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TODAY'S NEWS, June 11, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Programming note: I will be gone the rest of the week giving speeches and appearing at the Great Homeschool Convention in Kollyfornia.


1) Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia says indeed the state is in play and that President Trump gave us a "strong America."

2) Botoxic is trying to walk back an explosive video showing she denied National Guard troops to the Capitol many times on Patriot Day (J6).

5) Iowa has become the new "cancer epicenter of the US." Why? Was it disproportionately vaxxed?

6) Planned Parenthood Great Plains has been charged by Missouri AG Andrew Baily for child trafficking.

7) Zero's official portrait painter, who did the ridiculous "garden" backdrop, has been accused of raping a male activist.

8) A snapshot of the "unhoused" in Bengahzi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) shows, yes Virginia, the illegal criminal invaders are a major problem.

9) Rutabaga's new staffing restrictions put most Illinois nursing homes in trouble. (Realize, old people are a problem just like babies are a problem just like the defective are a problem and to Rutabaga they should all be euthanized.)

10) Buyer's remorse: the Rajin' Cajun James Carville says Rutabaga should not have run for reelection. Dudn't mattah, Jimmah. NO ONE can beat Trump becaiuse of your evil, vile, destructive POLICIES. Rutabaga is the cherry on top.

This is a weird one: To that end, Little Natey Silver hypothesized that Trump's lead may be a "new threshhold." Meanwhile, at a so-called "Juneteenth" event, everyone is dancing and moving except Rutabaga, who apparently froze. This guy is a demon-filled walking husk.

11) North Dakota created two special Indian "minority/majority" districts in redistricting, and now wants the Supreme Court to overturn its own map.

12) Grand Moff Garland says that attacks on the Death Star, er, the Department of INJustice are "dangerous" for democracy. No. Only dangerous for fascism.

13) Nearly 2000 teens with shotguns descended on a New York town and a good time was had by all. It was a clay shoot contest.

14) A majority of blacks believe prisons, the po-po, and the courts are designed to hold people back. Any surprise they now see President Trump as someone worth admiring?

15) More evidence suggests regular consumption of Melatonin combats macular degeneration.

16) Judge Cannon in the Florida docs case did not dismiss the case as President Trump's team wanted but threw out a key paragraph in the overall indictment related to national security.


17) Rutabaga fakes being tough on illegals, but a border patrol memo instructs officers to release invaders from over 100 countries into the U.S.

18) A CBS anchor is stunned to learn how many Americans favor deporting the illegal invaders. That's because she is so bubbleized she has never seen one.


19) Unfunded debt liabilities reached $215 trillion.

20) How Gen Z is becoming the "toolbelt" generation and is ditching college for trade schools.

21) Thanks to the Rutabaga economy 25% of seniors are still working.

22) Another fast food restaurant, Blaze Pizza, flees Kollyfornia.


23) In the elections to the EU Parliament, center right parties gained 10 seats, but the larger "hard right" did not perform as predicted. Nevertheless, as Freddie Gray writes, the "general political direction of the continent is clear." In some areas, though, it was clearer than others: in France, Marine Le Pen's party won so dramatically (31%) that Macaroni had to dissolve parliament and call for new elections. In Germany the conservative Alternative For Germany party took second place and won da youts by double digits. Here is what the Hoax News media in Europe calls the map of a "far right" victory in France---all but Paris. Nevertheless, even Reuters admitted a message was sent, taking solace in the "fact" that the existing climate stupidity will stay in place. Not. For. Long. Oh, and the Belgian President was so shaken he resigned.


24) Rachel Mad-Cow fears President Trump may throw her in a concentration camp when he wins. Well, we can all hope.

25) NFL star Maxx Crosby said he saw a UFO during a plane trip back from a game. Possible. Could also be the effects of a concussion.


26) Here are some of the gadgets and games from the 1990s that are gaining value. One of my favorites is the Sega Genesis game with the original Mortal Kombat. I dream of the DemoKKKrat Party when it comes to the "Finish Him" part.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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