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TODAY'S NEWS, June 18, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) An important poll came out of Iowa from Ann Selzer yesterday. She is considered the "gold standard" of Iowa polling, even by Rich Baris. She has President Trump at a whopping 18---DOUBLE what he won by there in 2020. Moreover, even The Meg (Meghan McTurd) notes that with this lead there is no way Trump loses Wisconsin. Maybe that's why the liberal Economist model predicts a landslide win for President Trump.

2) Hunter Biteme just filed for a new trial.

3) The House Rs are not done with Grand Moff Garland. They plan to go to court to force release of Rutabaga's DOINJustice interview with Robert Hur.

4) This hardly rates as news anymore. Another day, another rambling incoherent Rutabaga speech in which he said "we have the highest unemployment in 50 years"---although he may be right---and another moment of lost on stage, this time with Zero having to grab him and lead him off stage. He fell asleep at a Bocelli concert at the G-7. Naturally there are new uncomfortable concerns from the leftoids, and predictable (usually fearful) claims by conservatives he will be replaced. Not gonna happen. The clock is ticking along many different lines. Again, here we have Rutabaga blowing $50 MILLION on an ad buy. If they switch him out, that's just money that they set fire to.

5) Meanwhile, a new Suffolk poll of Michigan shows Rutabaga getting barely half the black vote. President Trump is at 15% but third party candidates are way up with blacks. And just the latest example of why Rutabaga is losing: his campaign is whining to the leftoid Atlantic that reporters are actually covering the news, not the latest crap emanating from the hoax trials.

7) Puerto Rico's primary election plagued with problems with . . . Dominion voting machines. Burn these mofos down.

8) Nevada schools were outed by a conservative group for trying to help kids be mutilated or "change genders" (which they cannot do) without parents' knowledge.

9) A Secret Service agent for Rutabaga was robbed at gunpoint during the Demented Pervert's trip to New Calcutta (LA). Oh, and speaking of the "crime is down" lies, the peaceful and bucolic Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) had a mere 71 shootings and 9 killed JUST OVER THE WEEKEND.

10) Showing that DemoKKKrats are not only racists but stupid racists, the mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) has set up a reparations task force, obviously ignoring the utter humiliating failure of a similar task force in Kollyfornia.

11) Three in Florida were charged with attacking a pro-life pregnancy center.

12) So called Energy Secretary (who does nothing at all to help produce more energy) Jennifer Granholm is plotting a massive midwest land grab.

13) People are moving out of Kollyfornia at an increasing clip according to "moveBuddha."


14) It is so absurd to even think Rutabaga cares about border security no matter what new statements they issue: now Rutabaga's demonic administration will waive penalties for the spouses of the invaders.


15) Thank God. A federal judge temporarily blocked Rutabaga's new Title IX rule that would allow men to compete in women's sports.

16) Christopher Rufo dives into the Texas Children's Hospital fraud.


17) More parents are going into debt top pay for a Disney vacay. Personal opinion: no one should go to a Disney park til the groomers abandon their sex-perversions.

18) The head of New York's ConEd, facing a "gap" between energy demand and power production/grid reliability basically says "climate change" and shrugs, with no effort to build new facilities.

19) Retail sales barely rose in May, despite the awesome Rutabaga economy with so many unemployed.

20) "Wave of the future" as another EV startup declares bankruptcy.


21) Ronald Stein notes that "climate change" is real---but has always occurred, and WILL always occur, and we need to adjust without being idiots.

22) Nigel Farage says his REFORM UK Party will deport ALL illegal aliens.


23) Nintendo of America president calls anyone opposed to the stupid woke garbage in their games as being "angry bigots" and encourages anti-white racism. This was a serious break from previous Nintendo policies and it is its Bud Light moment.

24) Acclaimed NYC Chef James Kent "died suddenly" at age 45. I'm sure the vax had nothing to do with it.

25) Whereas the NBA looks the other way on such things as traveling by stars, fouls on stars, and overall protection of the big-name players like LeBrewski, Doncic, and the Joker, the WNBA has a Caitlin Clark problem in that she is a white heterosexual in a black Lesbian league. The views of her being flagrantly fouled exceeded 1 million, while all other views of the league combined weren't even half that. And the only other news the league made was when a man disguised as a woman, "Brittney Grenier," was arrested for drugs in Russia.

26) Seven 80s songs that would be banned today, including "Dude Looks Like a Lady." One of my favorite black bands, "Mother's Finest," has a good song called "Like a Negro."

27) "Star Wars' horribly pathetic latest destruction of the franchise is at an astoundingly low 14% positive reviews for the outlandishly bad "Acolyte" and the various Kathleen Kennedy punks are attacking people such as "Critical Drinker" and "Nerdrotic."

28) I hate reporting this because I hate the Boston Celtics, but they won another NBA championship, this time over the Dallas Doncics, er, Mavericks. Maybe if the Mavs drafted this guy they'd have a chance.


29) More cracks in the dam as Kansas has sued Pfizer for vax-related harms.


30) This is a new one and a new middle finger to the notion the "customer is always right:' a Hertz customer in Canada was charged $435 for a "red light" ticket while he was still in the air heading to Calgary. Hertz refused to waive the fee. I'm expecting a ticket any day for drag racing in a Hertz I never rented, the totaling my own Camaro.

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