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TODAY'S NEWS, June 25, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Yet another poll, from the Communist Broadcast System (CBS), finds President Trump at 23% black support. This number absolutely prohibits a Rutabaga victory. He needs over 75% voting for him, minimum. Even then, that's iffy. Meanwhile in Rhode Island, which Rutabaga won by 21 points in 2020, the race is now a seven point difference. This is consistent with shifts in New York, Kollyfornia, Oregon, and other blue states that have seen Trump chop 10 or more points off Rutabaga's 2020 total. And Trump leads by three in this latest Nevada poll.

2) The Supreme Court granted Missouri AG Andrew Bailey's motion to block Rutabaga's student loan forgiveness program. And, in a rare move, the Supes extended their term into July to catch up with all the cases on which they still have to rule. If they push immunity to July, it might affect Marchon's sentencing. Regardless, these delays are driving the lawfare glandgremlins nuts.

3) Planned Parennthood will spend $40 million on pro-abort ads during the campaign. Imagine how much could be accomplished if Planned Moloch-hood spent that money on adoption support.

4) Speaking of fraud, a man in Arizona made off with a "fob" or flash drive from the Board of Elections. He was captured. How many are not? Moreover, how much damage did he do while he had the drive?

5) From Julie Kelly: Count Dooku, Jack Smith, admitted his office added cover sheets to the docs at Mar-a-Lago. This is entirely poisoned, tainted evidence and should ALL be prohibited from the trial.

6) The Navy's new top=secret drone sub, the "Manta Ray," was spotted in harbor by Google maps.


7) Excellent review of illegal immigration and its costs. This author puts the number of illegal criminal invaders at around 15 million, with one-third of those being children.


8) A good article here about what happens when you decriminalize crime. America is suffering from under-criminalization. We can have a debate about criminalizing drugs, but an interesting fictional look at this appeared in the great show "The Wire," where one Baltimore police major, frustrated at the seemingly hopeless position of the police to make a dent in the drug trade, decriminalized drugs in three sectors where no one lived. It lasted for a few weeks, until, inevitably, those who were hopped up began killing people. Our current decriminalization of everything except political crimes against the Rutabaga regime has resulted in a filtering down of the view that people lose respect for the law altogether.

9) So here is another powerful example of how this plays out: a pro-Hamas Murder Pirate mob descended on a synagogue, harassing all and injuring several. Virtually no punishment for these people.


10) A fed court ruled against Rutabaga's Title IX discrimination, saying it would cause more discrimination than ever.

11) This is how sick and destructive these scuttlebuckets in the Rutabaga administration are: a Pentagram, er, Pentagon spokesman said that having transoid soldiers is essential to national security. Yeah, China's national security.


12) A sporting goods chain that operates across seven states has filed for bankruptcy.

13) San Diego beaches were shut down after sewage was discovered in the water.

14) Food giant Nestle is combatting "Ozempic face" to counter facial weight loss and muscle loss after you poop yourself to death with the drug.


16) Julian Assange is free. Despite the huffing and puffing from Libertarian types, this has zero impact on the U.S. election.


17) CNN could be on the hook for damages of up to $1 billion in defamation from Zachary Young, whom it said operated a "black market" in Afghan refugees after Rutabaga's fiasco of a withdrawal.

18) In the first of four big-budget movies, Horizon, a western saga series starring Kevin Costner opened to a subdued $12 million. Costner put in $38 million of his own money, saying he has "a pile of things" he doesn't want to leave undone.


19) The Supes refused to hear RFK, Jr.'s appeal on the China Virus vax, as well as dozens of other appeals it turned down without comment.

20) From Steve Kirsch, German health ministry docs show that politics, not health, drove the whole evil China Virus "response," as the health authorities didn't want to lose face.


A "Planet killing" asteroid will come within four million miles of earth. We are more at risk of Lizzo bellyflopping off the Santa Monica Pier, in which case Arizona would be beachfront property.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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