about "major challenges" with vote fraud in 2020. Yeah, we know.

15) The House finally unveiled impeachment plans for Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas. This is only a year late.

16) Here is a good review of all the redistricting changes: NY picks up a few D seats, NC pretty much offsets with Rs, AL will have likely another D; GA and FL and TX, probably more Rs. LA may have a D, and WI is yet to be decided. Overall a wash, or maybe D+1, but candidates matter.

17) The Iranian drone strike that killed three U.S. military personnel has naturally prompted strong response from Senate hawks, like Linda Grahamnesty, who want immediate war with Iran. This is an absolute no win for Rutabaga. If he retaliates and escalates a war of sorts---even if not of the level of Iraqi Freedom---much of the American populist public, right and left, will rebel. If he doesn't do anything, he looks like the weak bumbling demented pervert that he is.

18) So what is Iran attacking? "Tower 22" is an intel-gathering base holding over 350 U.S. military personnel. Senator Rand Paul was strongly critical of any escalation, saying the American people have had enough of endless wars.

19) Meanwhile, former Trump National Security Advisor John "Bomb-em-to-the-Stone-Age" Bolton is pushing for "disproportionate" military responses to Iran. This guy would have been right at home with Attila the Hun's murdering mauraders.


200 Denver, otherwise known as Mile High Caracas, which has taken in more illegal criminal aliens than anyone else, has begun to crack down and is ordering them out of shelters. Yeah, fine. Now where do they go? Boulder?

22) The latest in the "Texican standoff" is that Texas border patrol will not remove the wire. Good on ya!.

23) The ex-IRS contractor who leaked President Trump's tax returns was sentenced to five years in jail. Probably a tad low.


24) Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya. The NYSlimes, courtesy of the great Ryan Burge, admits that the "evangelicals" that Trump is appealing to are not as religious as the term previously meant, especially in Iowa. If you follow me, or Richard Baris, this should come as no surprise.

25) Speaking of cultural insanity, how's this: The Museum of Natural History is now taking down its Indian (they say "native American," but I'm a native American---I was born here) exhibits due to a Rutabaga rule that those artifacts were the property of the Injuns. So get this: those exhibits were originally built to honor the Indians. Now Rutabaga is dissing them by not allowing people to honor them.


26) The auto industry wants to crush AM radio, and Congress may rescue it.

27) A record number of Americans are homeless amidst a surge in rent.

28) A CBS anchor said he could not find one single person outside a New Hampshire grocery store who felt good about the economy. Getting there, but not enough: they need to feel terrible and fearful.

29) Exxon has filed suit against climate activist investor groups. Enough climate yo-yoism is enough.

30) Beverly Hills home renovations have been put on hold because they ain't building enough "affordable housing."


32) The White House says we have troops on the ground in Yemen. God help us. Demented Rutabaga, having failed to get a war in Ukraine, now is trying to get one in Yemen.

33) Justa Turd=o's EV strategy has cost Canada $4 million per job created. At this rate, the Canucks can just hand the land back over to the natives soon. And I don't mean the Edmonton Oilers.

34) Isn't this what we have been saying for over a year? Even if it was good policy (it isn't) sending money to the Ukes for "weapons" is merely subsidizing corruption as over $40 million has vanished.

35) The UN fired 12 after it was learned they were involved in the Hamas Oct. 7 murder attacks. Key being, "it was learned." Probably everyone at the UN Relief Agency was involved.

36) Winston would be rolling over. "British warships lack firepower to return Houthi attacks." These are a bunch of Third World thugees who can't even run an electric plant, and the Limeys can't blow them to smithereens?

Ok, I def didn't see this coming. 40% of ChiCom youts face obesity by 2030. Most of you are too young to remember, "Clean your plate. There are kids in China starving."

37) Euthanasia in Canada outpaces every other country.

38) Have you ever heard of "glamping pods?" I hadn't but they are apparently mini=AirBnBs that are the size of a storage container, have a fridge, heat, air, and four beds. Normally they go in a field somewhere, but they are causing trouble in England.

39) Anyone remember China's "one child" policy that led to a major disproportionate number of males? Now they are going to try to force women to have kids. If this isn't the epitome of stupid communism at work, I don't know what is.

40) At long last, ChiCom real estate giant Evergrande has been forced to liquidate..

41) A chip operation that sent 53 million banned chips to the ChiComs through a South Korean company has been busted.


42) Snoop Dog has now put on his MAGA hat. I told you that some, if not many, in the black community see the legal assault on President Trump as a reason to support him. They don't like "da man" and they like the "outlaw."

43) Here comes the next eco-whine, as skiers in Colorado are leaving a speed-enhancing gunk all over the slopes. That will be the next banned item.

44) Tom Brady---you know, the QB who won a gazillion superbowls and read Patriot's History of the United States?---has signed a $375 million deal as an announcer on Fox.


45) As a Dallas Cowboy fan, I would normally root for anyone playing the football team from Groomer City. But that means I'd be stuck rooting for this soap opera of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The Kansas City Chiefs might as well just sign her as a draft pick and have her "play" special teams on the sidelines. Then they can feature her at every halftime. Gag me with a spoon.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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