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TODAY'S NEWS, March 28, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

PROGRAM NOTE: Hate to do this to you guys again, but it is convention season. I will be on the road ALL of next week, speaking Wednesday night at the Heartland Institute, then going on to the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. "Today's News" will appear tomorrow, take a week off, and return on April 8.


1) It is unclear whether the judge in the Porny Daniels case will let this evidence in, but former Trump enemy, jailbird, and Porny Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti admitted that he knew the details of the Michael Cohen frame-up of President Trump involving Daniels.

2) A UK Daily Mail poll has Trump leading Rutabaga by four, which would translate to a strong EC win for Trump.

3) Good ruling for Republicans as Florida's redistricting law was upheld.

4) Taxpayers are on the hook again for actions by idiot administration officials who kicked out visitors to the Smithsonian who were wearing pro-life t-shirts. Now the Smithsonian must pay them $50,000.

5) AI is a power hog, soaking up the energy of Argentina, Sweden, and the Netherlands combined. Oh, and renewables won't generate 100 gigawatts of new power any time soon.

6) Just as Larry Sabato tried to throw cold water on President Trump's inroads with blacks---citing 2022 statistics in which Trump wasn't on the ballot---Richard Baris noted in Arizona's primary that only non-whites could have accounted for the Trump surge in many counties.

7) Another DemoKKKrat announced a retirement from the House. So far, Ds and Rs are about even, but all except one of the Republicans was a RINO.

8) older article I missed, but reckless behavior among Americans has increased. Numerous other indicators of decline are noted here, including rates of depression, decline in the number of native Americans in the workforce, difficulties in military recruiting, and the number of women incarcerated.

9) RFK, Jr. was in the news this week for announcing a far left pick for his veep---essentially killing any chance he'd get serious support from Libertarians or anti-Trumper Republicans (either of them). Now his sister is in his grill for helping throw the election to President Trump, and, indeed he does help Trump now. Even Richard Baris has come around to the fact that RFK won't hurt Trump anywhere. Meanwhile, Karl Rove says DemoKKKrats should be worried about RFK. Course, the good news for Rutabaga is that Rove is rarely right about anything.

10) Former DemoKKKrat Senator and veep candidate Joe Lieberman died at age 82. Known as a "moderate," Lieberman destroyed that reputation in 2000 when, as Algore's sidekick, he ditched his longstanding opposition to abortion (as they always do).

11) Sam Bankman-Fried has been sentenced to 26 years in prison.

12) How real is Trump Derangement Syndrome? In an article about a mega-millions lotto winner, who bought his ticket at a store in Trump's zip code, 12 of the 15 paragraphs are about President Trump.

13) This is reaching a "lock" level as now 40% "strongly" disapprove of Rutabaga and half said they are struggling in the Biden economy.

14) A judge who donated to Kampuchea Harris disbarred Trump lawyer John Eastman for rendering an honest legal opinion about what was Constitutionally permissible.

15) President Trump will attend the Queens wake of fallen officer Jonathan Diller as he again cites rising crime levels in the U.S. as another reason to dump Rutabagha.

16) In a redeux of the Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg postponed retirement, which led to President Trump being able to appoint a conservative justice upon her death, leftoids are pressing the Wise Latina, Justice Sotomayor, to scram and allow Rutabaga to appoint a younger, radical judge. 1) even if she does, there is no evidence the Rs in the senate will go along with it and 2) if she waits, then retires or falls ill, President Trump will get yet another Supe pick.


17) The criminal invasion has upended the census, although ironically if more of them remain in Arizona, Texas, and Florida, it would add to those states' representation numbers.

18) Houston's DemoKKKrat mayor says his city is on the verge of bankruptcy and cannot pay fire fighters.

19) Feel good news story of the day, a Venezuelan Tik Toker who gave advice on how to squat (i.e., steal) in other people's homes was arrested by ICE.

20) New York governor Hockaloogie has pumped $2.4 billion into invader care.


21) The great Ryan Burge shows that since 1976 the "never" church attenders among high school seniors has nearly tripled, while the number who attend church less than once a month now is at 70%.


22) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, notes that there will be no lower gas prices riding to the Rutabaga's rescue. Gas prices will likely go higher.

23) New Yorkers are worrying about the ramifications of the hideous, partisan Trump ruling by the goofball judge in the property value case. Leave New Kabul, and leave your stupid New York values there. It's your only hope.

24) Treasury Secretary Janet Screamin' and Yellin has walked back any notion the feds would pay for the Francis Scott Key bridge rebuild. Meanwhile, numerous questions remain about the ship's handling and the entire nature of the accident. The American Pilot's Association absolved the pilot of error; but many of his actions were not consistent. Worse, there may have been hazardous materials on that container ship. This article says insurers could face losses of $1 billion in the incident. And more: Rutabaga is being urged to use funds targeted to rebuild the bridge for "race relations."

25) Meanwhile, Screamin' and Yelling showed what a total dunce she is by pushing green energy to "lower costs." Sorry. Green only increases costs in every aspect.

26) Thanks largely to the growth under President Trump---which Rutabaga has yet to completely kill---American oil and gas is producing more than any nation ever has. "It's a triumph."

27) Although it may not be a voting issue now, it won't remain that way long as the U.S. unfunded debt has now reached over $630,000 per American.

28) Good for him. Barrstool Sports founder Dave Portney raised $1.5 million for the family of the slain New York officer.

29) Ramaco's rare earth finds in Wyoming have been upgraded to a value of $37 billion. When President Trump comes back in and unleashes U.S. productivity, the stage is being set for world economic domination.

30) Yet another EV startup, Frisker, in trouble.


32) England actually had a law, which they have given up on, that banned fat fishermen from going to sea.


33) I have to say, I am hooked on the new Netflix series, "3 Body Problem," which (so far) is an excellent sci fi thriller with a number of unique twists. But what caught my attention was that it opened in the 1960s in Communist China during the "Cultural Revolution" with the Maoist mobs berating and abusing university profs on a stage. One of them was beaten to death for his thought crimes. Apparently, this doesn't play well in Chy-na, which has banned the series.

34) Disney dropped its claims against the new Reedy Creek Development board, but in return the board allowed Disney to retain rights in a number of permit areas.

35) Lawsuits are flying in the P Diddy saga, which now is enveloping other rappers. Fitty Cent's baby momma was named as a sex worker in one suit.

36) Missouri's new AG Andrew Bailey picked up where his predecessor left off and filed a suit against Media Matters.


37) Dr. Peter McCullough reminds everyone that the mRNA vax was not developed during Operation Warp Speed but was developed by DARPA many years earlier.

38) The data filed by Santa Clara County in a lawsuit confirmed that the China Virus vaxxes increased a person's chances of getting the China Virus itself.


39) Here we learn what is appropriate to wear to a black tie wedding. I just cannot believe they didn't put Bianca Censori in this story. I mean, she's the epitome of class, after all.

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