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TODAY'S NEWS, March 11, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Programming note: I will be at the Greenville, SC Homeschool Convention Thursday and Friday. There will be no News those days.


1) In what should be a major story, new evidence shows the slimy GA secretary of state Brad Raffensberger secretly and illegally recorded a Trump call, peddled it fraudulently to the Washington Compost, and then trashed the audio. Now he has been caught.

2) President Trump surprisingly came out against a ban on Tik Tok, saying it would empower "Meta" which is the enemy of the people. (PS: "Meta" means death in Hebrew).

3) Although they will likely lie to him or only give him partial information, U.S. intelligence officials will brief President Trump on national security issues once he is officially nominated.

4) New Trumpy leaders take over the RNC: Michael Whatley and Lara Trump.

5) Another lib talking point gone as President Trump posted a $92 million bond in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case. This wouldn't even be 5% of his take on the Truth Social deal.

6) Not good news. Trump supporting Congressman Matt Rosendale of Montana has dropped his reelection bid due to, among other things, a credible death threat.

7) DemoKKKrats just can't understand why people don't think the economy is great with 7% mortgage rates and double food costs. SpewMore says it's because they remember the economy from a year ago. No, SpewMore, we are experiencing it now.

8) Why the Mann defamation verdict against Mark Steyn is an absolute disaster and, typically coming from a DC court, an abomination of the law with dangerous consequences.

9) Squeal, piggy. NC elites worried that two of the new primary winners would be "bad for business."

10) Delays, violent crime have pushed NY subway ridership down 40%. I'm sure all the national guard will bring back riders.

11) More confirmation of what Richard Baris has said for two years: DemoKKKrats are losing Preferred People of Pigmentation, as Rutabaga now leads President Trump among Preferred People of Pigmentation by 12 . . . down from 50 (!!) in 2020. DemoKKKrats are "going backwards faster with people of colour than any other demographic." Moreover, the article notes that "The migration we’re seeing today is not so much natural Democrats becoming disillusioned but natural Republicans realising they’ve been voting for the wrong party." And wait for this: Diversity is our strength, right? The more diverse the family and friends, the more likely they are to vote R.

12) This doctor who specializes in elderly dementia says Rutabaga's State of the Reichstag speech was indicative of him being hyped on Adderall and ampehtamines. 

13) The Army National Guard must suspend reenlistment bonuses due to a "budget miscalculation." Any more, anything once chalked up to incompetence I now assume is deliberate destruction of the U.S.

14) Speaking of National Guard, cartel members can be heard laughing as an Army Air National Guard helicopter crashed near the border, killing three Americans. Too bad it didn't crash on the cartel monsters..

15) Virginia Gov. Youngkin vetoed a bill that would have forced Virginia to re-enter the ERIC voter system and DemoKKKrats are in a panic. ERIC supposedly "cleans up" voter rolls but doesn't. (In WI there are 7 million voters on the rolls in a state where there are 3.6 million eligible voters.

16) Yertle's billionaire sister-in-law called for help from her cell phone inside her sinking Tesla when she accidentally backed over an embankment and into a pond. Horrible way to go. A few years ago actor Anton Yelchin died when his car slipped into neutral and crushed him against a brick mailbox pillar. That came just as he was about to reveal he had cystic fibrosis.

17) Liz "Clusterbomb" Cheney and the rest of the Patriot Day (J6) Committee lied when they said they had no evidence President Trump offered 10,000 national guard troops for the Capitol; then suppressed the report from public view.

18) Some 57% of DemoKKKrats want Congress to refuse certification of President Trump if he wins, which he will. This is the latest failed stupid attempt to deny reality. If they TRIED that, the election would go to THIS House, which would vote by STATE delegation and install Trump overwhelmingly.

19) More Gestapo tactics from the leftoids, where in New Kabul AG Letitia James wants to hunt down all the firefighters who booed her, claiming they were "pro-Trump staffers." No. They were Spartacus. Good luck.

20) Rutabaga's DEI office is rife with sexual harassment, including two men going after another man.

21) Oh, and Rutabaga's State of the Reichstag speech didn't improve his approval on any major issues. He remains in the mid-30s on almost all issues except abortion.

22) As if New Kabul didn't have enough problems now an e-bike theft crew is terrorizing food delivery employees.

23) HUD secretary Marcia Fudge Packer is stepping down. The rats are fleeing the S.S. Rutabaga.

24) A Gallup poll shows that satisfaction with America's global image is down 20 points from President Trump's term--a record low.


25) A pretty shocking set of graphs from the great Ryan Burge showing that among all Christians, the level of political involvement is the same, whether liberal or conservative. But when just white Christians are sampled, the lib involvement is vastly higher. These are the people ruining our country. They are the same people who made up the early "social gospel" lib Progressive Republican churches in the late 1800s.

26) Idiocy. The Kollyfornia Maritime Academy wants to "diversify" but is having problems because it has a "toxic culture," meaning that, gee, those little things like skill and talent just won't go away.


27) Better late than never. Former Faux News headliner Megyn Kelly expressed regret for her previous support of transoidism.


28) Once again, Rutabaga hates Americans, with ALL new jobs going to foreign employees, while native born employment down almost half a million.

29) New York and Kollyfornia have only a tiny fraction of battery storage for supporting wind and solar, as in 4 minutes worth for an estimated demand of 720 hours of backup.

30) We knew Rutabaga was cooking the books. Here Jeffrey Carter shows how every single month they revise downward---sometimes drastically---the jobs numbers.

31) This is something we will have to deal with. Understandably, President Trump has to get the Deep State/Cabal under control first, and that will likely take all four years. But, yes, at some point we must address Social Security and Medicare and STOP SPENDING MONEY. This study says we have 20 years. after which default will be the only option.

32) A record number are draining their 401Ks in the robust Rutabaga economy.


33) This story shows why and how it will be difficult to clamp down on illegal criminal aliens, much less "reduce immigration:" the Dutch government is begging chip maker ASML to stay in Holland, but the company says 40% of its employees are not Dutch and that it fears likelihood of a "new right-wing" government with tighter immigration laws.

34) What are the mystery devices the ChiComs planted on their cranes in American ports? Can they seize electronics, operations, even ship controls remotely? They do not contribute to the operation of the cranes.

35) The new lelftoid Polish PM says sending NATO troops into Ukraine is "not unthinkable." Neither is sticking your hand into a rattlesnake pit, but it's pretty stupid.

36) More good news from abroad as "Hurricane Chega" puts a populist party in contention for power in Portugal.

37) I thought the Russkies were destroyed by the sanctions, yet here they are producing three times as many heavy artillery shells as the US and its allies for Ukraine.

38) Some 73% of the youngest voters support Israel in the Israel-Hamas murder terrorists conflict.

39) The latest from the insane climate dimpledusters as they want to build a 62-mile "glacier curtain" to protect a glacier from warm water.


40) I guess the Oscars were last night, and a bunch of pro-Pale protesters descended on Hollywood.

41) "Shogun," on Hulu, is a massive hit. Now, of course, the wokesters are upset there are no black characters. In Japan. In the 1300s-1400s when it was a totally closed society.

42) There is a major exodus of male gamers out of big-company-developed game companies such as EA. The larger companies have games developed by committees, which always includes the wokester agitators. Gamers instead have shifted to small, indy gaming developers who put out, for example, Hell Divers 2 or Pal World. So gamers have responded with what my son---who is a color announcer at prominent gaming tournaments---called "Gamergate II." Now the rumor is that "advisor groups" such as "Sweet Baby," which produced a firestorm of reaction, are being funded by . . . wait for it . . . governments, in particular, the Canuck government, which got it's little maple leafy-sticky hands on some of these advisors.

43) Sports and commentary site Deadspin has laid off its entire staff.

44) Shades of "Stand up, Chuck." Madonna got on a fan in a concert for sitting . . . before seeing the wheelchair.

45) I guess you could say that "Oppenheimer" was da bomb: Best Picture at the Oscars went to "Oppenheimer," Best Director to Christopher Nolan, Best Actor to Cilian Murphy, and Best Supporting Actor went to Robert Downey, Jr.


46) I told you they would never be able to lock us down again. Here is just one more reason: Only 20% of Americans view the China Virus as a problem now.

47) Who in the world would have predicted this? Alcohol-related deaths surged 29% during the China Virus lockdowns.


48) Someone is setting up door sized steel blocks all over England. Naturally some are blaming aliens, but anyone who knows anything about aliens knows they only use that rare metal unobtainium.

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