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TODAY'S NEWS, June 24, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) This headline warms my heart: "Disappointment and 'Depression': Biden's biggest fundraisers watch their advantage vanish." A DemoKKKrat strategist from NY quoted in the story said "“The challenger shouldn’t even be close on the money side, especially a guy who’s convicted of felonies. How is this possible, is what the Democrats should be asking.. . . That’s what they should be worried about.” Meanwhile, a DemoKKKrat on CNN (what's new) said it might be curtains for Rutabaga if he freezes during the debate. My take: We have always underestimated him. He will get through the debate.

2) President Trump is on offense, appearing at a rally in urban Philly over the weekend, and opening field offices in Minnesota and Virginia.

3) It looks like Ru Paul (Paul Ryan) got the infamous "Steele dossier" first and did not mention it to President Trump. What an evil worm.

4) Former New York governor Nipplepin Venthoarder (Andrew Cuomo) calls the NY Boast 'n' Bragg case frivolous.

5) The woke Pentagram, er, sorry, Pentagon is under suit to hand over docs related its dropping of "Duty, Honor, Country" from its mission statement.

6) Van Jones, a communist who occasionally tells the truth, said it all: The DemoKKKrats are in trouble: "The white working class guys left in 2016. Black and Latin working class guys are following along."

7) Among their other decisions last week, the Supes said that a citizen does not have the right to appeal a non-citizen spouse's denial of a visa; while a Nevada judge (the same one attacked by a criminal defendant not long ago) dismissed the case against "alternate electors."

8) Louisiana is on a roll, authorizing surgical castration for sex offenders.

9) One of the ongoing (not) mysteries is the story of Kampuchea Harris on January 6, 2021, when, after lying about being near the Capitol, was in fact at DNC headquarters where one of the so-called "pipe bombs" was located. Literally, she was within 30 feet of the bomb along with the Secret Service and a D.C. cop car. The suspected "bomber' even stopped to chat at both the cop car then Harris's SUV, indicated there was a false flag afoot and they all knew it.

10) "Flip that house," as The Senior Skank and Rutabaga have refinanced their house over 20 times for $4.2 million in loans and STILL have a loan of over $540,000 after 28 years. But Trump is the one who needs money. Riiiiight.


11) Chronic absenteeism in Minnesota schools is not viewed as a problem by state authorities.

12) New York created a "Fat Beach Day" so that the obese can feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, PETA showed up thinking it was rescuing beached whales. Seriously, someone needs to be honest with these people: "YOU. ARE. FAT." (And tattoos do not make you skinnier).

13) We know the media is phenomenally biased: only 4% describe themselves as "conservative," but worse, almost none come from working-class backgrounds (as they overwhelmingly did prior to about 1980). Thus they have far more in common with the corrupt leftoid pols they cover than they used to.

14) Rutabaga's Moloch-loving administration promoted a spooge who compared police to "slave patrols" and who wants to abolish ICE.

15) From the great Ryan Burge: surprising results on post-Dobbs views on abortion: 1) The number of DemoKKKrats who favored making abortion illegal slightly rose; 2) Independints did not really change, and Republicans seeking to make abortion illegal fell! Support for illegality among evangelicals also fell, while support for making it illegal rose among Millennials. All in a tiny shift against making it illegal, but no sentiment for expanding it.


16) Dr. Richard Roberts is the doctor at the center of the transoid child mutilation scandals at Texas Children's Hospital. Christopher Rufo shows his alliances with transoid activists.


17) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, shows that the Hoax News media says it is warming everywhere faster than everywhere else.

18) Buyer's remorse as over half of EV owners say they wouldn't own another one next time. Then this: Multiple drivers say that EVs are potential "death traps" if their batteries die: people are trapped inside. Aww, why would the widdle battawies die? (Maybe because their charges don't even take you around the block?) And another EV maker, Nikola, saw its stock price hit a record low.

And here we had a fire in a battery storage facility that was very difficult to put out. Residents are concerned.

19) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, seems baffled by the fact that after three years of Rutabaga high speed broadband and internet don't exist. Psst. Noah. That's cuz gubment is doing it.

20) Foreigners only hold about 25% of all U.S. debt. Americans hold the most in pension funds and other vehicles.

21) The U.S. economic "surprise index fell to 2022 levels.

22) A major McDonalds's franchise in Groomer City (SF) has closed its doors after 30 years due to the ridiculously high minimum wage.


23) More evidence China's economy is in trouble, as they have their largest drop in steel production in three years. Meanwhile the aforementioned Noah Smith makes a good case that India's manufacturing is growing, not just its service elements (see point #5).

24) A new paper by three atmospheric scientists say that "Net Zero" will have zero effect on warming temperatures. Maybe cause the earth has decided it is going to go through a warming cycle?

25) Terrorists struck in Russia as gunmen hit two synagogues then a Greek Orthodox Church, killing six police officers and a priest.

27) Qatari agents paid $250,000 for PBS to make a Hamas-friendly doc.

28) Gang violence in Haiti has displaced almost 600,000 people.

29) India plans to build a reusable launch vehicle.

30) Play stupid games: a woman was mauled by wolves when she went for a jog in a "wolf zone" inside a Paris "safari-style lodge."

31) This massive lithium battery plant in Seoul went up like a chicken farm.


32) Disney is now facing lawsuits for discrimination against not only whites for writing and other jobs, but also now a black man who wasn't black enough.

33) The 71-year-old Marissa Tiejo has become the oldest contestant in a beauty contest. Based on the one pic we have, she has a shot!

34) It only took seven years, but Snopes finally got around to debunking the Trump "very fine people" line from Charlottesville.


35) A Kollyfornia hiker was finally found after 10 days when he "lost his bearings." Well, Rutabaga lost his bearings years ago and needs search parties inside the White House. Course, it could have been worse for this guy. He could have had Google Maps, which would have taken him to Compton.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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