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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Big announcement as we will be hosing a live streaming election night coverage at DecisionUSA2024! I will be joined by Ash Epp and Seth Kseshel for more than six hours of accurate, honest, and occasionally funny coverage. Go here to see how you can be a part of this great election night webcast.


1) Leftist rectal-raccoons are still freaking out about the Supes' immunity decision, saying it finishes Count Dooku (Jack Smith) and his case. Not quite. We still have to prosecute the Count.

2) Meanwhile, President Trump's lawyers have moved to overturn the NY conviction on the grounds that the so-called "crime" of bookkeeping to "cover up" the Porny Daniels payout occurred in 2017---while he was President, and thus immune. The prosecutor Boast 'n' Bragg won't oppose a motion to delay the sentencing while the appeal goes forward, meaning now the sentencing won't happen before the RNC nominates President Trump, meaning Marchan would have to sentence the leading candidate for president..

3) And the "Wise Latina," Sotomayor, proved she is almost as brain-dead as Rutabaga by saying the immunity ruling will let presidents drone-bomb opponents. No, Wise Latina, that would be your buddy, Zero, who as president drone bombed an American citizen by calling him a terrorist.

4) Yep, he's still in: DemoKKKrats have launched a PR campaign to make people think Rutabaga still has his marbles. 34 days. That's what they have until the Ohio ballot locks SOME name onto that ballot. And by the say, I have said now for weeks these particular DemoKKKrats are STUPID. They prove it again by releasing a poll showing President Trump beats any DemoKKKrat you put against him---including Rutabaga. And showing his mental capacity has rebounded sharply, Rutabaga gave a speech off a teleprompter where he actually said the words "end of quote." Meanwhile, here is a look inside Team Rutabaga's efforts to placate "jumpy" donors. Now the leaks are coming from his aides, who say he is an a-hole. Yeah, we always knew that.

5) This may be a tough sell, as this poll shows 72% don't think Rutabaga has the mental capacity to run a model railroad, let alone a country. And this poll shows President Trump now leads in New Hampshire, giving him outright leads in the latest polling in MN, NJ, and NH, while being tied in VA and ME and only down two in NM. CNN, though belatedly, now aligns with other polls showing President Trump up 6 right now.

6) So just how freaked out are the DemoKKKrats right now? Remember I always tell you that The Hill and Politico are the official DemoKKKrat mouthpiece organs. I guess you could throw in Axios as well. Here is The Hill saying "DemoKKKrat fears rise" after the debate and the Supe ruling. What is good about this article is that it finally quotes people expressing their concernts about not just Rutabaga but Harris as well, admitting she polls like dog poop. Rutabaga is "reeling from the combination" of the debate and the immunity ruling. And while not an "official" mouthpiece, here is Slate saying that the debate was bad, but the spin is worse. CNN says the numbers are worse than ever. After Ronald Reagan's bad first debate only 27% said he was "too old."

7) Just how bad is it for Rutabaga? DemoKKKrat govs are panicking; 41% of DemoKKKrats in a new poll want him to quit. But quit what? Being a candidate? No one to replace him. Quit being President? Won't happen. In fact, he deliberately went out and got an orange spray tan to look more like Trump. Holy patchouli oil.

8) The DNC isn't about to let Rutabaga quit. Now they plant to nominate him by MID-JULY.

9) I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it? (Cue Russell Case/Randy Quaid from "Independence Day") as a civil war is promised by blacks who warn about replacing a black woman (Harris) with a white man (Gruesome). But, some good news for Harris as it appears the finances were the "Biden/Harris Campaign," so according to this she can in fact use the $91m. But given the reluctance of donors to put in more, it might not be much more than that.

11) Scientists have developed DNA "origami" that can detect and kill cancer cells. Great. What else can they detect and kill, though?

12) But we're still giving away Uke aid money as fast as we can print it.

13) U.S. Marshals found 200 missing children in a six-week period. Amazing what they can do when they aren't going after "white supremacists."

14) More "standing" nonsense as the Delaware Supreme Court allowed almost perpetual absentee voting by saying challengers lacked "standing."

15) Slapped down by the Supes, Grand Moff Garland still looks for ways to continue the Patriot Day/J6 cases.


16) Great interview just before prison with Steve Bannon by the "Mr. Creased Pants" RINO David Brooks, who still thinks we have a lot in common with the Left.


17) A new study shows the military's DEI efforts are worse than ineffective: they run counter to the military ethos..


18) A federal judge has "un-paused" Jenny Granholm's pause in LNG shipping.

19) State Farm Insurance told Kollyfornians that either they hike prices by 50% or they leave the state.

20) Last week I erroneously reported that Walgreens would shutter 8,700 stores. No, 8,700 is their total. Walgreens is closing 2,000.


21) ChiCom youts are "revenge saving" rather than spending as Chy-na drifts into depression.

22) This is a shocker: Rutabaga is seven times more popular with Ukrainians than President Trump.


24) I must have hit the old fogie limit. I just don't get Hawk Tuah. It sonds like what you do when you spit.

25) Gosh this makes me giddy. Rob Reiner was screaming and Hanoi Jane Fonda was crying during the debate watch party.


26) The cracks in the dam are getting bigger. A federal jury awarded a Tennessee woman $700,000 when she was fired for refusing the China Virus vax.


27) Televangelist multimillionaire Joel Osteen told his followers to enjoy the "simple life" even if "they don't have a lot of resources." Joel, ol' buddy ol' pal, you could make my fie a lot more enjoyable with a $1m grant.

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