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TODAY'S NEWS, July 8, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

REMINDER. We will be hosting a live election night coverage---me, Ash Epp, Seth Keshel---livestreamed on election night from 6:00 EST until at least midnight. Declare your independence from the Hoax News Media and Faux: get real, honest, timely and accurate results here And if you can be a sponsor, please contact us at the site.


1) And there it is. Rutabaga told them all to eff off. He's staying.

2) We have to begin asking, "What did the Hoax News Media know and when did they know it?" This is an astounding story in New York Magazine in which Rutabaga can't even speak to a small gathering of donors with a teleprompter. Rutabaga's team conducted 7 events in 48 hours after the horrendous debate to provide "Proof of life." It gets worse. Normally I don't read extended parts of articles but this is from someone sympathetic to Rutabaga:

"His thin skin, long a figurative problem and now a literal one, was pulled tightly over cheeks that seemed to vary month to month in volume. Under artificial light and in the sunshine, he took on an unnatural gleam. He looked, well, inflated. His eyes were half-shut or open very wide. They appeared darker than they once had, his pupils dilated. He did not blink at regular intervals. The White House often did not engage when questioned about the president’s stare, which sometimes raised alarm on social media when documented in official videos produced by the White House." At a political speech in Wisconsin, Rutabaga was an hour late then mumbled stuff no one could understand. It was a pathetic crowd and he made seven blunders in a single speech on a teleprompter, one of which he claimed he would beat President Trump "again" in 2020. It's so bad that the Senior Skank, "Dr." Jilly has moved to consolidate power i side the White House. And she is "lashing out" at people who want Rutabaga out of the race. Shades of the circle of evil that surrounded Hitler.

3) But wait! The Snuffulupagus ABC interview was supposed to save Rutabaga. Nope. "We're doomed" said one DemoKKKrat after the speech. "A f . .king disaster" said another. "Gooooood."

4) Truly this is a phenomena we have never seen in American politics, the Hoax News Media going after a DemoKKKrat. I don't mean minor complaints. I mean "TAKE HIM OUT" level attacks. Here is the New York Slimes with its latest attempt. Yet this Slimes story notes that at a Pennsylvania rally with Gruesome, DemoKKKrats have doubled down on their support for the Demented Pervert. This is when he said Pennsylvania sent him to the senate! (He's from Delaware) The Slimes upped the ante and has now attacked his strategy of going after Trump. Meanwhile a Wisconsin fundraiser had to b e canceled as many large donors pulled out after the debate.

5) A Parkinson's specialist has visited the White House nine times since 2023. However, it looks like Rutabaga's doctor is up to his stethoscope in dirty money with the Bidens.

6) It's so bad the Huff Po suggested he use AI to lie to voters about his appearance. Except more leaks from the White House included instructions for a speech that includes . . . wait for it . . . the words "walk to podium."

7) Meanwhile Cygnal has the national race the same as CBS, Atlas, and two others, namely 5-6 point lead for President Trump depending on what other candidates are in the race. Little Natey Silver says Rutabaga has a 28% chance of winning and says that's probably "too optimistic."

8) At any rate, the campaign re-launch with ABC and Snuffulupagus did not go well. In another pre-interview flub he said he was the first president in Delaware to get elected statewide . . . or something. And he did a radio interview where he still bungled scripted questions sent to the host. Meanwhile, you can't beat this headline: "The Petty Feud Between the New York Slimes and the White House." Remember that July 27 DNC "virtual convention" which is a hard and fast deadline to keep a presidential line in Ohio open? Guess what? Not only did the ballots already to out to the delegates but they are already being returned. And Rutabaga says only an "act of God" can keep him out of the race. (GOD: "Lemme think about that.")

9) Good news for President Trump in Colorado, where Bobby Kennedy will be on the ticket as a Libertarian.

10) The interesting story of Charles Hatfield, "rainmaker," who was promised $1,000 for every inch of rain he brought. What he "delivered" was a deluge that cost San Diego $3.5 million in flood damages. The city refused to pay ol' Charlie.

11) Cankles, out of the limelight for quite a while, plans to publish yet another "memoir." Yeah, cut outside of DemoKKKrat funders who propped up sales, the last one did so well.

12) I updated this twice and am still behind. Now the peaceful and bucolic Benghazi-ty-the-Lake (Chicago) reports 109 shot and 19 killed over the weekend.



15) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, shows in this piece why I pay him so much. (joke) He does a tour-de-force on the decline of American manufacturing and particularly manufacturing productivity. I think most of his points are valid. One thing to consider however is that simply adding more machines gives you only one level of productivity increase. It arrives, signed, sealed, and delivered. But what occurred in the late 1800s---when our productivity was off the charts---was that employees got involved in making the products and processes better. Think of Julian Kennedy at Carnegie Steel. He had 150 patents during his lifetime, and half of them were incorporated into Carnegie processes.

16) This town in Utah is entirely self sufficient. Before joining the community you have to agree to a set of requirements including a transition plan to dig your own deep well, have your own garden, and use solar.

17) This bartender thinks standard etiquette, cell phones, and all around spoogery has ruined the "bar experience." Mos def.

19) Never fails. The gubment puts new regulations on business to "protect" consumers, businesses simply pass the costs back to the consumers. JPMorgan Chase now considering new fees.


20) It only took the new Brit PM Kier Starmer a day to scrap the Ugandan illegal immigrant removal program. This is what you voted for England.

21) As for France, the cheat of all cheats ensued when over 200 of Macaroni's party resigned and swung their seats to the socialists so as to deprive Marie Le Pen's party of power. Evil, evil, evil. This is how they got Napoleon. At any rate, Jews are now being warned to leave as as the anti-semitic hard-left comes to power.

22) Switzerland becomes the first country in the world to ban mamographies, saying they often produce false readings of cancer when it doesn't exist.

23) Mt. Etna's volcano erupted throwing more carbon into the air than is contained in all the "carbon offsets" in existence. Oops.

24) This says Russia's first arrests under the new homosexual/transoid law makes a "new era of repression," or perhaps a new era of restoration.

25) Feel good story of the day as an Iranian frigate capsized in harbor.

26) Anti-tourist marches took over Barcelona, just a month after similar anti-troutist proests in the Canary Islands and Mallorca.

27) Researchers have developed a new glass that is both sticky and transparent at the same time..


28) Fascinating story of Adrian Grenier, the star of the great series "Entourage," who left Hollywood to become a farmer in Texas.

29) I have tried to stay away from Megxit and the Ginger Duke (Meghan and Harry), but this is too good. He is apparently becoming bored with her, can't see his friends (cuz they hate her) and wants to go home to dreary England.

30) Speaking of England, happy 84th birthday to Sir Ringo Starr. I saw him and his All Star Band last year and they were very good! One can argue about speed or technique but in my book the "best rock drummer" list starts with Ringo.

31) The showrunner for the "Acolyte," the latest "Star Wars" fiasco/failure, admits that wokeness and "gender identity" will be the future of this franchise (which is to say, a short future.).

32) After two successful tours in Vegas, "Jersey Boys" has been abruptly canceled due to slow ticket sales.


33) A Canadian doctor won a major vax case against the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. A long way to go, but a win nevertheless.


35) Scientists have found the earth's core has slowed and in fact has reversed. Hey, does this mean we'll all turn into Benjamin Button and grow younger?

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