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TODAY'S NEWS, June 26, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The outright lying by the Hoax News media is back in full force as they deny Rutabaga's bumbling, stumbling, vacant-stared, Alzheimer's-ridden moments. He has the brain capacity of a Kleenex.

2) Reportedly Rutabaga aides are training him to try to "trigger" Trump by mentioning the convictions in the debate. President Trump can totally turn this to his advantage by playing along: "THIS Felon will close our borders, bring back America's economy the way it was when I was first in office, bring peace to Ukraine, and improve the lives of every single American. That's what this "convicted felon" will do." By the way, another surprise shocking statement President Trump could make is "I will eliminate the Department of Education, which educates no one, but while that is in process I will introduce a national voucher system that follows the student to any school---public, private, charter, or homeschool." (Watch how fast libs want to demolish the DOEd then!). I guess it's good then that the slimy Judge Merchan partially lifted the gag order on President Trump. Meanwhile a Rutabaga spokesman said Biden will be "highly energized," which I guess is her admission he'll be higher than a ChiCom spy balloon.

3) Trump-endorsed Shari Biggs won her SC primary, and Lauren Boebert won her CO primary. Meanwhile, a "Squad" member and the criminal who pulled the fire alarm to prevent a House vote, Jamaal Bowman, lost his primary. And, typically for Utah, a "moderate" won the primary to replace Minion. Utah is irretrievably lost to "politeness." Odd, in that Brigham Young wasn't all that polite.

4) A House report says that the CIA conspired with the Rutabaga campaign to conceal the Hunter Biteme laptop.

5) More on the Phraud in Phoenix, where authorities are investigating the theft of an election fob that allowed access to vote tabulators. The thief was a DemoKKKrat who ran for Senate, naturally.

6) This is the question we keep asking: "Where are the good guys at the FBI/DoINJUSTICE and the CIA?" Answer: contrary to what Sean Hannity kept saying, there are no good guys. NOT ONE that we know of has resigned in protest of these agencies' policies or spoken out.

7) Meanwhile, Rutabaga plans to pardon vets convicted of homosexual sex. With all the problems in our world, and this Demented Pervert chooses this one. Stick and twisted.

8) Why does Kollyfornia governor Gruesome send his kids to private schools?

9) Used EVs continue to see their resale value plummet.

10) Rutabaga desperately trying to get us into the Uke war now by allowing military contractors to deploy there.

11) I'm sure this has kept you all up every night but scientists say they have "hacked" the number PI, accidentally stumbling across a new way to represent the number. I am excited. REPRESENT!


12) Occasionally they do their job by accident, DHS has identified over 400 illegal criminals brought to this country by an ISIS human trafficking network. I'm sure they'll be upstanding citizens. Allahu Crowbar.

13) Porky Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, has announced more migrant shelters in Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago), and residents are not happy. This is DemoKKKrat Civil War #2 that I have been harping on.

14) Hideous "standing" logic again, as the Supes eliminated an injunction against the Rutabaga admin for pressuring social media outlets to remove content. Hence Missouri, among others, lacked "standing" to sue. However, the case is still allowed to proceed on the merits in lower courts. So not a total defeat, but sooner or later the whole "standing" issue in FEDERAL cases must be reconsidered, as all U.S. citizens should have standing when it comes to their rights.

15) The Louisville police chief who charged the #1 golfer in the world, Scottie Scheffler, with second degree assault has resigned---the third Louisville chief to resign since 2020. Scheffler was trying to drive around an accident when an officer, who was not in a police uniform nor identified himself as an officer, grabbed him then hit him. Scheffler began to drive away dragging the cop some distance. Scheffler claimed to not know the person was a cop. Charges were dropped.

16) Shocked I tell ya! New Kabul (NYC) has the worst traffic in the world (made even worse by the worst drivers in the world). And speaking of driving, this Alabama couple were killed in separate car crashes days apart . . . when they crashed into the same church.


17) A small Minnesota town of 2,000 struggles as its main business, a $1.5 billion company called Marvin, a door and window manufacturer, can't find enough employees.

18) We used to call this "masochism": a new travel fad is "rawdogging" or "barebacking." No, it doesn't have anything to do with homosexuality: it's people who abstain from any food, drink, entertainment, music or movies during a long flight. Wait, are you sure these aren't Amish or something?


20) Court docs show that the Rutabaga administration man, Levine, who poses as a woman, pressured medical experts to get rid of age limits for child mutilation.


21) And another one bites the dust, as woke LEGO now has offered Drag Queens and furries for so-called "Pride" month.

22) This is the epitome of the elite bubble. Treasury Secretary Janet Screamin' and Yellin, who is worth $20 million (all on gubment salary, I'm sure) says she doesn't feel any "sticker shock" when shopping at a grocery store, which she does every week. Tell me Screamin, why is my Wal-Mart bill---for the exact same amount of food, almost double than under President Trump?


23) So-called "climate change" is a threat---everywhere except the Paris Olympics (or is it the Paris Ozempics?), where nations are shipping in air conditioners as fast as they can.

24) Kenyan protesters stormed parliament because of a hike in taxes on the poor in order to placate the IMF. Police were driven off, then returned and killed several. Once again this shows the impact of globalist elites trying to impose western financial control over poorer nations.

25) Norway is again stockpiling grain, citing the new "pandemic" and "climate change."

26) The world's largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, caught fire in a port in Mexico. Maybe change the name to the Tesla of the Seas?

27) Liberals now face defeat in every single district ("riding") in Canada. Couldn't happen to nicer Maple Leafs.


28) Now police are looking to charge "multiple people" in actor Matthew Perry's ketamine death.

29) I told you these gamers take their work seriously, as this New Jersey nutbutter traveled 1,000 miles to break into a fellow gamer's home to attack a rival in the fantasy game "ArchAge."


30) Scientists are closer to finding alien life on another planet after "telltale signs." In addition to terraforming, reportedly they tracked an Amazon Prime subscription there.


Here is an example of a liberal going canoeing. How do you get through a McDonald's drive through?

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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