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Today's News, January 4, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) President Trump has taken Colorado to the Supes. The Maine appeal will go to the state supes, according to Zen Master.

2) The Ninth Circuit dealt a crippling blow to Kollyfornia's gas stove ban. Good.

3) You know who was not on the Epstein Island visitor logs? President Trump. But among those who were? Bobby Kennedy, Jr.; Vera Wang; Naomi Campbell; Sergey Brin; Noam Chomsky; Bill Gates, Larry Summers; Peter Theil;

4) We could probably make this the news for a month, but this one regarding Stephen Hawking and naked midgets solving equations was a topper.

5) Oh, and Slick Willie, Bill Clinton, was a key player in the Epstein drop.

6) The Pentagon's "extremism in our own ranks" nonsense was debunked by its own report.

7) Very interesting. Christopher Rufo, who took credit for unseating the gizzard-hag Claudine Gay as president of Harvard, reveals his strategy that got the "left-center" outlets to cover the story ten days after he broke it.

8) Oh, and Gay will continue to receive $900,000 in salary. Must be nice to have a gig where you get almost a million dollars after you're fired.

9) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb doesn't want us calling illegal criminals "criminals" cuz, she says, they aren't. Sorta like a man in makeup with a penis isn't a man, Nick Knack?

10) Over 100 PPPs (Protected People of Pigmentation) smashed into a Comptson, Kollyfornia bakery and trashed the store because, well, you know, "inequality" or something.

11) President Trump wrote a column on how he will end Rutabaga's "disaster" on Day One. Can't wait.

12) Prosecutors in the Jeffrey (he-didn't-kill-himself) Epstein case had the hard drives and videos from the beginning but never entered them into evidence. Gee, who was paid off?

13) This one really frosts me because of how, well, freakin' stupid some of the DeSorosoids are: they have supported & encouraged the legal actions against President Trump, trying to take him out to clear the road for DeSoros. I kept warning, Trump is not the target. WE ARE THE TARGET. Trump is the first test case, the template, in the indictfare strategy. If they get him, they will get all Rs, yes, even the RINOs. (Remember Bob Packwood?). Now DemoKKKrats are seeking to ban other GOP candidates from ballots.

14) DemoKKKrats need to stop using the courts---cuz they are failing---and beat President Trump at the ballot box. But they can't.

15) Love it. A judge who granted the very suspect probation many times was . . . attacked by the creep who launched himself over the bench at the judge.. Street justice, in a sense.

16) Street justice. A Houston man who shot an armed robber will not face charges.

17) This is why I like this guy so much. Better than anyone out there, sometimes including President Trump, Vivek utterly destroys Hoax News media loaded questions.

18) The new Seattle City Council proposed po-po pay increases and new tax incentives to get bidness back. Sorry, ya maladroit mutterpumpers. Until you get rid of the homeless druggies, people---and bidnesses---will continue to flee.

19) About that global warming. Death Valley could get snow for the first time in a century..

20) Women are now abandoning Rutabaga. He has fallen by 18 points with women under 30.

21) Too funny. New Kabul's Eric the Red Adams holds up a picture of LA (New Calcutta's) skid row and says "You won't see that here." Psst. Reddy. It already IS there.

22) While Eric the Red pleads with New Jersey not to reship illegal criminals to New Kabul.


The great Ryan Burge shows that the "nones got more none-y" over the last 15 years. In other words, those with no exposure to faith at all had even less of it. Or, there is something to the Bible stricture to "train a child up in a way he should go and he will never depart." (Proverbs 22:6)

Robert Spencer, whom the left just hates, reminded everyone that contrary to what Occasional Cortex says, Jesus was not "king of the Palestinians." Hell, even Pontius Pilate knew that.

Actually, this happens a lot. Woke prof gives a woke course and nobody came. We had a prof at my university who gave a course in cross-dressing Indians or some such. Three students showed up and the Department cancelled the course and made her teach real history.

And this Portland State prof says the DEI has destroyed the universities and we should burn them to the ground. I second that emotion.

Andy Stanley has become a total goofball, heretic, and all around clutterbucket.


The economic spoogies in the administration are still trying to make Americans think things are hunky-dorey, now saying "home payments fell 14%." Well, as you know, if you had to buy any home with a mortgage after 2020, your home payment didn't fall a dime unless somehow you refinanced.

While under Rutabaga, the average American can only afford 16% of houses on the market.

Yet this story says that over 2/3 of New Yorkers pay cash for homes.

There's only so much Rutabaga can do about oil and gas. Thank God. The Rush Limbaugh of energy, David Blackmon, notes that the latest dampened rhetoric about fossil fuels signals the administration is giving up. Just another example of the market refusing to be bullied.

Kollyfornia raised the minimum wage? Moonstone Bistro cuts the less expensive lunch service. These morons never learn. Businesses DO NOT pay increased wages, consumers do---or they just quit consuming causing people to be fired.

And another giant offshore wind project has been axed. Good. Every one of these abominations should be dismantled and shot into the sun.


From the Jeffrey (he-didn't-kill-himself) Epstein files: Prince Andrew had an orgy with numerous underaged girls at Epstein (Pedo) Island.

And shocked! Michael Jackson was a visitor to said island.

More nannyism run amok: The UK government has ordered pizza makers to shrink their pizzas or lose their toppings to conform with new "obesity" rules.

Ukraine's dwindling supply of Leopard II tanks can't be repaired because the Huns are out of spare parts. Shades of World War II when the Tigers on the east front couldn't be repaired.


Well well. First it was the gubment totally lying about economic numbers, revising them downward a couple of months later. Now Warner Bros. overestimated the box office for "Color Purple" remake, which took in a paltry $11 million over the weekend.


Florida's Surgeon Gen has called for a complete halt on Moderna and Pfizer vaxxes.


This should be fun. Kollyfornia has opened a new ""turbo roundabout." You know how Kollyfornia drivers drive, right? The auto repair joints gonna be hoppin' . . . .

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