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TODAY'S NEWS, June 20, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) President Trump is up 7 in Arizona in a new Rasmussen poll. I think this cycle Ras has been way too high. My guess is that Trump is up 4-5. But that might be enough to carry Kari Lake into the senate. In Emerson's "Swing State" poll, President Trump is up in every single swing state, and is tied in MN. The PA result (Trump +2) corresponds to an earlier +2 poll out last week. And Rutabaga's support among women fell to its lowest level among DemoKKKrats since Lurch in 2004.

2) The Communist Broadcast Network (CBS) had to remove a segment in which it called commentary on Rutabaga's utter dementia at a recent event where he froze and absolutely did not know what was going on a "deepfake." Turns out the video was WHITE HOUSE VIDEO.

3) Good. The Supes left the Trump-era tax on off-shore accounts in place. This is necessary to get money back to the U.S. Otherwise, like they are writing a script, they keep the "big" immunity decision til tomorrow.

4) Because of the recent Louisiana law, the leftoid jigglespigots are all out screeching about the 10 Commandments. But here is a different view, from an MIT behavioral scientist, Dan Ariely. He conducted a test in which students were given a test. He gave them $1 for each question they got right. In part 2 of the test, he repeated this but secretly told one student the answers 15 minutes before the test. Scores overall went UP. The third part of the test, he repeated steps 1 and 2, but now told the whole class to remember their favorite song before they started the test. No change---scores stayed higher at the "cheat" level. Here's the shocker. He repeated 1 and 2, but told them to remember as many of the 10 Commandments as they could. Scores dropped back to almost the original starting point. Conclusion: merely making the students aware of right and wrong had the effect of correcting almost all unwanted behavior.

5) One of the Gilbert (AZ) Goons whose assault on a classmate killed him has been arrested again after getting three years' probation.


6) A luxury homeless apartment building was constructed in New Calcutta (LA) at a cost of $600,000 per unit, paid for by taxpayers.


8) Emerson College in Boston announced layoffs due to decline in enrollments because of the Hamas Murder Pirate protests. Fantastic. Now do Harvard.


9) In Rutabaga's great economy, the top 1% continue to get wealthier, now having more wealth than the entire middle class put together.

10) Retailer Rite Aid will close another 27 stores in this great Rutabaga economy.

11) A Big Pharma company is bankrolling an obesity group that promotes "body positivity" (i.e., being a fat cow).

12) Meanwhile, housing starts fall to China Virus lockdown lows.


13) Not good: Northrup is planning to build munitions inside Ukraine, while the South Koreans are going to arm the Ukes because of the Russkie-NORK treaty. All of this was due to the West funneling money into that corruptocrat money-laundering pit called Ukraine.


14) Interesting: Hollywood is producing movies with less sex.

15) Eco-warriors were arrested for targeting Taylor Swift's private jet, but they never can seem to arrest people before they douse Stonehenge with paint.

16) Another questionable foul on Caitlin Clark in the WNBA. Yes, it's pro ball. Yes, many of these "women" are men. Yes, Clark does have to expect "Jordan rules." But at some point the league needs to step up.

17) Pornhub has "banned" five more states bringing the total to 12 that require age verification.


18) New Zealand data showed a 27% increase in all mortality if you took the vax.

19) In America, the feds are trying to delay the release of China Virus data for another year.


20) An Ohio man was knocked unconscious when he was hit by a roller coaster---the "Banshee"---after entering a restricted area at King's Island amusement park. Meanwhile at Sea World in Orlando, the mime who had been working there for years was fired for riding his bike inside the park---as he had done for years. This brings to mind Weird Al Yankovic's "She Didn't Tell Me She was a Mime."

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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