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TODAY'S NEWS, July 1, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The Supreme Court granted President Trump "substantia' immunity, remanding the case back to the Chutkin court to sort out which were "official" and "unofficial" acts. ("Wide ranging immunity" as one observer described it.). This ensures no trial will occur before the election. Alito's concurrence suggests a veiled threat to Chutkin, namely "anything you deem as 'un-official' better damn well be bulletproof or we'll see this again." Oh, and Justice Thomas casts shade on Count Dooku (Jack Smith's) very appointment. Daniel Street on Richard Baris's show said that this decision "gutted" the prosecution cases.

2) The fallout from Rutabaga's Mylanta in Atlanta meltdown is still incoming, as the Hoax News media now wants to pretend that "it" saw this coming but that the DemoKKKrats ignored Rutabaga's mental unfitness. Er, no. The New York Slimes ran an article just two weeks earlier saying that "deepfakes" were responsible for the Rutabaga "freezing" videos. By the way, in this video, Tucker Carlson reveals that the family knew Rutabaga had dementia in 2019, and ran him anyway. Now aides admit Dementia Joe has been "sundowning", and can only function from 10 am to 4 pm. We'll make sure the ChiComs don't attack us after 4.

3) The Atlanta Urinal Constipation editorializes that Rutabaga needs to step down. the  neverTrumper Rs, including the George Lincoln Rockwell Project, Elementary School Chapter, led by Bill (Broken) Kristol) and Charles (The "Grim Reaper") Sykes, are begging Rutabaga to leave. That said on Sunday, the family told him to hang in there.

4) And in their latest excuse making for Rutabaga in the debate (he had a cpld _, "), they are now blaming his performance on "Trump's attacks."

5) Donors think pulling Rutabaga is impossible. As one said, “I don’t think (Biden) is going anywhere . . . .“This is the old horse we’ve got, and we need to ride him ‘til he’s ready for the glue factory.” So far, both Obama and Botoxic have refused to join the lynch mob. Rutabaga's team says his dropping out would cause "weeks of chaos."

6) The Trump camp says all this talk of replacing Rutabaga is "mental masturbation." Said one Trump insider, “Nothing’s changed. He’s the sitting president with 90% of the delegates…. I don’t care if he’s FDR in a f ***n’ wheelchair: He’s still the sitting president.”

7) Others are now pretending tje Senior Slank had "shielded" outsiders from seeing how bad Rutabaga really was. Really? Cuz I saw how bad he was in 2020. But the Federalist has this right: DemoKKKrats aren't upset that Rutabaga is senile but that they can't hide it any more.

8) The pollsters are finally getting around to serious polling after the shock polls showed Trump winning 2:1. Here is CBS: Oh, and the Senior Skank's ex-hubby blames Jilly for abuse, saying "I don't even recognize her." What, you mean you don't recognize her without the stiletto heels and the leather, or because she doesn't have the ball gag with her? Certainly she recognizes money, as reportedly her demands for Rutabaga dropping out are a $2 billion presidential library, a $100m book deal, and immunity. Now, why would Rutabaga need immunity? I thought President Trump was the "convicted felon"?

9) The great Ryan Burge tracks Rutabaga's disapproval among religious groups. Not surprisingly, white evangelicals strongly or just somewhat disapprove of him to the tune of 81%, while non-white evangelicals disapprove at a 55% clip. Although the number has grown---almost identical to where President Trump is polling, 71% of black evngelicals still support Rutabaga. Burge notes that in 2020 Rutabaga was at +60% with black Protestants, and now is only a +42. I don't understand how anyone who claims to be a Christian can support this Molochminion.

10) Heritage Foundation isn't having any switchout and is preparing a host of legal challenges to a replacement theory., while Senator Linda Grahamnesty said that when President Trump wins he should prosecute Mayorkas and Rutabaga. The fact that this idea is even being circulated suggests they are already prepping.

11) Meanwhile, President Trump is up four in MICHIGAN in a poll taken BEFORE the debate, and . . . wait for it . . . actually up one in NEW JERSEY.. Michigan governor Gretchen "Witless Protection" Witmer said that the state is no longer winnable for Rutabaga. CNN's Harry Enten glumly tells the so-called reporters that history is on Trump's side, and that the person who won the first debate always gets a poll bump. And this pollster, who was extremely accurate in 2020, has president Trump up 5.2 nationally. Likewise Nate Silver has Trump up 6 nationally in his model, for a blowout. DemoKKKrats are now freaking out now about the loss of the senate.

12) I urged them to go on offense the other day and BOOM! First a big ad buy for Tim Sheehy in Montana and second, new ad offensives against Sherrod Brown in Ohio.

13) Here is a sickening case of a federal murder of a helpless Patriot Day (J6) protester. Like Micheal Byrd, this cop will get away with it.

14) Iowa's Supes said that the state's "fetal heartbeat" bill is constitutional and limited abortion to the first six weeks. and then only in cases of rape, incest or danger to the health of the mother.

15) Ahh, lovely and peaceful New Calcutta (LA) had a kind of car show where gangs took over streets and set cars on fire. Youthful passions on display. Meanwhile in peaceful and bucolic Bengahzai-by-the-Lake (Chicago) , a mere 35 were shot over the weekend and only four killed.

17) Millionaire Treasury secretary Janet Screamin and Yellin was forced to visit a grocery store after her stupid comments that price increases should be "applauded."

18) In South Carolina, voters gave three women state senators the boot when they voted against the state's abortion ban.


19) Christopher Rufo on how DEI perverts and destroys university culture. When you begin with "it's all the white man's fault", there is nowhere to go.

20) Here is a different type of civil war, in which a Kollyfornia town of 250 is spraying each other with weed killer over a fight to bring in an "environmental school."


21) The Texas Supreme Court ruled that child mutilation and hormone therapy at Texas Children's Hospital must end.


22) Moody's predicts office tower vacancy rate will be almost 25% by 2026.

24) Banks are moving out of U.S. assets and into gold.

27) Tractor Supply company ended its DEI and eliminated "Pride" support and carbon emissions goals. Good for them.

28) What would energy and climate policy look like under President Trump in his next term?

29) Just 15 years after voters approved it, Kollyfornia's version of the "Bullet Train" got EPA approval and has yet to build one single mile.

30) Illinois lost $10 billion in income when 87,000 people moved out. Shocker anyone would wanna leave such a paradise.


33) Denmark will introduce a law to ban foreign flags in the country. Does that include the stupid rainbow flag?

34) Six years later, the New York Slimes admits the Maldives are not sinking. Idiots. All they had to do was look at Plymouth Rock to know ocean levels are not rising.

36) Albania's Muslim population fell below 50%.

37) A version of Donald Trump in Honduras, President Xiomara Castro, is eliminating the "secrets act" that kept the identities of the narco-traffickers secret. Oh, and that failed Bolivian coup? They arrested the general behind it. General Milley Mendoza. Oh, wait, that's not his name.

38) Oh, this is just what the EU needs: an anti-Russkie foreign policy Karen.

39) The ChiComs saw one of their rockets blow up in an "unintended launch."


40) Martin Mull, one of my favorite comedic actors, dead at age 80. His role as "Harvey Holroyd," in the great woke parody of the day, "Serial," remains a classic. Very sad.

41) Viewership for the horrible "Acolyte" declined by 60% after the second week, worse than the equally horrible "Ashoka." This is Kathleen Kennedy's latest attempt to destroy the "Star Wars" franchise.

42) Netflix has a very good doc on the band Nickleback, who set records in the early 2000 for sales, but who became the group everyone hated. As a former musician, I can relate to many of their challenges.


43) A new paper shows "Unacceptably high" breaches in "safety signals" for pregnant women who had the vax.

44) A new Italian study shows that "all deaths" were NOT reduced at all by the introduction of the China Virus vax.


45) There was another incident of royal horses bolting in London, this time after a bus spooked one. Maybe they need the Horse Whisperer.

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