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TODAY'S NEWS, June 28, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

ERRATA: Yesterday I made two errors. First in the "Economic News" I said Walgreens' parent company was closing 8,700 stores. No. I should have said would close a number of its 8,700 stores. Second, my link to that story should have been this, instead of the same link as the story about the furniture severing fingers. Unlike the Hoax News, I will always admit my errors up front and immediately.


1) What to say? Going int5o the debate I strongly believed our side had consistently underestimated Rutabaga. He had somehow performed well enough in 2020 debates that he "won" one of them; had done three SOTU speeches and remained upright, and did the fascist "Dark Brandon" Nazi speeches. Last night they didn't get the drug cocktail right. As a result, there is a strong likelihood President Trump will be sentenced to jail . . . for murder. Last night was a baby seal clubbing---and people were rooting for the clubber.. One DemoKKKrat after the speech said "Where's Jamaal Bowman? We need him to pull the fire alarm." Another prophesied the DemoKKKrats would lose 20 House seats "if these keeps up." Politico, one of the Fourth Reich's mouthpieces, admitted "DemoKKKrats really have no way to spin this." They added "no amount of fact checking" could save Rutabaga. Trump (said one DemoKKKrat) "came across as decisive and energetic." But Axios, the DemoKKKrat propaganda mouthpiece, was quick to damage control by saying post-debate bounces don't usually last. Yeah, unless you're Ronald Reagan in 1980. And another DemoKKKrat freakout, with The New Republic: "Ditch Biden." Psst. Spoogies: you don't just "ditch" a president. CNN's John King said there is "deep" and "aggressive panic" in the DemoKKKrat Party right now. The evil and smug Cenk Uygar guaranteed Trump would win. Fat Frank Luntz's focus group of swing voters swung to Trump unanimously. In one rambling run-on sentence, Rutabaga was nonsensical causing Trump to look quizzically at him before Biden said "We finally beat Medicare." Trump: "Yeah you beat Medicare to death." Then Trump said "I don't know what Biden just said. I don't think he knows either." One DemoKKKrat told Yahoo "the odds of a Trumpocalypse II just materially increased." One insider said that Rutabaga knew what questions were coming. And even PsychoJoe Scarborough, who just a couple of weeks earlier insisted Rutabaga was as sharp as a tack, now says Trump will win if he isn't replaced.

As one friend put it, "The cheese has fallen off the cracker."

2) Rutabaga's team came out firing saying he ain't dropping out. Rutabaga went to a Georgia Waffle House afterward and said "I think we did well." One of his Hollywood chowdermuffins, the mostly unemployed Mark Hamill, continued to defend him. But then, after mostly the Senior Skant talked to a watch party, telling Rutabaga he was brilliant, Biden said "I want to go home with you," then turned his back on them and shuffled off stage. And his campaign announced he will participate in a second debate in September. Donna (Braless) Brazille said Rutabaga will be the nominee. The next debate must be where Trump must insist on his demands for format and NOT be overconfident. Nail in the coffin.

3) Two senators say the 25th Amendment is in play. Well, no. First, it isn't up to senators but a "majority" of the cabinet and the veep. who OWE their jobs to Bident and are (unlike with Trump) ideologically in synch with him. moreover, the 25th only refers to OFFICIAL incapacity. Not a bad debate performance.

COMMENT: Honestly, as I watched the first 20 minutes, I didn't think he looked all that different from any of this other speeches. Am I just that perceptive? Dunno, but clearly last night everyone else saw what I've seen for four years, a Demented Pervert in full bloom. Or, as writer Tom Wolfe would say, "A Turd in Full."

4) President Trump said in the debate, "my retribution is going to be success." Well, Mr. President, I must disagree. There must be some level of retribution and justice or this will keep happening.

5) Massive: The Supes just overturned the Chevron doctrine. This is even bigger than yesterday's debate. This mortally wounds the Deep State and as the SOLE reason ACB and Kegger Kavanaugh were put on the Supreme Court per Steve Bannon. The Supes also said that "cruel and unusual punishment" doesn't apply to city ordinances of bans against camping or sleeping in public places (a blow to the expanding homeless armies). And the Supes upended scores of Patriot Day (J6) sentences with their narrowing of the "obstruction" charge. Lawyer Robert Barnes called this one: he said Jumpin Jackson Brown was more attuned to Civil Liberties than ACB. But at least Roberts and Kegger got this one right.

6) The former Uvalde police Chief was indicted on criminal charges for his failure to act while a murderer was shooting kids in a school.

8) NYC (New Kabul) will ban cellphones in public schools. Good. Now do illegal criminal aliens.

9) Note: this was written BEFORE the debate. My favorite lib, Noah Smith says "It's time to think about a Second Trump Term."


10) The head of the Border Patrol said Rutabaga lied about an endorsement of Rutabagta: "we never have [endorsed] and never will."


11) American colleges are facing significant financial issues with enrollment losses. Now, if we could just take away the cash cows of the semi-pro sports programs, they would collapse entirely.


12) "Adoptions" (I guess they mean "Purchases" of EVs have dropped to their lowest level since 2021.

13) An AZ woman was trapped in her "fully charged" Tesla when the battery just decided to die. At 100 degrees outside, this could be fatal.

14) Go woke, go broke, as Nike shares crash.

15) Fusion energy takes a step forward.

16) "Supercore" inflation rises again.


17) A failed coup in Boliva has overtones of CIA involvement.

18) The U.S. Commerce Secretary said "We want China to flourish." Er, no we don't.


19) Hollywood analscrapers freaked out at the debate result, blaming the CNN moderators. Note most of these people haven't done anything in years.


20) The CDC recommends more China Virus vaxxes this fall. Over 90% of Americans say no.


21) I know, we could do the Babylon Bee and other satire sites all day, but this is funny right here, I don't care who you are. "A disoriented Biden thanks Captain Crunch for his service."

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