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TODAY'S NEWS, July 9, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Reminder: This is the last "Today's News" of the week. I am giving a speech at the Texas Public Policy Foundation on Wednesday, then am off for three days of the Great Homeschool Convention in Austin!


Well, I missed this but it is hysterical anyway: I had been noting the Aug. 7 deadline of the state of Ohio to get a presidential name on the ballot. Typically, the weenie-esque Reublicans in OH changed the ballot deadline date from 90 days ahead of the election to just 65. Whoa, Schweikart, you really blew that. Now Rutabaga doesn't have to be nominated early, right? Not so fast. It appears that while our side thought we would cave, the DemoKKKrats took no chances and rescheduled a "virtual" nomination to still comply with the law. They had more faith in our GOP lawmakers than we did.

2) One of Rutabaga's lines in trying to hold onto power is that the polls "underestimated him." No. As Harry Enten, no Trump fan, pointed out on CNN that's a lie. In fact, polls always underestimated Donald Trump. And in 2020, Richard Baris overestimated Biden, having him up 10 in MN, when he only won it by two---but this was common everywhere. Hill DemoKKKrats expect the nominating fight to get worse. Maybe, but it appears the DemoKKKrats are circling the wagons. AOC now has come out for Rutabaga.

3) A Biden campaign board member says wanting to talk to the White House doc about Rutabaga is "a conspiracy." And here is just the latest media "explanation" of how "Gee, we just didn't know."

4) Yesterday on his podcast Richard Baris referenced two previous times that Biden was forced to drop out of a Presidential race in 1987 and 2008 and this article says it still "haunts" him which is why he won't drop out of this one.

5) Well, I wasn't going to so there, but, . . . there is an "open secret" about Kamala Harris: she's stupid and is terrible at campaigning. She was a "DEI" pick. Meanwhile James "The Ragin' Cajun'" Carville wants Zero and Bill Clinton step in and find "fresh options" to Rutabaga. Ah, Serpent Head, there ARE no "fresh options." The whole party is evil, corrupt, and out of ideas. Poll time as Remington has brutal swing state results for Rutabaga. Emerson's results all favor Trump, though not quite at the margins of Remington. But they are all, everywhere bad for the Demented Pervert. And that Morning Consult poll of only 600 across all the swing states showing Rutabaga leading in MI? Geddoudahere. This AARP poll in Wisconsin shows Presidnt Trump up 5 there.

6) Maybe that's why we have this report that the DemoKKKrat caucus morale is "at historic lows". Wait, I thought they were just going to steal it. Why would they have low morale?

7) And here . . . we . . . go . . . The White House physician has been called to testify about his role in Rutabaga's business schemes, while the former White House stenographer says Rutabaga has been blackmailing Zero with threats of exposing his homosexuality.

8) Ever sloooooow on the uptake, Jake the Snake Tapper just ran a montage of Rutabaga being brain addled. That train not only left the station Jake, but it's already at the next stop. You lost. Rutabaga is the candidate.

9) Anti-Israel aides have taken over for a brain-addled Rutabaga.

10) A Ryanair flight had to make an emergency landing when a "mass brawl" broke out over seats. Maybe, you know, if you gave people more than six inches . . . jes sayin. And hey, if you have a plane that is still in one piece when you land, what are you complaining about? This Boeing airliner had to divert to Denver when it lost a wheel after leaving Los Angeles..

11) Former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma Jim Inhofe died at age 89.

12) Now researchers have found a specific gut bacteria responsible for obesity.. They have named it the Lizzo Bacteria. 13) Other researchers say coffee is a miracle drink. N'est ce pas?"

13) A Utah CEO and his daughter were killed in a freak accident when a bulldozer fell off a tow truck onto their car.


14) Illegals are getting immediate Social Security, contrary to what the lying Rutabaga says.


15) A Texas poll shows that 7 in 10 Texans oppose child mutilation and surgeries for "sex change."


16) Business bankruptcies soared 34% in the first half of 2024, while the Atlanta fed says the economy is slowing. Sorta like Rutabaga.

17) The "Misery Index," which Jesus Carter made famous before Ronald Reagan beat him with it in 1980, has risen to 7.1%. Americans are poorer under Rutabaga.

18) In the continued collapse of the American EV industry, bankrupt Fisker sold each of its remaining electric cars for $2,500.


19) This is what fascists pretending to be socialists always do: they act like fascists. The new government in France plans to investigate Marine Le Pen for "illegal financing." Meanwhile, the panicked French elites are bombarding their wealth managers with please to move money to Switzerland.


20) Super Bowl winning backup QB and long-time Cleveland Browns QB Bernie Kosar announced he has Parkinson's and liver failure. Our prayers are with you Bernie.


21) It's national Cow Appreciation Day. And boy do I appreciate my cows. I appreciate them medium well.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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