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TODAY'S NEWS, May 31, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Let's get right to it. President Trump was found guilty on 34 counts of something. Apparently the charges they arrived at were "falsifying business records" for some unknown reason that occurred after the election, hence an illegitimate charge from the get go in that it did not involve "election tampering." At any rate, the takes on the aftermath are varied and extensive. According to the New York Post, the family expected a conviction, but many at Mar-a-Lago still clung to hope that one single person on that jury would act like an American. Not so. Predictably leftoids at the DemoKKKrat mouthpiece Politico saw a silver lining for Rutabaga in that now the election could be about Trump's conviction and not Rutabaga's hideous anti-America policies. Little Natey Silver at 538 was less enthusiastic, noting that while futures markets dipped just 2 points from Trump, he is still ahead at 54% and that he still has a massive advantage among those who did not vote in 2020. This is the hopium that libtoids cling to, that they can use the convictions to suppress the "did not vote in last election" people---who are Trump +16. By the way, Rutabaga was so rattled by all this he abandoned his intention to speak afterwards. Perhaps it was because his major black supporter, James (Van) Clyburn, who named his daughter after a steak, warned him away from it.

2) How likely is that? Well, Trump hauled in $34 million in 24 hours after the verdict. ONE THIRD were new donors! Donations crashed the website. Lee Zeldin, who heads a PAC, was fielding unsolicited calls for donations from previously non-Trump types. For example, former Cankles donor Sean Maguire donated $300,000 to the President. But this paled next to Miriam Adelson, who previously had hesitated, has now committed $100 million to the Trump election effort. Mike Davis of the Article III Project says the verdict "guarantees" a Trump landslide. Megyn Kelly says DemoKKKrats will "rue this day." Even the "moderate" Susan ("Tom") Collins, the ME senator, criticized the "political underpinnings" of this fecalfungus of a case. Even Yertle said he expected the case to be overturned.

3) We have a report of Trump, Elon Musk, and big former Disney investor, Nelson Pelz, scheduling a pow wow. And the Post reported that President Trump is right back on the campaign trail, warning Rutabaga to "buckle up." Yeah, put that mentally defective helmet on this papyruspusher.

4) Richard Baris on the courthouse itself: "It smells like piss, it's a S**thole." But he has agreed that for some time the result was baked in, as three-fourths of those surveyed say the verdict would have no impact on their vote.

5) Former Illinois DemoKKKrat gov and former jailbird Rod Blagojavich says this pilfering pusbag of a verdict will galvanize the black vote for President Trump.

6) So, what does Zen Master say? First, the egregiousness of this verdict will likely expand the Supes' forthcoming immunity ruling. (Yes, this does fall under that, as the charges are from 2017, so Presidential Immunity is in play). Second, ZM has an optimistic view of the New York Appeals Court, which just overturned Harvey Weinstin's conviction. At some point the concern must be for precedent. However, ZM cautioned about some of the flaky notions that Trump can use a writ to go straight to the Supes. Even CNN's legal beagle, though, said that the chodetoad of a judge, Merchan, committed enough errors that there was definitely a case to overturn this ruling. Other legal experts say President Trump's team can appeal to the Supes under grounds of constitutional violations, but only after the New York Appeals Court has heard it. Zen Master agrees with this take, not Mark Levin's notion that somehow Bush v. Gore is a precedent, because in Bush v. Gore, a state appellate court had already heard the case.

7) What do the Russkies say? Well, they are right: "Trump verdict show his rivals are using all means to get rid of him."

8) I have contacted everyone I know to pressure the RNC to nominate President Trump before the July 11 sentencing so as to make it clear that Merchan is sentencing the nominee of a major political party in an act of election interference.

9) No coincidence that just the other day Emerson released a poll showing President Trump down just six points in New York, a D+30 state! Trump is killin' it with independents.

10) Talk about meaningless symbolism and a pathetic attempt at deflection from the real news of yesterday, Machin-on-a-Hill has left the DemoKKKrat Party to be an "independent." Big deal. He was gonna lose his senate seat anyway.


11) UCLA's DEI head is just another of these scrotumpoachers to face allegations of major plagiarism.


12) West Virginia Middle School girls say they felt unsafe with a transoid man in the locker room. Isn't it odd how schools insist on changing pronouns so people don't feel "uncomfortable," but when it comes to physical safety, no one cares how girls feel?

13) A woke church put on a drag bingo game to raise money for the so-called "worship" team. I guess that's what Moloch calls it.

14) A judge allowed a lawsuit to go forward against doctors who assisted in the "transition" of a 17-year=old.


15) Walgreens and WalMart are reducing prices. It is important to recognize that both have engaged in significant closures of locations, so they can afford it.

16) In the great Rutabaga economy, 78% see fast food as a "luxury."


17) In a lame attempt to garner greentoid sympathy, Ukraine has begun an "ecocide" tracker for the Uke war. As David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of Energy, points out, ""Now do the Ukes' damage to the ecology" of Russia, involving blowing up oil refineries and sinking ships in the Black Sea.

18) A Chinese national was arrested for operating the world's largest "botnet."

19) Even the WEF sees private space ventures as a growth industry.

20) Coming to the U.S. if they can't get President Trump any other way: A mayoral candidate in Me-hee-co was shot during the campaign.


21) Former singer with the Doobie Brothers, Michael McDonald, laid out his failed efforts as a drug dealer.

22) I'm sure this kept all of you up at night, but a researcher found the identity of the man on the Led Zeppelin IV cover, a roofer named Lot Long.


23) A news study shows that China Virus money continues to be wasted. This Minnesota study found the amount to be in the billions of dollars.

24) The University of Chicago had to pay out almost $5m to students who sued because by going on-line during the China Virus the University owed them some of their money back.


25) Swedish group Abba reunited for the first time in 40 years to be knighted by Sweden's king. They aren't "dancing queens" yet but at least they are dancing knights.

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