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TODAY'S NEWS, June 5, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

"There are not many who remember

They say a handful still survive

To tell the world about the way the lights went out

And keep the memory alive."

(Billy Joel)


1) Remember when Hoax News was claiming President Trump's campaign wasn't raising money? Good times. After an astounding $200 million post-conviction haul, Trump went to Kollyfornia for fundraisers, where, in Groomer City (SF), the event was sold out with tickets starting at $50,000 and going up to $500,000. Rutabaga, you wanna play the money game? "Vee Vill Bury You." President Trump crushing Rutabaga on the issue of the border, which has now jumped to #2 as the most important issue. Look at this CNN clip---the dimbulb hostette is shocked to find that not only do voters overwhelmingly trust Trump---not Rutabaga---to handle border security, but so do voters who came from outside the country (by 3 points!)

2) Other polls: I know this is Massachusetts but Trump has picked up 12 points over 2020; Trump is up 2 in Pennsylvania; and up 2 in Michigan.

3) A newly elected President Trump is now expected to push civil rights violations cases against Boast 'n' Bragg and Letitia James after January 2025. Axios is very concerned after speaking with Steve Bannon, who, by the way, is still not in jail. Bannon lets them know the revolution is coming and it could be their heads on pikes.

4) The former head of the Black Panthers has endorsed President Trump, who is down for the struggle.

6) The new governor of Louisiana signed multiple new election integrity laws---in a state that really doesn't need them.

7) A mostly right-on article about the failure of the Gen-Xers to lead. Nope. Can't blame Boomers or "greedy geezers." The so-called "Third Millennium" group, headed by Colorado's whackjob governor Richard Lamm and his Millennium-daughter Heather, was out of business before the third millennium actually arrived. The slacker generation didn’t rescue The Swamp from the greedy-geezer lobby. Blame whomever or whatever you like. Its self-appointed leaders were too elitist." Now, the author argues, they are entitled to their insolvency.

8) Appropriate. A dying party elected a dead man in a primary.

9) They just now figured out that Rutabaga and Grand Moff Garland were using the Department of INJustice as a political weapon? Golly gee, said Speaker Mike Johnson. We have to do something. So he outlined a three-pronged plan that basically won't do much. By the way, now the major Hoax Newsers---and I include the Wall Scraped Urinal in this---are hysterically beginning to shriek "Rutabaga has slipped a lot." Well, not really. He slipped some but was always a demented child=sniffing liar. It's just that they are just now admitting it.


10) Christopher Rufo, who has become a one-man wrecking crew against DEI, exposes Portland Public Schools' pro-Hamas/Pale indoctrination beginning in kindergarten. Someone please stop these filthy commies.


11) U.S. job openings fell to the lowest level in three years in the great Rutabaga economy.

12) Even the crackpot Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm now is celebrating nukes (cuz the the environmental spoogistas know that only massive new power grids can save their goofy "energy transition.")

13) Economic confidence fell again. Gee. Cannot understand why. Rutabaga has such a great record on causing prices to go up.

14) A good analysis here of why the push for EVs is entirely about control, not the environment.

15) New York Gov. Hock-a-lugie is going to delay a "congestion fee" because Manhattan and other boroughs are dying.

16) Staffers working from home are a major weakness for companies battling cybercrime.


17) I had never considered what a long-running and successful franchise "Mad Max" is, but this is a good review of the series with copious detail about production, budgets, and stars. (For example, the budget for the original "Mad Max" was so low they couldn't afford a copy machine).

18) Here is a superb interview of Tucker Carlson where he discusses everything from faith to little green men.

19) The Hoax News media is dying and is desperately flailing with new tricksies to try to stay afloat.

20) Kaitlin Clark is a target because she is a white heterosexual female in a black Lesbian league.

21) Broadway is down again from last year, struggling to get back to pre-pandemic levels due to fewer office employees. Really? Like they are the ones attending shows?


22) Dr. Fallacy made a trip to Capitol Hill and while he squirmed and lied, in the end, nothing is going to happen to this murderer.


23) Have you ever wondered what happened if a casino had to pay out more than it had? This happened several times, including once at the Thunderbird Casino in Las Vegas, where, despite emptying every register and the slot machines, the Casino was still $160,000 short on a $350,000 payout. Fortunately, the Casino had a friend in mobster Meyer Lansky, who bailed them out but took ownership of the Casino. They owners were lucky. They could have ended up like Joe Pesci and his brother in "Casino."

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