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TODAY'S NEWS, March 18, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Programming Note: Again, I will be at a Great Homeschool Convention, this time in St. Charles, MO, this Thurs and Fri and will not be here for "Today's News." Catch me at the convention if you're in Missouri.


1) I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it? They KNOW they can't steal the election this time. All the DC lib insiders know it. Now Rutabaga is angry, lashing out that he continues to get his ass whipped by President Trump because he knows he can't steal it again.

2) In yet another political blunder, the Hoax News media ran with a phony "bloodbath" comment from President Trump when he was talking about the auto industry. Once again, this is backfiring.

3) Good God. Just when you think these people can't get any more evil, this report says Rutabaga is assisting ChiCom efforts to acquire Westinghouse, threatening our nuke secrets.

5) Not that Lara Trump listened to me, but the RNC did what I have been urging for years, bringing on the voter-registering machine known as Scott Presler (@ThePersistence) to head the voter registration campaign. Remember, Richard Baris's polling showed unregistered voters were Trump +17, so every time they register 10 voters, about 7 of them will be GOP.

6) President Trump has vowed to axe every single open border policy of the Rutabaga administration.

7) A Georgia judge protected Fat Fani if Nathan Wade resigned. It seems you can only have one liar at a time on the prosecution team.

8) There was considerable speculation based on Julie Kelly's reporting of motions before Judge Cannon on the classified docs case that she was leaning toward being sympathetic to the Trump "selective prosecution" argument---which is 100% correct. He is the ONLY one ever prosecuted on any of these actions, including Obama, Clinton, and Biden. Jonathan Turley says this has legs.

9) Remember how the CIA was not supposed to be used on U.S. soil? Yeah, now we know on Patriot Day (J6) two CIA bomb techs were involved in the bomb hoax.

10) One of the many wonderful things about President Trump is that he exposed and outed so many DemoKKKrats in conservative clothing: As this author puts it, "David French, Mike (Traitor Tuppence) Pence, and the Judas Iscariot Wing of the GOP."

11) Internal documents show rank and file in the FascistBI were angered over the Mar-a-Lago raid---but not angered enough to resign.

12) The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 against President Trump's "First Step" act to reduce sentences of non-violent criminals.

13) And I told you this was coming: the SEC is facing an "avalanche" of lawsuits from companies and individuals on climate rules.

14) Wow. Will the last one out of Groomer City turn out the lights? SF officials to exit the city offices there.

15) federal appeals court said that the White House likely coerced social media platforms into censorship. Big.


17) The invaders are now blocking the streets of New Kabul (NYC) by selling their questionable wares in the open, without business permits that bedevil real vendors.

18) The criminal invaders are leaving U.S. hospitals with billions in unpaid debts---that Americans end up paying.

18) Thousands of Haitians have been brought into the country, but no one knows where they are. Typical.


19) From the great Ryan Burge, the least religious cities in America are (shocked) Groomer City (SF) and Seattle, while the most religious are Dallas, Atlanta and . . . Riverside, Kollyfornia??



20) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, explains why the Kollyfornia "bullet train" is too goofy for words. The project, launched in the previous CENTURY, with an estimated price tag of $15 billion, now is projected to cost at last $100 billion, with $35 billion needed for just Bakersfield to Merced. This will end up like the bridge to nowhere, with the interior of Kollyfornia---minor cities, respectively, being connected to . . . nothing.

21) Airbus has widened its lead over Boeing with the Max problems.

22) World "energy transition" ain't happenin', says the Rush Limbaugh of energy, David Blackmon. Among other things, the cost of capital has soared with Rutabaga's interest rates and for another, as energy expert Daniel Yergin says, historically it takes a century to shift from one form of energy to another. By 2124 we'll have hydrogen or some other energy that isn't as stupid as windmills.

23) Realtors settled in a $418 million suit that could lower realtor fees.

24) And here comes the "bloodbath" President Trump predicted about the car companies with a whole new round of gas regulations.

25) In this great Rutabaga economy, another giant retailer, Joann Fabrics, filed for bankruptcy.

26) The great Rutabaga economy is killing the working class with debt.


28) In attempting to ditch their old colonial masters, the majority of the world's developing countries saddled themselves with socialism rather than capitalism and blocked free trade. (Note: this is not the ChiCom version of free trade where no competing products could be allowed in but true free trade.) This did not work out well for these nations.

29) India deployed 10,000 troops to the Tibetan border.

30) Astronaut Tom Stafford, famed for the first U.S.-USSR orbital handshake, dead at 93.


31) It looks as though Marvel, finally having had enough losses form chick movies, has pulled the plug on "Captain Marvel 3," as well as "Ant-Man 4" and others. Maybe the sinking box office and reality is finally getting through to them at the "Em-She-U."

32) Blind Lemon Don has been fired again, this time from Twitter/X. There's always the male escort business..

33) DemoKKKrat sports announcer Stephen A. Smith lashed out against lawfare against President Trump. When you've lost Stephen A. . .

34) The latest flop out of woke Hollywood is the "American Society of Magical Negroes," which made about $1.25 million in its opening weekend (i.e., terrible). Apparently people were walking out of the movie, and no one could even pirate it . . . because no one could sit through it.


35) Harvard's vax hesitancy scale treats refusal to take the China Virus vax as a disease itself. In fact, it was the thing that saved many peoples' lives.

36) Slowly but surely the "scientific community" is admitting excess deaths due to the China Virus vax. See the Lancet, here and this excess death study here.

37) A Thai randomized study found that treatment with just two drugs was 100% effective in preventing hospitalization with the China Virus.


38)The top three countries for anti-depressant prescriptions are Iceland, Canada and Portugal. Ok, I don't necessarily get Portugal, I kinda get Canada. But Iceland? What's not to like about year long freezing temps and volcanos?

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