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Today's News, January 5, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Finally, starting to see some other voices say this: DemoKKKrats cannot dump Rutabaga. Now, this guy claims it's because Rutabaga's admin is riddled with Zero's leftovers and they are running the show, but they won't tolerate dumping Rutabaga. I think it's much simpler: They left themselves no way to actually unload him without allowing Harris to become hyena-in-chief.

2) More docs from Jeffrey (he-didn't-kill-himself) Epstein show a minor victim was trafficked to "prominent American politicians" to "obtain blackmail information."

3) As we all knew and I reported on my commentary at the time, DeSoros's PAC was flat-out buying endorsments.

4) Boo hoo. Illegal criminals "bought the American dream" and now don't see it. Did they EVER ask if what they were doing was legal? Of course not cuz they knew it wasn't, the thieves.

5) President Trump's attorneys asked the corrupt judge Chutkin for a contempt of court citation against Count Dooku (Jack Smith). This likely won't come, but it builds still more appeal material that Chutkin is thoroughly corrupt.

6) Now Illinois is trying to ban President Trump from the ballot. How long will the Supes sit on this?

7) Ohio saw a drop in gun-related violence after permitless carry was passed.

8) A Kollyfornia judge dismissed the state's ballot case against President Trump "with prejudice," meaning the state can't refile.

9) Another RINO Congressman, MO Blaine Luetkemeyer, announced he would resign, bringing the total on both sides to 33. Looking for a breakdown, but to my knowledge, not a single MAGA has announced a resignation yet.

10) Mayor Eric the Red Adams is desperately lashing out against everyone except the cause of the illegal criminal invasion, Rutabaga. Now he wants to sue the bus companies.

11) You know it's bad for the "hoooo-manities" when libs like Noah Smith argue that they've gotten too political, admit that students are fleeing, and doesn't see much hope for their reform. I concur. Burn 'em down. See his item #3.

12) Totally believable: a new book claims Rutabaga's team sees Kamuchea Harris as a "joke" and shuts her out of meetings. Great. But what do they do about Rutabaga, who can't tell the difference between his pudding and what's in his pants?

13) This is how their evil so clouds their judgment they can't even conceive of normal, rational outcomes: A Chicago alderman said that when they invited illegal criminal migrants as a sanctuary city they never thought "it would lead to this."

Hitler: "When I started WW II I never thought it would lead to Berlin being bombed."

14) This is another signal they are NOT dumping Rutabaga. It's his first campaign ad. Forget content. This shows they are already, in January, spending millions of dollar on Rutabaga. They aren't just gonna say, "Oh, well, forget it."

15) Looks like Gov. Abbott won, as Rutabaga seen as likely to cave on border security---three years and about 2 million invaders late.

16) So it does happen, huh? The Louisiana Supreme Court ordered a new election for a sheriff race after fraud was discovered.

17) Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware fired its first DEI officer. We hope she shall not be replaced.

18) Rutabaga ended 2023 with the worst ranking ever for a prez. I assume this is in his third year, because I'm pretty sure W was in the 20s when he left office.

19) Oh, about those Jeffrey (he-didn't-kill-himself) Epstein doc dumps: it appears Bill Clinton stormed into the offices of Vanity Fair and demanded the mag not run any "sex trafficking" stories.

20) But this Vanity Fair editor says it didn't happen. What? Clinton or the sex-trafficking?


21) The founder of workout gear "Lululemon" has criticized the company's glorification of fat, obese, unhealthy body styles.


22) Another transoid terrorist, this time in Iowa, killed a student. These mental time bombs must be stopped. Transoidism causes derangement.

23) The family of Illinois governor Porky Pritzker is under fire for supporting transoid policies at medical schools at Harvard and elsewhere.

24) The New Hampshire House passed a bill banning transoid surgery for minors.


26) Missouri's governor has banned ChiComs and other furriners from buying farmland near military sites.

27) The U.S. Bureau of Phony Statistics claims the economy added 216,000 jobs in December and the unemployment rate remained unchanged. Of course, as with every month, this will be revised in a negative direction soon.

28) And we see why here: Full time jobs plunged by 1.5 million while part time jobs rose 762,000.

29) Florida becomes the first state to import less expensive drugs from Canada.


30) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, in item 2, notes that the "De-growthers" are having second thoughts. Seems you can't feed da po countries without growing economies.

31) Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was released on parole 11 years after killing his girlfriend.


32) John Lennon's son, Sean, slammed DEI as creating institutional racism. On the mark, there, Sean.

33) Glynis Johns, who appeared in "Mary Poppins" but also was in one of my fave Christmas movies, "The Ref," dead at 100. "

34) Starsky and Hutch" actor David Soul, dead at age 80.


36) Well, class action lawyers are good for something after all. A wave of China Virus suits is hitting universities for shutting down.


37) Golfer, influencer, and overall hottie Paige Spiranic says she was banned from Tik Tok for showing too much cleavage. Wait, such a thing is possible? Asking for a friend.

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