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TODAY'S NEWS, January 30, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Paul Ingrassia, I think, is right: the Deep State is heading for a shellacking in November. And it's not him saying this: it's virtually every leftist adviser and strategist.

2) What's down in the well comes up in the bucket: Rutabaga referred to President Trump correctly as the "sitting president."

3) Polymarket, a large prediction betting market, gives President Trump a 94% chance of winning the nomination. That should be 100.

5) In light of chaos in the Middle East, President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the Abraham Accords.

6) Faulty temperature readings are, in part, behind the goofy climate change agenda.

7) Raheem Kassan destroys the ridiculous and fraudulent E. Jean Carroll case against President Trump.

8)  This won't be the only problem with the E. Jean Carroll verdict, but it's the first: The judge was a mentor to her attorney. However, my court contact Zen Master says former clerks arguing cases before federal judges is not unusual.

9) Two areas of Kollyfornia calling themselves "New Calilfornia" staged a test "Demo" vote in January with ONLY paper ballots, in-person ID require, and everything counted that day. Gee, guess it's possible.

10) Why Republicans think they have a good shot at taking out Tammy Baldwin in the WI senate race.

11) The U.S. Marines have "rushed" a "wonky" amphibious vehicle into service in Asia., despite a record of, ah, tipping over.

12) Rutabaga sparked outrage by suggesting he might not attend the ceremony honoring the troops killed in the Middle East. Why should he? Pretty soon, if left unchecked, he'll have lots of body bags coming back.

13) Truly horrible news: Elon Musk said the first patient received a brain implant from his Neuralink.

14) Illinois plans mental health screenings for all kids, opening the door for mass medication and for suggesting they are really "another sex."

15) They may not be illegal criminal aliens, but plans to house the homeless in a $600,000 tiny-home "vagrant village" near Jackson have (mostly black) resident on the rampage. Again, this will become part of the DemoKKKrat Civil War #2, as it pits one group receiving gubment aid against another.


16) Michael Lind, certainly no Republican, says what we all knew: the illegal criminal alien strategy is not incompetence or an accident: "If American voters don't like what you're offering, import more voters."

17) Oklahoma's GOP ended all support for RINO senator Jim Langford because of his support for an amnesty "border" deal.


18) Remember just a few weeks ago I told you the Claudine Gay fiasco was just the tip of the iceberg? Now we go down one step on the glacier and find the diversity officer was also a plagiarist.


20) Speaking of transoid women who are acting like men getting pregnant, Catholic U. brought in an "abortion doula" (whatever that is) to coach pregnant transoids to give birth.


21) Even after it was announced it was recalling 200,000 cars, Tesla is set to overtake Toyota as the best selling car in Kollyfornia. Oh, for a solar flare.

22) And this is even more mind-boggling when you learn that your EV car tires are only good for 5,000=7,000 miles, or roughly one fourth that of a gas-burning car. That means at minimum your maintenance on an EV will be 4x higher.

23) UPS announced it would lay off 12,000 in this great Rutabaga economy.

24) . . . while tech company iRobot will lay off hundreds after Rutabaga blocked a merger with Amazon.

25) Janet Screamin' & Yellin', the Treasury Secretary, said "high prices are here to stay." Thanks Rutabaga.


26) The UK screwed up the whole Israel thing when they had it as a protectorate. Now they want to recognize "Palestine" (no such thing) as a nation. You want to reap the whirlwind, just do it.

27) An indictment says that Iran hired Canadians to conduct assassinations on U.S. soil.


28) Marvel continues to struggle, losing a major star from its unwanted "Thunderbolts" movie, now slated for 2025.

29) Jason Statham's "Beekeeper" is such a success that it has led to a new power duo with Sylvester Stallone.

30) Alas, another case of the "suddenlies," as "One Life to Live" star Amanda Davies "died suddenly" at age 42.


31) In a "landmark" China Virus vax win--and I missed this two weeks ago---Shepard v. The State of South Australia saw a court in Australia find in favor of a man who received the vax. His side effects forced him to quit work.

32) China Virus vaxxes are a key cause of dementia. Well, I'd have to argue you had dementia to even take them, but . . .


33) Crap. Las Vegas is sold out of private jet parking slots for Super Bowl weekend. Guess I'll have to drive.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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