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TODAY'S NEWS, June 7, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) After a record $200 million five-day haul in fundraising after his hoax conviction in New York, he went to Groomer City at a sold out event and raised another $12 million in a single night. Then President Trump announced his campaign raised $400 million post-conviction. They will deeply regret that trial.

2) More of the quiet earthquake largely ignored by the Hoax News media, as the primaries saw substantial house-cleaning by voters. In South Dakota, they booted 14 incumbents for more populist/conservative candidates.

3) The brain-frozen dildopackers in Minnesota tried to give away $1,500 subsidies for e-bikes---which, you know, are just perfect in a foot of snow. The gubment site crashed.

4) The Supes narrowly ruled that the Indian tribes are entitled to gubment health care. This is probably a good decision. Even though they are "sovereign" nations, they still truly are wards of the state.

5) A doctor who blew the whistle on transoid surgeries at Texas Children's Hospital after the hospital was ordered to stop has been prosecuted for HIPAA violations by . . . you guessed it . . . Rutabaga's Gestapo Department of INJustice.

6) The Prosecution rested in the Hunter Biteme gun trial. Yah, sure they'll convict him. Riiiiight.

7) Rutabaga wants to give away another $225 million that we do not have to Green Screen Zelensky and the lost war.

8) Optical engineers invented an ultra-thin coating that turns ordinary lenses into high-efficiency night vision goggles.

9) Florida's Supes have upheld DeSoros's suspension of an uber-woke prosecutor.

10) Scuba divers in the Atlantic found suspected cocaine packages. Wait, didn't Nick Nolte and Jacqueline Bisset make a movie about this?


11) A transoid Asian planned a school shooting (what a surprise) and has been indicted. And the Nashville transoid shooter wrote about its imaginary penis in its diary.


13) About that "great" jobs report: 1) they will revise it downward in a couple of weeks; 2) NONE of the jobs went to native Americans. Virtually all went to foreigners. And just what are most of those jobs? Gubment funded "home health work."

15) Meanwhile, Kollyfornia's minimum wage has terminated over 10,000 restaurant jobs.

16) In a surprise blow to publishers, COSTO will stop selling books. Here is my little COSTCO/Wal-Mart story: in 2004 our book A Patriot's History of the United States came out to good (but not crazy) sales and great reviews. It settled into a moderate sales pattern after that. Now, the reason we wrote that was not to offset Howard Zinn's People's History (actually, when we started I had not even heard of the book) but to write a popular but factual textbook ordinary people would read.

So in 2010 I was invited on the Glenn Beck show. He had 3.5 million nightly viewers at the time. I gave him a copy of the book. He said, "I know this book. Do I know this book?" Which meant he didn't know the book or he would have said, "This is a GREAT book"---the common response. He called me a few days later: "Larry, when you were on the show I had not read your book. I read it over the weekend (947 pp). This is a GREAT book." He began holding it up 3-4 times a night, keeping it on his desk the entire time. We shot up to #1 in Amazon, then onto the NYSlimes list (6 years after publication). Finally I got a call from the publisher, "Your book will be on the Times top 10 list this week." I said, "Good. Wonderful." Next week they called again: "Your book will be #1 on the New York Times list." Again, I said "Good. Wonderful." They were shocked I wasn't going crazy. They said, "You don't get it. Your book is going to be in COSTO and Wal-Mart!" And I said, "Wal-Mart? THANK YOU JESUS." Because it meant that we had written something available to ordinary readers. So I'm sad about the COSTCO news.

17) Elon Musk has selected Memphis as the site of the world's largest supercomputer site.


18) The pants-filled chodecabinet known as Rutabaga has now provoked Russia so much it's sending a fleet to the Caribbean. God this guy is evil and demented.

19) Reuters reported that half of the Hamas terrorists have been killed. Good. Now do the other half.

20) At least the Russkies tried to close the "gateway to hell," but it's expanding. Maybe Pootie-poot should bring in some Christian pastors?

21) Euro elections showed big gains for populists and farmers, including (as expected) in the Netherlands. Germany faces a similar backlash and has, in a panic, announced alien deportations.


22) So the latest woke attempt at girl-bossing, "Furiosa," the latest in the Mad Max series, is not only bombing, but is repelling women. Female attendance is down 80% over "Fury Road." And ironically, the movie is not a girl-boss movie but is perceived as such. 23) Vanna White, who has been on "Wheel of Fortune" forever, is finally retiring.

24) Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return in "Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die." I understand all Smith's problems, but still enjoy him as an actor and loved this series. The early preview numbers suggest it will be a hit.

25) A Kansas City Swifts player, 25, is still unconscious after a heart attack on the field. And I'm sure no one will mention the vax.


26) Here are nine small dog breeds that bite. And I've had all of them, including Yorkies, and Chihuahuas. Except for an unexpected visit from a pool man, mine have been fine. Well, there was the jogger . . . Ah, never mind.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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