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TODAY'S NEWS, June 4, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Good observation here, in arguing that Trump's lawfare chode-originated verdict was the direct result of the largely unopposed Steal: "When most elected Republicans and conservatives accepted the legitimacy of the globalist interpretation of the 2020 election, they abandoned the rule of law." Thus, stuff like this is happening: the court-appointed officer overseeing the Alex Jones bankruptcy proceedings staged an illegal ambush trying to shut down the Infowars' studios without a court order. Jones has years of bankruptcy proceedings ahead of him..

2) Welp, looks like the conviction bump for Rutabaga lasted just a couple of days, as now a Trump-critical poll, Morning Consult, now has President Trump back up again, while the demand for Trump-related merch has "exploded.

3) The self-immolating Bobby Kennedy has called for $12-a-gallon gas prices to force people to buy electric cars..

4) President Trump is up 8 in a new North Carolina poll. I keep sayin' it. NC is NOT a "swing state." Trump will win this by more than 3.

5) Courts are wising up, as the latest ruling shows: A federal appeals court ruled that a business's grant program exclusively for black women was discriminatory. And speaking of courts, the Georgia Fat Fani Willis case, in which Team Trump is trying to remove this harpyhag, is set for October, meaning there will be no Georgia trial before the election no matter how the Supes rule on immunity.

6) Very good news in Pennsylvania as Jill Stein's whacko campaign closes in on ballot access. The 1-2% she takes from Rutabaga would ensure a Trump victory there.

7) As we arrive at the the 82nd anniversary of the Battle of Midway, the great scholar Jonathan Parshall analyzes the battle in this interview. One fascinating aspect is that he notes that John Waldron's squadron sacrificed itself through insubordination, but contrary to the general understanding, did not "draw down the fighters" for the dive bombers---which arrived almost an hour later.

8) A pro-life grandmother praying outside an abortion clinic---not obstructing anyone---was sentenced to two years in prison by an evil Clinton-appointed judge.

9) Arms control expert and critic of the Iraq War, Scott Ritter, had his passport seized and was prevented from visiting Russia by the Rutabaga Gestapo.

9) A juror in a $250 million fraud case woke up to a bag of $120,000 on her doorstep with a note promising more if she voted to acquit. If the bag of money don't fit, you must acquit. I'd have held out for $1m.

10) Lib Bill Maher, who occasionally gets something right, said "Joe Biden is going to f***king lose."

11) The DemoKKKrat voter reg margin has been slashed in Pennsylvania. Republicans are winning the monthly voter registration battles, and have built a big mail-in voting op.


12) Maryland County assisted an illegal criminal alien sex offender in avoiding charges.

13) Rutabaga is going to sign an order closing the asylum process, after letting in over 2 million illegal criminals.


14) John Nolte, repelled by the overwhelming homosexual content on the Disney site, created a whole new account as a 4-year old. All the homosexual-transoid stuff came up.


15) Kollyfornia is the failed spooge-state of energy, importing more electricity than any state in the Union. STOP SELLING TO THESE MORONS.

16) Wow. U.S. banks are now saddled with over half a trillion dollars in unrealized losses. When will someone realize that?

17) In news that isn't surprising at all, the Atlanta Fed forecast plunged to 1.8%, or basically the growth rate of Equatorial Guinea.

18) The Northeast U.S. green program is collapsing. It's less than 1% of the way to the 2030 goal. “Our current situation demands adjustments that go beyond organizational changes. We have to adapt to lower business volumes, reduced activity in non-core markets, and a streamlined portfolio," said one official. "Lower business volumes" like . . . none.

19) Speaking of the Electric Voltmobiles, I predict here that by 2030 they will be all but dead. Currently Americans are refusing to own these. This poll shows 46% say they absolutely wouldn't buy an EV, over 40 say they might. But who actually does? Only 13% own, or have a family member who owns or leases an EV or even a hybrid. When it comes to trucks, it's a single-digit answer.

20) Non-profits are gobbling up money without any concomitant levels of return. Not surprised: the basic concept of the free market is that no matter how good someone's intentions, without the discipline of a direct price, those intentions are inevitably wasteful. (See Noah Smith's point #4).

21) The AirBNB CEO admitted to struggles between treating employees as "family" during the China Virus and firing them. 22) Smith also argues, in his point #5, that the deficit spending will slow down dramatically as Americans enter an "age of austerity." Well, that is probably what we need---certainly GOVERNMENT austerity---but will American consumers put up with it?

23) Dr. Pepper has now climbed into a tie with Pepsi for America's #2 soft drink. Boy, do I hate Dr. Pepper. Always have.


24) German consumers are paying the highest energy prices in the world. Good. As one Germanophile-but-socialist friend told me, "Maybe it's better the Germans are sent back to ox-carts."

25) Narendra Mohdi claimed victory in a close election and India continues to grow. (See Noah Smith's point #1). Oh, yeah, they managed to count the votes in the world's biggest country in a fraction of the time it takes us here.

26) The ChiComs have a $47 billion fund to boost semi-conductors. And it will fail.

27) New elections are coming in Europe and the Globesters ain't gonna be happy. It looks as though from the Netherlands to Scotland, the people be pushin' back on shouldering the hoax climate change costs.

27) The Brits are about to unleash the King Kong of weight-loss vaxxes a year after refusing its release. They gonna gitcha to take a vax, one way or another. Don't fall for it, fatties.


28) Dallas Cowboys All Pro guard Larry Allen, considered by some to be the greatest OG in history, "died suddenly" at age 53. Of course he was out of the league long before the vax mandate, but you have to ask: Was this another vax casualty?

29) DemoKKKrat hack and so-called "journalist" George Snuffulupagus interrupted Trump lawyer Will Scharf several times when Scharf insisted Rutabaga was deeply involved in the Trump cases . . . which he is.

30) Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith says black female WNBA players are jealous of the new white sensation, Caitlin Clark. Well, we saw the same thing with Larry Bird. People for a while refused to believe he was that good.

31) Eleven NFL teams, including the World Champion Chiefs and my Dallas Cowboys, refused to go along with NFL so-called "Pride" month---as in being proud that a man can stick his member into another man's fecal cavity.

32) An early viewer of "The Acolyte" "Star Wars" series says it sucks, and may be the final nail in the entire franchise.


33) Steve Kirsch: "Two new studies suggest the vax may contribute to cancer formation." (We had one of these in Today's News a few days ago.)


34) A terrifying new deep sea fish has washed up on a Singapore shore. Kinda looks like Schiffty, the Human Lemur. Without fur.

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