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TODAY'S NEWS, June 27, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The real debate tonight may be President Trump against a bottle of Adderall.

2) Slimy judge Merchan gave President Trump a victory by mostly lifting the gag order against him.

3) Three polls in the last 24 hours show President Trump widening the approval/disapproval gap over Rutabaga. And President Trump is kicking their ass despite cheating from Google, which buries his campaign site.

4) One of the few liberals who makes sense, Ruy Teixeira, notes "No, democracy is NOT on the ballot." (Gallup only polls it as an issue at 4%). Once again, Rutabaga's team is stupid. Flat stupid. We need to stop thinking of these people as invincible. They have made mistake after mistake. Here is another example. The latest "attack ad" makes Trump look even more awesome.

5) This is why I call the Lincoln Project the George Lincoln Rockwell Project, Elementary School Chapter. They jes kain't hep it. They like them the little boys. Here's the latest never-Trumper to go Full Pedo. Ya never go Full Pedo.

6) Big Mike ain't campaigning for Rutabaga over a family spat.

7) A Harvard dean threatened faculty who criticized the school's treatment of Jews. Shades of Munich.

8) After Jamaal Bowman's loss in a primary, now a second "Squad" member, Cori Bush, trails her opponent in a Missouri primary.

10) Randall Cobb, an NFL star, his wife, and three kids were safe after a house fire started by his Tesla destroyed the home.

11) Big Supe win which further chips away at the Deep State in Jarkesy v. SEC. In another Supe case, the justices blocked a Big Pharma settlement over oxycontin because it would have shielded members of the Sackler family.


12) Ryan Burge show that people raised in non-religious households are not likely to convert; women raised in religious households are more likely to remain than men; and of those women who were raised in a religious household, they are as likely to move from an evangelical background to a mainline church. But with men? Once an unbeliever, usually an unbeliever.

13) First world problems: A woman is suing Cold Stone Creamery for Pistachio ice cream that didn't have nuts. And this adorable pachyderm called the cops on a man she met online and whom she was to have a first date with after she decided she didn't want to go out. She falsely said he assaulted her. If you ask me, judging by the picture, dealing with the cops was far preferable to going out with her.


14) US home sales crashed in May, due to high mortgage rates.

15) Some 70,000 pieces of outdoor furniture have been recalled after customers had a finger or fingers amputated. (Bad writing, presumably they were cut off by by the furniture).

16) Walgreens will close 8,700 stores in this great Rutabagaga economy.

17) Shocked I tell ya. Inflation has been revised higher.

18) President Trump is gaining key ground on Rutabaga over the economy, as those who think the cost of living is rising (correct) support Trump by a whoping 24 points.


19) Spooky: watch as the lithium batteries in a South Korean plant just spontaneously start exploding despite efforts to use CO2 to put them out.

20) The idiots in Denmark are literally going to try to tax cow farts. Dunno, maybe we should have let the Soviets have all of Europe before they collapsed.

21) Police in Germany responded to a birthday party where people were chanting and singing "foreigners out." Hate speech you know. The only problem was, when they arrived, it was foreigners doing the singing.

22) Britain had a "radical" plan to send illegal invaders back to Africa. Now it's tied up in courts and red tape. This is why you need not a law but a LEADER to make it happen. (TR: "I took Panama and left Congress to debate ME")


23) This is why most new movies and TV shows suck: there is a whole header in the Hollywood Reporter for "sustainability" with at least four stories. They should really be focusing on industry sustainability with the constant waterfall of woke sewage they produce.

24) Maybe Maa-ttt Da-mon isn't as dumb as I thought. He advised Ben Affleck against trying to reunite with J-Lo.

25) Bankers have been hired to sell "unspecified assets" at Paramount, suggesting this is the next big studio to go or merge.


26) A new study in BMJ Yale finds "advocacy bias" about the China Virus that misled people and caused harm.


27) This "Jeopardy" contestant was the second lowest scorer of all time. Course, No one can beat Occasional Cortex.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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