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TODAY'S NEWS, March 12, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Programming note: I will be away at the Great Homeschool Convention in Thursday and Friday, and will return Monday, March 18.


1) This is pretty important news, namely that Liz "Clusterbomb" Cheney conspired with Fat Fani Willis by sending Patriot Day (J6) recordings to the Fat Fani. We're now in the realm of various conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges against them!

2) Robert Hur, the Special Counsel investigating Rutabaga, told Congress classified documents were found at the U. of Pennsylvania Library, in the Biden garage, at the University of Delaware, at multiple offices Rutabaga used in D.C., in his basement, and at the Biden Institute. THIS IS THE SECURITY THREAT TO THE NATION: RUTABAGA. More! Rutabaga admitted that the "job" he had at the U. of Pennsylvania resulted in payments to him from China: "They gave me money." But wait! It gets worse, as Rutabaga read aloud classified passages to a ghost writer for his $8 million advance book and the ghostwriter tried to destroy the evidence. This guy should not just be in jail, but facing capital punishment.

4) President Trump confirms he has met with Elon Musk. This could get spicy.

5) Good to see it isn't "business as usual," as Michael Whatley and Lara Trump dumped dozens of staffers in a "wild firing spree." Given the RNC's performance under McRomBush, they ought to all be fired.

6) Rutabaga has absolute soapsuds for brains: the special counsel report shows he didn't know the year of his son's death or Trump's election.

7) A follow-up on the story of the NY firefighters who booed AG Letitia James: if they are identified they will be sent for a Maoist reeducation session. .

8) The Secret Service driver for President Trump has contradicted the goofball claim by the Patriot Day (J6) committee that he had lunged for the steering wheel.

9) The death of Yertle's sister-in-law, originally thought an accident, is being investigated further. No one has used the "murder" word yet.

10) Just the latest in Kollyfornia's descent into hellish chaos and decivilization as Oakland Taco Bells (a company founded in Kollyfornia) have ended in-restaurant dining due to crime and violence.

11) Daily cannabis smokers are at a much higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

12) This essay about political "polarization" says in fact the electorate is both fluid and moving away from DemoKKKrats, mainly because they are losing the non-white vote. "Demography is destiny." This is high irony as it may well be that through their support for illegal immigration, they just imported the voters who are going to throw out the DemoKKKrats.

13) A federal judge ruled that Kollyfornia cannot limit how many guns a citizen may purchase at a gun show. And while we're talking guns, South Carolina just became the 29th state to have Constitutional Carry.

14) There are primaries today in four states, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi and Washington with enough delegates to conceivably give President Trump the nomination today, though most likely now it will be next Tuesday.

15) A Connecticut pastor took matters into his own hands and organized armed patrols to "keep the streets clean" despite criticism from the mayor. So are we going to be Haiti soon?

16) More signs of collapse as Pittsburgh says "no police" from 3 a. m. to 7 a. m. so criminals are requested to limit their rampages to business hours.



18) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, says disaster is looming for the U.S. electric grid.

19) A few years ago I would have thought nothing about this, but now one has to wonder: A Boeing whistleblower was found dead after reporting violations of safety standards.


20) This is what happens when you don't have a border: Mexican military incursions are occurring more frequently.

21) Haiti's Prime Minister resigned as criminal gangs have taken over. In reality, Jimmy "Barbecue" is the new PM.

22) Remember from a few days ago I had a story about Rutabaga's plan to put a base to "deliver aid" in Gaza? Well, it won't exactly be "in" Gaza. It will be a floating target, er, base in the Mediterranean. Yeah, that's a winner.

23) The mystery surrounding the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, has deepened. Her publicist/photographer put out an edited pic of her and her kids on Mother's Day making her appear healthy, when in fact she is "feeling miserable" physically and emotionally and has not recovered from her stomach surgery in January.

24) More reassuring airline news as Indonesian pilots fell asleep as their jet flew off course.


25) "Hollywood Takeover" is an excellent documentary from Epoch Times about the so far successful attempt by the ChiComs to infiltrate and control Hollywood through money. Definitely worth watching.

27) I certainly would not have predicted this after my experience with the first "Dune" movie in 1984 that was a critical and financial flop. But the new "Dune 2" is a whopping success.

28) This is getting really interesting. As my son called it yesterday, this real "Gamergate II" now is exploding and not going the direction they thought. An outlet named "Valve and Discord" blasted a woke advising company called "Sweet Baby." Woke whining has not succeeded in getting the critical article taken down. But wait for it! Now the Department of Homeland Security demands that the big companies stop "Gamergate II"---which now is the rebellion against woke games and big companies.

29) Great singer and the "Raspberries" front man Eric Carmen died at age 74. Their song "Go All the Way" was featured in "Guardians of the Galaxy" as Star Lord takes off after finding the infinity stone.


30) The CDC released a 148-page study on the China Virus vax and every page is redacted.

31) The House has subpoenaed Nipplepin Venthoarder (Andrew Cuomo) for his handling of the China Virus.


32) Actress Christina Applegate discusses the daily struggles of living with Multiple Sclerosis. "I don't want to go anywhere" because it's too hard. I understand. Mrs LS was diagnosed in the mid-90s and forces herself to workout at Pure Barre 3 times a week, as well as take care of all household chores. Every case is different. They aren't all her, and they aren't all Annette Funicello. Prayers for Christina.

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