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TODAY'S NEWS, March 20, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Program Note: I will be away at the Great Homeschool Convention in Missouri tomorrow and Friday, and "Today's News" will return on Monday, March 18.



1) The libs see the freight train a'comin' and they are on the tracks with no way off. I keep sayin' it and sayin' it: they know President Trump is coming back. Now, The Atlantic fearfully writes about surviving the next four years. Let's hope not.

2) More fallout from the Nothing But Communists report about an angry, shouting Rutabaga blaming staffers cuz his campaign sucks. Now the Western Journal calls it a "campaign in disarray."

3) President Trump had a clean sweep and won five more primaries.

4) More new polls from Emerson and Marist have President Trump leading in all four battleground states polled---North Carolina (not really a battleground), Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. Trump is over 51% in NC, and edges closer to 50 in many of these polls, the death knell for Rutabaga. And from Grinnell, where President Trump has an EIGHT point lead, "Trump's position has grown stronger." No kidding.

5) Remember when the "Deep State" was a right-wing conspiracy theory? Yeah. Good times. Now the New York Slimes thinks it's "awesome." Can't wait for this to be turned on you scudderpickles.

6) Not long after the Supes reinstated the Texas border law pending appeal, a federal appeals court reinstated a block. This really calls for serious bitch slapping by the Supes.

8) Rutabaga is today and has always been, a habitual liar. Nothing the demented pervert says is true.

9) Even with the Dobbs decision, the number of abortions in America increased in 2023.

10) There are still swirling rumors that President Trump, assured he will win all money back on appeal, is considering just not posting bond and letting Letitia James have Trump Tower.

11) The Covid-initiated squatter problem in New Kabul gets worse as a woman was arrested for trying to get rid of the criminals, then "vigilantes" showed up to try to evict the "unethical dwellers" (the new term for property theives). This all began with the China Virus-related lockdowns and stays put on rents.

12) Arizona gets closer to eliminating DEI in all state universities.

13) Hunter Biteme had access to Rutabagta's secure computer including SCIF-designated materials on national defense. But nothing will happen to this evil coke-snorting creepazoid or his demonic dad.

14) Speaking of the creepazoid's demonic dad, watch the Demented Pervert walk offstage and immediately go for a baby. This analgland is one sick puppy.



16) The latest in the word wars. Actually I'm surprised it took them this long: GLAAD wants to end the use of the term "homosexual." Ok, let's just go back to "sodomites."


17) Texas just told Black Rock to shove it to the tune of $8.5 billion. The state education fund just divested of all BlackRock interests. Put some ice on that!

18) These economists think they have figured out why that great Rutabaga economy just doesn't seem to resonate with voters: the cost of money and credit. That is "a" cause. One other is that the unemployment numbers are almost all based on foreigners getting jobs in America, not native Americans---and I don't mean injuns. But if your credit card bills are not going down, even though you make big payments on them, it's the inflation.

19) Kollyfornia is now charging an exit tax for people fleeing the state. This is patently unconstitutional.

20) Unilever is dumping the useless political anchor Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Good.

21) And more pushback against globalism, as a giant fund manager is dumping Tyson Foods because it is firing U.S. employees in favor of foreigners.

22) Holy cow! Another Boeing air emergency as a Delta flight has an engine fire shortly after takeoff from Aruba. Well, there are worst places to be stuck.

23) The retail bloodbath under Rutabaga continues as Best Buy shuts down more stores.


24) India has all but eliminated extreme poverty. Good for them.

25) The woke Prog Irish PM resigned after being defeated in his attempt to rewrite the constitution.

26) While there is a partisan split, overall Americans see Chy-na as a bigger U.S. enemy than Russia. Among Republicans, 87% have that view; among indies 40%, and among DemoKKKrats, 18% who still are on the "hate Pootie-poot train."

27) My favorite lib Noah Smith argues that Canada's economy per capita is shrinking. Odd. Why would a totally woke country have economic problems? Real puzzler.

28) Another reason why the U.S. should have nothing to do with the UN. It is a demonic, anti-American institution. Just the latest, a UN Secretary General Youth Advisor wants whites stripped of "all power" in "revolutionary fights." Nope, the UN should be stripped of all power and booted out of the U.S.

29) Half the employees in the Eliat port in Israel may be laid off due to the Red Sea shipping crisis. Probably due to this story: Israel admitted that missiles (unstated whether Houthi or not) penetrated the Eliat air defense.

30) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, explains why now trying to save the whales (from stupid windmills) earns you scor4n.

31) Another waste by Rutabaga, who built a $280 million base in Niger, which now we may have to give up permanently.


32) Oil expert and author of The Prize Daniel Yergin says phasing out oil and gas is a "fantasy."


33) Of course they did. The U.S. military violated the rules in handling China Virus exemption requests.


34) Actress Megan Fox finally admitted to extensive plastic surgery. I mean, who coulda guessed? Next thing they'll tell us Cher had plastic surgery.

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