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TODAY'S NEWS, Januray 26, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Mrs LS's feel good story of the day from Taylor Lorenz: "The entire journalism industry is in free fall." Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of anal-retentive three-toed goblins.


1) So far, 25 red states with Republican governors have backed Texas in the standoff with Rutabaga over the border.

COMMENT: What does this all mean and where is it going? First, this may disappoint many, but based on its century-old rulings, the Supreme Court has been consistent in saying that only the federal gubment has authority over the borders, as they are a component of "international relations." The one possible exception, the Tenth Amendment, which allocates to the states and the people any powers not delegated to the federal government, seems logical but unfortunately no court to date has bought this argument. Why? One example is, what if say Louisiana just decided to cease enforcement of all customs and inspections and thus allowed in even more fentanyl than is coming in? I'm talking shipping containers full? No one wants a state to have that power. The argument in this case is that Texas and American citizens are being threatened by the feds not doing their jobs. Again, however, I cannot find anywhere in our history where either the states or the people, short of impeachment or election, can force a federal official to do his job. My conclusion is that President Trump has to be elected. This issue is just heating up, and Trump could run on this alone and win.

2) The RNC was trying to pass a resolution to just declare President Trump the nominee. He forced them to withdraw it: "I want to win the old-fashioned way." And he shall. This is very astute. This way they can't later say, "Well, he didn't actually win."

3) Sean Fain, a key figure in the United Auto Workers---which endorsed Rutabaga---admits a "great majority" of UAW members will vote for President Trump. This begs the question: if it's a "great majority" of your membership, why did you endorse that demented toadstool?

4) Speaking of dementia, Rutabaga mumbled for ten seconds and randomly screamed during an incoherent speech.

5) The ChiComs, even according to Rutabaga's own DNI report, engaged in election interference in 2022. Where's the special counsel investigation of Rutabaga?

6) This is probably good news: the FascistBI has lowered standards to include barely literate and fat candidates. So if they can even spell your name on a warrant, they can't outrun you.

7) And now the U.S. Army has dropped the high school graduation requirement for new recruits amidst a recruiting crisis. So our soldiers will be dumber than ever, along with the FascistBI.

8) Under allegations she mishandled funds, Fat Fani Willis now requests $600 million for new cars. I'm sure they are Teslas.

9) Seattle will pay rioters . . . you heard that right, rioters . . . $10 million for "damages" suffered when the police actually tried to do their job.

10) A school board has reinstated its Indian mascot. 11) Rutabaga's third year approval ratings at 39%, worst since Jesus Carter.

12) In line with Mrs LS's feel good story of the day, "Media workers strike in protest of layoffs" at Conde Nast, Daily News and Forbes. That always struck me (no pun intended) as strange. You are protesting someone else getting fired. Why wouldn't you be next?

13) Meh, a couple of days old but it reaffirms that I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it? (Russell Case from "Independence Day"): Rutabaga's allies know he's in big trouble.

14) The nation's attempt to replace the "Minuteman" ICBM system with "Sentinel" is way over budget (naturally) and behind schedule.


16) Oh, so he hasn't opened his fat piehole on this for five years, but now, Sen. John Testicles---in a tight race---now wants border security?

17) A Chicago DemoKKKrat is calling for the end of "Sanctuary City" status because "voters are jumping ship."

18) Meanwhile, in New Kabul (NYC) police are trying an end run around Eric the Red Adams by going after brothels and the sex trafficking trade.


19) The Utah state senate passed a bill to eliminate DEI from the state bureaucracy, and it is expected to pass the House and be signed by the governor.

20) As does Oregon (?) . . .

21) This is a start: Florida has advanced a bill to prevent children under 16 from social media, We'll see if it can be enforced.


22) Not transoids, but "Furries"? An Ohio lawmaker introduced a bill to have these psychologicallyl damaged eggplants removed from school by their parents and if the parents don't show up, animal services will be called.


24) . . .While electricity prices are up 25%.

25) Wolf Richter argues that the reason the recession never came was that the fed just kept printing money.

26) Rutabaga has instituted a "nakedly political" delay in LNG export approvals.

27) Rutabaga just sold our helium stockpile, potentially shutting down MRIs across the nation.

28) How unpopular were the "return to office" mandates? This says there was a major drop in "satisfaction" of the job when they occurred, but to my knowledge the actual research on productivity in, and out of, the office is mixed.

29) Copper thieves are turning the U.S. into a third world country.


31) Chy-na built more solar panels in 2023 than the whole world did in 2022. Big deal. This may actually be a vulnerability, as these things are not reliable and cost-effective. Like saying they built more buggies than everyone else.

32) A Wall Street Journal reporter is being held in Russia on espionage charges.


33) Millionaire actress and Trump hater Alyssa Milano, worth $10 million, is on social media begging for money.

34) Bud Light is counting on a $14 million Super Bowl ad to begin a comeback.

35) Apple TV's new "Masters of the Air" series on World War II aviators is getting rave reviews.


36) No news story here, but I saw "The Beekeeper" yesterday. What a great movie. Jason (Mr. Minimum) Statham in a thriller about an elite group of protectors known as the "Beekeepers." Excellent action, good motivations, zero wokeness except for a disprop[ortionate number of PPP (People of Preferred Pigmentation). The ultimate villain is . . . well, no spoilers. Check it out. Best movie for pure entertainment since "Maverick."

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