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TODAY'S NEWS, March 29-30 2024, Special Easter Weekend Edition

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

PROGRAM NOTE: I will be away at conventions and speeches all next week. "Today's News" will return on April 8. Also, let me take a moment to wish all fellow Christian believers a wonderful Resurrection Day, the day that changed the entire planet.


1) BWAHAHA. A publisher dropped a Biden book due to lack of interest in the Rutabaga.

2) I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it? Another reason Big Mike won't replace rutabaga: Trump would beat him/her/it.

3) Leger360 polling has President Trump up four nationally over Rutabaga, which is a two-point gain for President Trump since its February poll.

4) Donald Trump, according to Newsweak, is winning back the anti-Trump donors., while this poll aggregator says that culture, not economic "class" is now dominant, meaning issues such as illegal criminal aliens, crime, destabilization of the family due to economic conditions and, yes---but way down the list---abortion are now more important than the eduction/suburb crap. Conclusion in this article is . . . "advantage Trump."

5) This is the way. The RNC under Lara Trump is already active in filing suits against the absentee fraud. A new sheriff is in town. And the RNC also celebrated a big ballot ruling in PA requiring, gee, the correct dates on the outside of outer envelopes for mail-in ballots! Meanwhile, DemoKKKrats won a big victory against election reform in Montana, though this won't hurt President Trump. It could, however, play a role in the Montana Senate race.

6) President Trump attended the wake of Officer Diller in New Kabul, but when the family learned New York Gov. Hock-a-lugie was there, they gave her the heave-ho.

7) Count Dooku (Jack Smith) is seeing his case against President Trump fall apart.

8) Truth Social is now worth more than the New York Slimes. President Trump's net worth has surpassed that of both George Soros and Mark Cuban Cigar.

9) Once again: does this sound like someone who knows they will steal the 2024 election? Zero making frantic calls to Rutabaga's Chief of Staff. Incidentally, if Zero was RUNNING Rutabaga, as some think, he wouldn't have to call the Chief of Staff. Meanwhile, as per @richdecamp on Twit, "you know it's serious when Bill has to get off his intern." MORE! This story says DemoKKKrats are pushing Rutabaga to pump out new regulations as fast as possible. This is clear evidence they know they can't steal it.

10) Meanwhile, the image of the "Three Kings," Rutabaga, Zero, and Slick Willie wallowing in $25 million in donations while Trump meets with the family of a slain officer at a wake is a startling when shown side by side.

11) After libs complained that President Trump's lawyers were filing motions to delay, ABC now has asked for more time to respond to the George Snuffulupagus' defamation of President Trump.

12) File under "The Patriot's Strike Back," as a Patriot Day (J6) protester has filed a $2 million suit against the Capitol Hill cops for excessive force when they beat her on Patriot Day. Likewise, the blowback begins as a judge rebuked the DoINJustice for its arguments against releasing a Patriot Day defendant who was granted release pending his appeal. This is the first chink in the Feds' armor. Let's hope it's the beginning.

13) Information on the container ship that rammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge continues to roll in. Among other facts learned, there were breaches of hazardous materials on the vessel and that the as-yet unnamed pilot/captain immediately, with his radio out, called the Baltimore Port Authority to shut down the bridge to traffic, which was accomplished. There also appears to be a problem of black box info "missing"---but it isn't. As this video, makes clear, a ship black box isn't like that of an airplane; it can record but due to the much larger bridge people move in and out of microphone range. Also, hazardous material on a cargo ship is not unusual at all, and the analysis here by an experienced maritime specialist is excellent. The pilot called for tugs, and also dropped the port anchor, suggesting perhaps there was no rudder control. The black smoke indicated the main engine had shut off. His conclusion is that a) the anchor drop was fairly useless, and b) the engine could not be reversed quickly. Meanwhile, Smarmy Wray, Ubergruppen Fuhrer of the FascistBI, has warned (when not obsessing over "white nationalists" that the U.S. infrastructure is vulnerable to ChiCom hacks.

14) This could be awesome: a bill not sits on Gov. Ron DeSantis's desk that would outlaw offshore wind farms. First, this is what can happen when you get a good, conscientious legislature and a governor who will sign good legislation. Second, let's hope this is the way of the future.

15) The Fed gubment is using vast resources to register more voters for mail-in voting. This may not pan out the way they think. Richard Baris's polling shows that today's UNregistered voters are Trump +17.

16) Another Boeing jet had mechanical troubles. Oh, Lord, I have to travel on a jet on Monday.

17) Downtown LA looks like a Third World country. Actually, that is an insult to Third World countries, which are much cleaner and more orderly.

18) More on the "Gilbert Goons" of AZ, who killed a helpless boy then danced on his body. Lock them away with Bubba and the Aryan Nation forever.

19) And speaking of disgusting crimes, did you know there was a Harvard Morgue Scandal where the manager sold body parts on the black market for decades?


20) The Supes will hear a case that "threatens chaos" to the immigration system---one involving tattoos!

21) The U.S. set a record with 51 million immigrants, or nearly 20% of the workforce---and they appear to be the only ones getting new jobs.


22) Over half of Americans correctly see the gubment as a threat to religious freedom.


23) Corporate profits are up, but that also means inflationary pressures are up. The Fed never wanted to introduce a real recession, so inflation continues.

24) The Philly Fed admitted the jobs numbers were overstated by just a tad . .. 800,000!

25) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of Energy, says that the reality of the new green push is that the world of EVs would mean more gas and coal for all.

26) The Chicago Fed says we are close to a recession, as indicators point south.


27) The U.S. (typically) backed itself into a corner saying the Crocus Music Hall attack in Russia was ISIS. Russia says it has evidence it was Ukraine.

28) Meanwhile, the ever-panhandling Green Screen Zelensky says that without U.S. aid the Ukes will have to retreat. Psst. Green Screen. Even WITH U.S. aid you're gonna retreat. You lost. Indeed, Green Screen fired more aides as the Russkies took out one of the largest power plants in the country.

29) A UK regulator is trying to make the North Sea all electric. These morons will not be happy until Ireland is back to being a potato-based economy and England is a meaningless island.


30) The whole P Diddy thing is convoluted with who-is-doing-what-to-whom, but convicted and jailed former music exec Suge Knight warned Diddy that his life was in danger, that he would be "Epsteined," and that he knew too much about the "secret room." P. Diddy is still in the U.S. spotted in Miami at a restaurant, despite raids on his Los Angeles and Miami residences by Homeland Security.

31) A host of TV shows and Netflix movies are being dumped. Maybe woke doesn't sell?


32) This gets worse and worse for the China Virus vax. Now vax-related cases of myocarditis are not healing one year later.

33) Steve Kirsch recommends two "must see" films about the China VIrus and the vaxxes.


34) Two men---but no boy---were sentenced for selling $3.2 million in Dali and other art forgeries. Dang it. Now I have to get my whole art collection of Reubens, Warhol, and Rockwell re-appraised.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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