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TODAY'S NEWS, March 13, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I will be attending the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, SC, tomorrow and Friday. I will return on March 18.


1) President Trump secured the GOP nomination yesterday, as predicted specifically to the date by both myself and Zen Master. And right on cue, a new Suffolk/USA Today poll has President Trump beating Rutabaga by two. Three-fourths of 3rd party supporters said they could change their mind. An ABC-Ipsos poll showed that people trust President Trump on almost all issues except abortion. Oh, and that State of the Reichstag speech that PsychoJoe and Yoko were orgasmic about? It had "favorable" responses of 65%---which was the lowest CNN has polled in some time.

2) A new Ras poll has Trump beating Rutabaga by 8, Big Mike by 7 and Gruesome by 14. Ain't gonna be any substitutions.

3) By an almost 60/40 split, Americans think Rutabaga's state of the Reichstag speech did more to divide the country than unify.

A judge approved President Trump's $91 million bond in the E. Jean Carroll hoax charges case.

4) A Georgia judge tossed six of the 40 indictment counts in Georgia related to a phone call, of which three relate to President Trump. However, the counts he tossed involved the "find me the votes" phone call, thereby gutting the RICO case.

5) RINO Congressman Ken Buck, of Colorado, who had already said he wouldn't run again, abruptly resigned, narrowing the GOP margin to two in the House. Buck had voted against impeaching Mayorkas.

6) Federal agencies halted research into cellphone radiation because they didn't like the results they were getting.

8) Another Boeing 737 Max mechanical problem, the fifth safety incident in a week.

9) The new trend among Gen Zers is to buy a home with a friend, then get married. This is so stupid on so many levels.


10) Fourteen DemoKKKrats joined Rs in a resolution condemning Rutabaga for the worst immigration/border security issue in American history.

11) Florida braces for a new wave of Haitian immigrants.


12) The House has overwhelmingly passed a bill to ban Tik Tok in the U.S. due to its ChiCom ownership. President Trump has opposed this, arguing it would end up in the hands of the cabal, especially Meta. Remember "Meta" means death in Hebrew.


13) Inflation rose in February.

14) Ain't the Rutabaga economy grand? Family Dollar Stores will close 1,000 locations.

15) Rutabaga's budget is a record $7.3 trillion, features lots of tax hikes guaranteed to fuel inflation further, and has no chance of passing the House.


16) Japan's Space One rocket exploded seconds after launch.

17) In the Middle East, Rutabaga is trying to finish what Zero started by re-aligning with Iran vs. Israel. This is the Civil War #2 that the DemoKKKrats cannot win (Hamas/Pales/Iran vs. Israel/Jews).

18) The Pentagon pulled $2.5 billion in CHIPs Act funding from Intel. But they found $300 million for Ukraine.

19) Candace Owens insists that the French First Lady was a man. Well, this wouldn't be all that unusual, would it?


20) There is talk about NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers, a critic of the China Virus vax, running as veep on the Bobby Kennedy ticket, which of course has the Jets a little upset.

21) Former child star Drake Bell claims he was sexually abused by a Nickelodeon dialogue coach.


22) Astounding and sad, as a top Harvard epidemiologist was fired because he was right about the China Virus vaxxes.


23) File this either under "money talks" or "I bet they left a helluva tip," as Arizona cops provided valet parking to the parents of a kid up on muder chargest for killing another teen over his gold chain.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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