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TODAY'S NEWS, March 19, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Again, I will not be here with "Today's News" on Thursday or Friday as I am attending the Great Homeschool Convention in St. Charles, MO. "Today's News" will return on Monday March 18.


1) Yeah, President Trump's campaign sure has "money problems" all right. Nelson Pelz, the billionaire who has been fighting woke Disney, announced he will back Trump with his cheddar.

2) Pretty funny watching the reporter's response when a black couple, one of whom had voted DemoKKKrat in every previous election, says they will both vote for President Trump.

3) I am not fond of posting "future news," but for what it's worth, Cong. Comer on the committee reviewing the Patriot Day (J6) response says that "criminal referrals" could be coming for those fungalminions on the DemoKKKrat dominated J6 committee. Good. Start with Clusterbomb Cheney.

4) Big. The Supes unanimously ruled that the government's placement of a man on a "no fly list" was unconstitutional. In this case, the gubment tried to bully a Sudanese-American into becoming an informant. Now the Supes face a lawsuit from this fellow.

5) A federal appeals court slapped down New Mexico Gov. Lujan's bid to keep concealed weapons out of public parks.

6) Rutabaga invited a Hamas-related CAIR official to the White House, then denied it. This will add fuel to the fire of Civil War #1 in the DemoKKKrat Party. And here is Civil War #1 on steroids, as Rutabaga plans to curtail arms sales to Israel over "human rights"---allowing the Hamas murderers who bake babies and rape teenagers to thrive.

7) The moronskis in Sacramento, Kollyfornia, get dumber and more evil by the day. Now they plan to give low-income black and Native American families $725 a month with no strings attached, courtesy of a grant from United Way. This is patently unconstitutional and besides that, EVERY citizen there is a native American if they were born here.


8) This federal judge said that an illegal criminal alien can carry a gun. Insanity.


9) In New Calcutta (LA) a new industry of "burglary tourism" has arisen.

10) Hertz's CEO gambled big on EVs and is now resigning in disgrace.

11) This is getting troubling, as another Boeing 737 has problems when an Alaska Air windshield cracks upon landing.


12) File under "when it happens to you:" Sweden's pro-immigrant MP makes a U-turn. Now he wants mass deportations.

13) Pootie-poot was reelected with 87% of the vote and 72% turnout. a) he is more popular than westerners think, but b) there is that matter of the Russkie ballot that I think looks like the old Iraqi ballot for Saddam:

14) Cuba is on the verge of total collapse with blackouts and running out of food. Amazing what happens when the USSR isn't around to subsidize a failing commie island.

15) This is so Satanic I have no words. Now the useless Church of England---founded strictly because Henry VIII wanted a hottie---has said it is sorry for converting natives to Jesus and that they should have stayed in their traditional pagan religions.

16) Power station attacks in Haiti leave the island in chaos and darkness.


17) Yellowflash reports that test screenings of "Captain America 4: Brave New (Woke) World," have crashed and burned as test audiences hate it as "too political." That and Captain America IS Chris Evans, not Anthony Mackie, who is the Falcon. And apparently, after this, the unemployed Falcon.

18) George Snuffulupagus [Stephanoupoulos] is in deep doo. In the infamous Nancy Mace interview he said "Judges have found [President Trump] liable for rape." They absolutely have not. President Trump has never been convicted or found liable for rape and now is suing Snuffulupagus for defamation. Hope he gets enough to pay his whole NY legal bill.

19) "Sweet Baby", the woke company advising gaming companies, has been outed in new games, and companies now are trying to bury their ties to Sweet Baby.


20) A new study shows that every single element of the China Virus response was dead wrong.

21) Former NY Governor NIpplepin Venthoarder (Andrew Cuomo) has been subpoenaed by a Congressional Committee investigating the China Virus response.


22) The Smithsonian blew through $7.5 million in pandemic cash, including hiring a $200k a year doctor who barely saw any patients. Yeah, but think of how great that Enola Gay exhibit that blames the U.S. for ending the war in the Pacific is!

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