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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Do you want to tell me again they are gonna steal the election? Gee they sure don't sound like it. Look at this article from Vox. They are now not only pushing the doltish "Wise Latina" Sotomayor to resign now, but also KAGAN! Hmm, who predicted that President Trump would get three Supe picks next term? Now it may be four if they think Kagan is also on the chopping block. Vox rightly also says "Democrats need a miracle to keep their majority in the malapportioned United States Senate." The entire article is worthy of devouring, like a delicious dessert!

2) Another example of Republicans in Congress being utterly tone deaf to the public. Only three Republicans voted against a defense bill that would, among other things, automatically reinstate the draft.

3) President Trump knocked it out of the park at a black church in Detroit. The pastor, who had supported Rutabaga, said Zero didn't come to the hood and Biden didn't come to the hood. But Trump did. As a result, CNN's Harry Enten was "speechless" at Trump's strength with blacks, saying Trump is "careening" toward a "historic performance." Indeed, Trump is in such good shape the DemoKKKrats are prepping for a new "resistance." Trump MUST CRUSH IT THIS TIME. Meanwhile this poll has Trump up in all the swing states. And its margins, I think, are low. He will win FL by 10.

5) Should this surprise you? The "father of the abortion movement," Larry Lader, thought that abortion would end morality and the nuclear family. I always thought Satan was the "father of the abortion movement."

6) Seven people were shot at a car meet in Massachusetts. Now, back in the day, this would have been understandable between Ford and Chevy drivers.

7) Just one more reason President Trump cannot allow Tim "Bankster" Scott to become veep: He has again said that 2020 was legit. He is a black Mike Pence.

8) This year's Juicy Smo-ley award for fake hoax racism goes to Taral Patel, a Rutabaga appointee and, of course, a DemoKKKrat, who was arrested for posting fake race-hate social comments about himself. The only way leftoid chuckledusters can find MAGA racists is to pretend to be . . . MAGA racists. Course, DemoKKKrats don't have to pretend to be racists. Dey wuz born dat way.

9) Pray for Rutabaga. He froze up again--just a week after he froze at the D=Day ceremonies. Pray that God keeps him just functioning enough to make it to November so we can whup his evil, child-molesting ass.

10) From Shipwreckedcrew, "The Trump Defense Team in Florida Continues to score Political Points by Baiting Jack Smith" [Count Dooku] into, well, being his incompetent evil self.

11) Another former DemoKKKrat donor is now switching sides to back President Trump.

12) Hoax News reporter Jake the Snake Tapper says Rutabatga is a "drag on the ticket." Uh, Snake, please explain how no other DemoKKKrat presumed candidate does even this well against President Trump? Is it possible that "DEMOKKKRAT" is a "drag on the ticket?"

13) A new McLaughlin poll has President Trump up 2 in Minnesota. Do I think that's right? No. But it's pretty close to a tossup. Remember, even the great Rich Baris had Biden +10 in 2020 and Biden barely won by 2.

14) More whine from the left that the Supes are "taking too long" to rule on Trump's immunity. Cuz they know ain't gwine b no trials til after the election, when it won't matter.


17) A new ruling from the Supes makes it harder for illegal criminal invaders to avoid deportation


18) Lower verbal IQ is highly associated with a politically correct authoritarianism. Just another reason why it is useless to "debate" a liberal.


19) Chick-Fil-A's announcement that it would offer summer camps for kids caused the leftoid toadsprockets to go unhinged.

20) Wells Fargo is cracking down on "mouse jigglers," or devices that simulate someone working remotely.

21) The spokesman for Texas's power generating authority, ERCOT, said he underestimated previous calculations of how much generating power would be needed by 2030 by almost 100%. In short, wind, solar, and batteries ain't gonna cut it if you want AI and bitcoin and other 21st century stuff.

22) Kollyfornia jobless claims soared as the U.S. economy lost 408,000 jobs in May.

23) No, the economy ain't gwine to save Rutabaga as consumer sentiment falls to a 7-month low.


24) The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, who has been battling cancer and was feared dead, appeared at the Trouping of the Colors. She looked very thin, but happy. Prayers for a warrior queen.

25) "Bar-mageddon?" Pubs are disappearing rapidly in England.

26) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, notes in point #1 of his "Five Things" that the Euros will not accept de-growth, and (yay!) the Greens have lost nearly 25% of their seats in parliaments. The gap between the U.S. and Euros has only grown since the China Virus.

27) New oil demand and production estimates say that "Net Zero is dead." And right on cue, the former Zero (Obama) climate advisor glumly admits that the "climate crisis" is also dead as a motivating tool. No one listens, and worse, no one believes except a handful of cactus-snatchers yelling to themselves at their covens.

28) Chy-na's overcapacity is threatening American employees by dumping cheap goods. The ChiComs are trying to capture the market on glass, steel, paper and tires.

29) At the G7 Summit, it was a rogues' gallery of some of the most unpopular leaders in the world, including Rishi Sunak, Macaroni, and Olaf Scholz.

30) A Ukrainian NGO has issued an "enemies list" with Zerohedge, Tucker Carlson, and Elon Musk on it. "Oooh. Oooh! Over here."

31) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, notes that some estimates of Chinese "scientific superiority" are a factor of the ChiCom government rewarding citations, to "circles of citations" develop where one Chinese researcher disproportionately cites other Chinese researchers. But Chy-na is building an edge in the physical sciences. The answer, however, may be private research growth, not more gubment dollars.

32) The U.S. and EU rejected Pootie-poot's peace proposal for Ukraine. Eventually these idiots will hand the entire nation over to the Russkies. Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Janet Screamin' and Yellin said that the G-7 loan to the Ukes is totally legal. After all, our pols funnel so much laundered money through them, we kinda need them.


33) A pathbreaking "Jesus: a Deaf Missions Film" done entirely in sign language will debut on June 20.

34) "Inside Out 2," a Pixar animated movie, throws besieged Disney a lifeline with a $295m global opening..


35) In Ohio, we joked that the state flower was the orange cone, which "bloomed" every spring when they closed down the roads. But seriously, it seems whether Ohio or Arizona, the highway departments take this approach.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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