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TODAY'S NEWS, March 25, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Huge news out of NY as first, a New York appeals court judge a) reduced the amount of President Trump's bond by half and b) gave him an additional 10 days to raise it. Did someone made a phone call to people in NY and said "Get this in order NOW?" Zen Master thinks the judge saw how silly this is. I disagree with Zen Master's high opinion of the courts. BTW, this order also stayed Judge Engeron's orders that Trump not be an executive officer in his NY companies or that his family not be officers. Huge. 2) The latest Redfield and Wilton Swing State poll has President Trump beating Rutabaga in every. single. one.

3) Tony Bobolinski's testimony showed that the demented Rutabaga is thoroughly corrupt and yes, was receiving money from the slimy son, Hunter.

4) An actor featured in "The Rookie" and "NCIS" was arrested in connection with the Patriot Day (J6) activities.

5) Latest polling from Michigan shows President up 2-3 depending on how many candidates are in the race.

6) New York's greenhouse gas emissions went up after it retired the Indian Point nuke plant in 2021.

7) I keep sayin' it. Read the DemoKKKrat strategists. They know Rutabaga is finished. James Carville says Rutabaga's poll numbers are like seeing your grandmother naked.

8) And Time mag admits Rutabaga's campaign is in trouble.

9) Rutabaga's latest auto emissions regulation, aimed at destroying gas powered cars, reflects his own madness and is certain to be challenged in courts.


10) People are fleeing Hennepin County, Minnesota, home to New Mogadishu (Minneapolis) as the illegal problems grow.

11) Remember this amoeba-brained chowderlicker is dumber than Rutabaga: Harris claps along with a Spanish song protesting her.


13) Jennifer Sey, former Levi's executive who bolted from the company over China Virus lockdowns, has called Nike anti-woman and cited all the transoids they have hired. In response, she has created XX-XY athletic gear.


14) A Manhattan school district passed a resolution demanding that New Kabul reevaluate the idiotic notion of men in women's sports. 15) I keep sayin it. The wheel is definitely turning. A French Senate report calls "gender affirming care" the "greatest medical scandal" in history. Well, after the China Virus of course.

16) In the war to "ban the blockers,' slowly people are coming to their senses that these treatments are irreversible, have not been studied with the same rigor as other typical treatments, and that both governments and scientists are coming around.


18) Despite how some try to spin it, worker productivity has never recovered since the China Virus and people leaving offices to work from home. Now return to office mandates ain't workin' either.

19) A real head scratcher here as Kollyfornia fast food chains slash the number of employees as a $20 an hour minimum wage looms. Who could have predicted that?

20) Boeing's CEO will step down as the troubled aircraft maker continues to reel from 737-Max issues. Boeing's problems aren't nearly as bad as Disney's, yet Bob Iger is still there.

21) President Trump's new company opened at $40 per share, went up to $54, before now settling at $48.


22) The U.S. has fallen to 23rd in the world happiness rating.

23) Benjamin Netanyahu told Anthony Blinken to pound sand with Winkin, Blinken, and Nod's latest attempt to strong-arm Israel into letting Hamas off the hook.

24) Foreign direct investment in Chy-na has fallen by 20%.

25) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of Energy, cites a university prof who says China has the "perfect system" for energy transition. Yep. Totalitarian dictatorships always can pull off radical change for a short time til the bill comes due.

26) The massacre in Moscow stands at 137. Pootie-poot won't take this lying down.

27) Some of the accused terrorists in the Moscow attack were hauled before a court, one of them apparently had been interrogated with just a touch of physicality.

28) Massively good news as a major Euro environmental whacko climate change was shelved due to farmer protests.

29) Kate Middleton announced she has cancer and Britain notes an epidemic of cancers in younger people. Gee why? Don't suppose it could have anything to do with the vax, do ya?


30) Axios's Jim VandeHei analyzes the new "shards of glass" media that remains after the old media declines.

31) Spotify revealed that Joe Rogan has an audience of well over 14 million. That's many times over what the Communist Broadcast System, or All Bill Clinton, or the Nothing But Communists systems have.

32) Hollywood studios have reaped $25 billion from state film credits, all with the states having little to show for it. As a former filmmaker I can tell you some of these projects were scam-Central.


33) Ivermectin fought the law and Ivermectin (finally) won, as the FDA finally withdrew all social media posts and directives aimed at the so-called "horse de-wormer."


34) There was a parking hack at Wyoming's popular ski resort, Teton Village, that had for some time allowed locals to park free. A newspaper cartoonist exposed it, and now he's getting threats. Well, ya gotta give the locals a break dude.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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