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TODAY'S NEWS, June 10, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The biggest news over the weekend was the letter Judge Merchan sent to President Trump's legal team revealing one juror had already predetermined guilt and told a relative before jury deliberations. Now, while the letter appears authentic, we need to wait for further confirmation. Moreover, there were unconfirmed reports on Twitter that the judge had received a call from a higher court instructing him to deal with this. Mistrial? Who knows?

2) These are devastating numbers for Rutabaga in the latest CBS poll. While Trump only leads by 1, he is now at 50% in this poll as well and is at 49% with Hispanics. Trump only trails the demented pervert by 2 points among college educated whites. Wow. And the Las Vegas cops officially endorsed President Trump.

3) It is dawning on the leftoids that they placed way too much hopium in the lawfare, and should have removed Rutabaga sooner. Now, Politico belatedly publishes a hit piece on Rutabaga's criminal family. Sorry Politico, but you needed to do that last year. He's yer nominee.

4) Jumpin Jackson Brown and other USSC Justices received everything form six figure book deals to concert tickets to Beyonce new filings reveal.

5) A judge expunged the convictions of the St. Louis couple who greeted the Black Looters Matter march with guns on their front doorstep.

6) A black neighborhood in Connecticut formed an armed unit to protect against crime. Back in the day, we called these "deputies."

7) Former astronaut William Anders died in a plane crash.

8) Illinois governor Porky Pritzker enacted a massive $750 million tax hike. Yeah, that will really keep people in the Land of Lincoln.

9) Using evidence from three key counties, Seth Keshel shows that nearly every minority group is moving to President Trump in notable numbers. But Rutabaga has an "uncommitted" vote problem: over half a million of them from the primaries.

10) Meanwhile the money and endorsements continue to pour in for Trump, as tech mogul David Sacks hosted a fundraiser and explained his support. Possibly this explains it: capital gains tax hikes Rutabaga will impose will hurt the venture capitalists.

11) A CNN legal analyst correctly says the Trump trial in Georgia is over due to the legal problems of Fat Fani Willis.

12) New Calcutta (LA) plans a massive residential tower with a gym, spa, and other amenities for the homeless. What could go wrong?

13) About time "our" Congress fights back. Cong. Thomas Massie and Senator Rand Paul issued a statement that the subpoena for Steve Bannon---which is the basis for the court requiring him to report to jail on 7/1---was illegal.

14) Victor Davis Hanson argues that the "left knows leftism doesn't work." So why do they pursue it? It's in their nature. They are fundamentally racist, demonic, and murderous. It is the only explanation.

15) In peaceful and tranquil Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) 31 were shot and 3 killed over the weekend. While this was going on, Chicago's current mayor spent $30,000 on hair and makeup.

16) Kinda typical: sun belt cities poured $450 million into ending homelessness and only got more of it.


18) A surprise? Highly educated men are more religious than highly educated women.


19) Jennifer Sey notes that Nike has a woman problem, in that the brand is now backing transoid men competing against actual females.


20) The Rush Limbaugh of energy, David Blackmon, notes that the "energy transition" hasn't even really started---we haven't reached "peak wood, let alone peak oil."

22) Wall Street admitted all the new jobs went to foreign born.


23) This is the stake in the heart of the EV: Toyota just released word of a new gas-powered car that can, when needed, use electric, biodiesel, and the wave of the future, hydrogen.

24) The Hamas Murder Pirates actually released "a" hostage. Now do that 1000 more times.

25) I love it, Macaroni's French gubment is in trouble, as centrist Marie Le Pen looks to have a winning hand.

26) A rather significant Alzheimer's paper has now been retracted. Just askin'. How much of the "medical research" we thought was true now must be suspect? Polio vaxxes? (Good argument against those) Small pox shots? (Epoch Times has a story on those). I don't know.

27) Good God, make it stop. The evil/stupid is overwhelming. The Canadian Cancer Society wants to use the term "Front Hole" instead of "Cervix" to describe a woman's anatomy. The correct name for the Canadian Cancer Society is "Ass Holes".

29) People demonize Pootie-poot but he does so many things we should be doing. Now Russia prohibits adoption by foreign homosexual/lesbian couples.

30) New Zealand ran into energy reality and resumed drilling for oil.


31) Oh no he di=n't! Ashton Kucher explained how AI could be used for ill in Hollywood.

32) Josh Maravich, son of legendary NBA star Pete Maravich, died suddenly at age 42.

33) "Furiosa," the latest Mad Max installment viewed (perhaps wrongly) as a "girl boss" movie, crashed and has fallen out of the top five, while "Bad Boys: Ride or Die," grossed $105m worldwide on a budget of $100m and maybe $50m marketing. Despite the controversy surrounding Will Smith, the fact is that audiences overlook his quirks and want to see him in a macho lead---which "Bad Boys" is. (See my review here). By the way, "Bad Boys Ride or Die" was extremely un-woke. Aside from supporting roles by Vanessa Hudgens, Paola Nunez, and Rhea Seahorn, the leads are all male, and all macho. Lots of guns, action, and phenomenal photography.

34) Caitlin Clark was snubbed for the U.S. Women's Olympic Basketball team because, according to both white and black commentators, she is "too white" and "too heterosexual."

35) Here is the fat pot calling the kettle black, as Meghan McTurd lights into J-Lo as not being "humble." Seriously. The woman whose only claim to fame was a disastrous father criticizes someone else for not being humble..


36) Here is a landmark victory against the China Virus Apparatus by patients and physicians. The dam now has major fissures in it.

37) Does anyone remember Apple Valley Village nursing home, where before the vax there were zero China Virus deaths, but after 90 cases and 28 deaths? No, don't suppose the Hoax News media would touch that one.


39) This is how wissified our society has gotten. Remember back in the day when motorcycle gangs like the Hell's Angels were a serious threat if they decided they were angry with you? Now it's a gang of e-bike riders. God help up. A single Angel could take these guys out without removing his Wehrmacht helmet or cuts.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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