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TODAY'S NEWS, July 3, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

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1) The "is he in or isn't he in?" Rutabaga saga continues. First Fox reports that Rutabaga is just not in contact with DemoKKKrats on the Hill. Second, according to DemoKKKrat mouthpiece Politico, DemoKKKrat governors want a meeting with the Demented Pervert after the debate disaster. And the officially sanctioned anti-Rutabaga leaks continue, this time in Axios. But this is more evidence that the Bidens are circling the wagons, as the crackhead Hunter is now involved in many of these meetings. Maybe they should listen to this guy---Stuart Stevens says removing Rutabaga is unrealistic. Course, he's the moron who destroyed McTurd's campaign in 2008.

2) This supposed internal poll, leaked yesterday, if true, is a disaster for Rutabaga, showing him at risk in numerous D-leaning states. Those numbers would produce this map for Donald Trump. Meanwhile CNN's polling spoogepocket Harry Enten says it's a big problem that DemoKKKrats don't want Rutabaga to leave. He says this isn't LBJ in 68, but GHWB in 1992. And this Nevada poll supports this, with Trump leading by 10. The distressing news is that Jackie Rosen is still beating Sam Brown like a drum even WITH those numbers. Rich Baris on his "Inside the Numbers" reviews the incredible difficulty of replacing Rutabaga not to mention the fact that a replacement won't be on the ballot in several states. Baris: "our forthcoming poll will be the worst ever for Joe Biden." Indeed on his "Inside the Numbers" show Rich found that the raw unfinished data had Biden at 25% of the white working class (vs. 34% with Cankles in 2016), 18% of blacks, and 45% of Hispanics" which is devastating for Rutabaga. And, the cherry on top, the Wall Street Journal has President Trump up 6. So does the New York Slimes. Do you know that not a single poll had Trump winning in 2020 by 6, now several do?

3) Oh, can I say "told you so?" Big Mike says she/he has no interest in running. "It's not in my soul," which poses a problem: Big Mike has a soul?

4) In the Fat Fani Willis's trial of President Trump in Atlanta, which was already paused, the President now has an unlikely ally in the person of rapper "Young Thug" whose legal team has likewise called for the dismissal of the case due to criminality on the part of Fat Fani and her prosecutors.

5) This is rich: the administration that has actively gone after its main political opponent (President Trump) and which has denied Secret Service protection to a major 3rd Party Candidate (RFK, Jr.) has accused the Hoax News media of "Election Interference." I guess that's why 25 "moderate" House members (no such thing as a moderate DemoKKKrat: they are all al-Qaeda to one degree or another) are calling on Rutabaga to step down. They got 24 days. til the DNC virtual convention. Meanwhile, the White House denied that Rutabaga ever told anyone he was considering dropping out.

6) President Trump raised $331 million in the quarter, topping Rutabaga for the second quarter in a row. Dang, I may have to write a matching check soon.

7) About those "declining crime" stats: most violent crimes have fallen some since 2020, but are up almost across the board in the 10 largest cities over 2019 by about 20%.

8) The Supes have sent two Patriot Day (J6) cases back to a lower court ruling that a financial law does not apply to "obstruction." The Supes also declined to hear an Illinois gun ban case while Justice Thomas develops a thorough set of precedents describing which, if any, guns can be banned. In other words, the Supes WILL hear this sooner or later. And having dealt a potential death blow to the bureaucracy in the Chevron reversal, the Supes are now ordering lower courts to review a host of Deep State cases.

9) Ozempic can make you go blind---but at least you'll be thin!

10) Already the dirt is flying on Gruesome, including his dalliance with a teenager.


11) From Ryan Burge: women tend to be more spiritual AND religious than men, but this is not just Christianity but all "religions."


12) Rutabaga released more oil from the strategic reserve to lower prices before the 4th of July.

13) Private sector jobs grew only 2.8% while gubment jobs grew 20% under Rutabaga last quarter.

14) Housing is "simply unaffordable" under Rutabaga with mortgage rates up 148%.


15) Cuban Missile Crisis II? The ChiComs are building a lot of bases in Cuba.

16) Inflation in those countries that use the Euro is still high.

17) Here are the world's easiest and craziest citizenship tests. North Korea's is the easiest. "The entire government is based on the dictator, but alternate choices include 'Kill me and torture my family.'"

18) Good grief Ukraine must be really bad. It's so corrupt that the US says it can't be admitted to NATO. And remember when the Uke war was gonna break the economy of Russia? Hasn't happened. So now the fallback is that the war is what's keeping the Russian economy going.


19) The greatest female rock singer ever, Ann Wilson of "Heart," has announced a cancer diagnosis and will stop touring. Get well, Ann. No one like you.

20) Rapper Waka Flocka booted Rutabaga supporters out of his concert, or, whatever it is you call that.

21) "Sweet Baby," the DEI video game consultant, helped bankrupt another game studio.


President Trump says he is considering a deal to get Pootie-poot out of Ukraine. Word is he will offer Boardwalk, Park Place, and three WNBA planers to go to a Russkie prison for a year. Works for me.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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