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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) In the latest Marist poll---not a Trump friendly polling org---the President has taken a 2-point lead over Rutabaga in Pennsylvania. Betcha it's three or more. Meanwhile President Trump called for ending taxes on tips. Someone must like this, as top Zero fundraiser, Allison Hunyh is now backing President Trump, so much so that she sold her prize collection of DemoKKKrat artifacts, including the original Obama "Hope" poster, several Lugers, and various swastika-adorned mugs.

2) As the Demeneted Pervert wanders aimlessly at public events and freezes repeatedly, the Hoax News media went on a jihad to tell you it just wasn't true. He's sharp as a tack. (One that has been crushed in a wrecking yard auto compressor). And the latest idiocy to somehow get rid of Rutabaga for a "more acceptable" candidate is for Rutabaga to replace Kamuchea Harris on the ticket . . . with Cankles. Won't work. First, you'd still have a massive black backlash over the first black female veep being removed in favor of a demonic haglet. Second, if they think with Cankles at #2, they can then remove the Demented Pervert, they don't understand Cankles polls worse than he does. Besides she's already been fired.

3) In the Virginia 5 district primary, John McGuire has defeated Bob Good, a decent guy who stupidly supported DeSoros. This is how you do party discipline, which our side has cried about for years. Oh, and a Veeta Vita Vindman won a primary seat in VA 7.

4) Meanwhile, Rutabaga wants to compensate travelers for flight delays and service problems. That's right, punish airlines for servicing airplanes or for not flying in hurricanes.

5) Senator Pete Ricketts of Nebraska blocked a DemoKKKrat attempt to ban bump stocks after the Supes said such bans were unconstitutional.

6) Another RINO leader was given the boot in the Oklahoma primary.

7) A Muslim beat up an Asian firefighter. Guess which one still has his job with the SF fire department. Now there is a lawsuit.

8) New Jersey kingmaker George Norcross indicted on racketeering charges. Guess which party?


9) The semi-truck driver who was involved in a fatal Colorado crash was an illegal with multiple deportations.


10) Abortions are skyrocketing (up 63%) with most done now by the abortion pill. You know, take a pill, kill a baby, no nasty sucking sounds or surgical devices.


11) Google Maps won't offer a scenic route because it's racist not to travel through the 'hood.

12) Wall Street wants Boomers to retire later and work longer---but no one wants to hire them.

Then there is a chain featured on "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" is facing bankruptcy.

15) Jeep and Cherokee automaker Stellantis has recalled 1.2 million cars.


16) Brazil's new tax will crush consumers. Welcome back, Bolsonaro. Can't be much longer.

18) About 500 Muslim pilgrims died on the hajj to Mecca in 125 degree temps.

19) The Russkies signed a mutual defense pact with the NORKs. Rutabaga has set back the cause of peace on earthy by 60 years.

21) Meanwhile, at the White Elephant of the Gaza Pier, Rep. Elaine Slotkin explains that it's "complicated." Yep, gland-toter, failures usually are. Success is simple.


22) "The Chosen" jumped the Palestinian shark. In Season 3, there was a harbinger of this when Jesus refused to heal James who, while there is no record of this in the Bible, had a bad leg. Now in Season 4, Thomas's fiancee is murdered in front of them by a Roman and Jesus refuses to bring her back. Not only was all of this unscriptural (that's, "not in the Bible" if you're an Anglican), but it is completely out of character for the Jesus of the Bible, who healed every single sick person He encountered, without exception, and brought at least two (perhaps three) people back to life. As a side note, I had wondered if the tension between Angel Studios and "The Chosen" producers had any theological or religious elements besides the obvious financial disagreements. Angel is predominantly Mormon operated; "The Chosen" is evangelical, while the actor who plays Jesus is Catholic! Still don't know why this is going where it's going, but I'm done.

23) More reason to celebrate as 70% of the Daily Beast staffers accept a buyout rather than get fired.

24) The Say Hey Kid, Willie Mayes, one of the greatest center fielders in major league baseball history, dead at age 93. Here is arguably the greatest catch in baseball history.


25) Epic troll as Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum is put on a billboard outside Madison Square Garden. I'd like to see a billboard of the vacant-eyed, blank-faced Rutabaga outside DNC headquarters saying "I'm your guy!"

Larry Schweikart

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