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TODAY'S NEWS, March 4, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


BREAKING: Just a I was about to publish the US Supreme Court smacked down CO (and by extension ME and IL), ruling 9-0 President Trump cannot be kept off the ballot. “Nothing in the Constitution delegates to the States any power to enforce Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates.” (This would include House members and senators).

1) After a trio of victories with caucuses in ID, MO, and the final resolution of the MI primary, President Trump has 244 delegates out of the 1,215 needed to nominate, with another 854 decided on Super Tuesday (March 5), There are 16 states, including big ones such as Kollyfornia and Texas voting then. Today North Dakota has its primary, with 29 available delegates. President Trump is likely to have around 100 short on Super Tuesday when 16 more states vote. He will clinch on March 12.

2) This was an excellent column by Michael Goodwin of the New York Post. He almost said it better than I could: "It would help if she at least recognized that radical leftists now control the Dems’ agenda and that a collegial GOP approach is doomed to fail." Well, this is one where I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it? The idea that you can reach across the aisle to a rabid wolf is insanity, and should have died long before McTurd died. Haley "yearns for the days when the GOP was genteel united, and comfortable with losing." BINGO. President Trump does not "lose gracefully." He either wins gloriously or loses meanly. Thank God. Goodwin then goes on to describe the current political situation's vast difference from that inhabited by the pre-Trump GOP.

3) This is that NYSlimes poll that has DemoKKKrats "freaking out." In the poll, where Trump led by five. The more concerning issues were that while Trump was getting over 90% of his 2020 vote, Rutabaga is down to just 83%. DemoKKKrats told Politico that the Rutabaga campaign was a "slow-motion car crash," and Washington DemoKKKrat said the "Level of freak out remains pretty high." But others pointed to special elections as indicating the polls were not correct---except for one small matter: President Trump wasn't on any of those ballots.

4) The perpetually wrong and fecally-infested ferret, Paul Krugman, is in a panic about "White Rural Rage." Got news for ya, ya evil little habitrail runner: it's urban black rage, it's suburban everybody rage cuz the illegitimate usurper Rutabaga has without a doubt made every single American's life worse except for the 1%. And remember the French Revolution? What happened to the froggy 1% when the people's "rage" could no longer be contained?

6) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb actually won a primary. Well, not a state. DC. But President Trump still got delegates. Course, that's because HALF her support comes from Rutabaga voters.

7) Did I tell you this was coming? Now there is a chance Rutabaga may lose on Super Tuesday to "uncommitted" over Gaza. This is the DemoKKKrat Civil WAr #2 in action.

8) There is a chance the ChiComs could become the weed kingpins over cannabis farms they own in the U.S.

9) A criminal probe has been launched into the death of Yertle's sister-in-law.

10) They ain't wrong: 55% of voters think prices will go up if Rutabaga is re-elected. Even food stamp costs have gone up almost one-third.

11) House Rs handed Rutabaga a key energy defeat by passing an energy bill stripping him of blanket authority to permit new Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) projects

12) Not surprising. Even Victor Davis Hanson has bought into the notion they can somehow "replace" Rutabaga. Nope. He's the candidate. All others including Big Mike poll even worse.

14) Given how terrible the NY GOP has been for 20 years, this is not a surprise. The state GOP head is a green prog double agent who picks candidates so they will lose. How many other states?

15) I've warned about the problem in our legal system not enforcing owners' rights vs. squatters. In GA, a man was away caring for his sick wife when squatters took over his home.


16) In keeping with our disco theme, there was a popular song many hears ago called "People are still having sex." Well, not anymore. The number of people reporting "no sexual partners in the past year" in Kollyfornia reached a high of 38%. Rock has turned to pop mush, few "in" people do hard drugs anymore, and now sex is gone. What happened to the 60s? BTW, it's all age groups who report having less sex.



18) An investor in Amazon has brought a suit saying that the company is tricking consumers into buying "Prime" subscriptions that are hard to cancel. My beef is that they pretended they would offer a wide library of free movies, only to start charging for the really popular ones.

19) A fleet of big "green" trucks? Uh uh. It would require a 40% increase in grid capacity, and would require 35 years of global lithium production alone to electrify the current fleet. An electric long-haul truck would be more than DOUBLE the weight of a current truck. You think your roads are bad now??? Or how about parking? There are 313,000 parking spots for trucks in the U.S. . . . and each one would need a charger!

20) Wolf Richter says the inflation saga ain't over. My prediction, sadly, is that we never again see Trump-level prices.

21) Apparently lobbyists are the only New Yorkers making money under Rutabaga.

22) You might want to put some ice on that, Apple: the EU just fined Apple $2 billion for breaking competition laws.

23) JetBlue and Spirit Airlines just called off a $3.8 billion merger because of an antitrust ruling. Happening a lot. Locals in Steamboat Springs,

24) Locals are being priced out of homes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They now need $160,000 annual salary because of new arrivals. Even doctors can't afford to live there. Well, unless you're Doctor Detroit!


25) The Huns generals are caught on tape discussing blowing up a Russkie bridge in Crimea. Uhhh, guys, you remember the last time you got involved in the Crimea area with the Russkies? It didn't end well. A little thing called Stalingrad.

26) The world is unprepared for the ChiCom election disinformation interference.

27) This is a very Russian thing to do. They have abandoned a much more high-tech "Armata" battle tank as too expensive and will go with more of the T-90s. They used the same strategy in World War II to overcome the Wehrmacht.

28) Haiti declared a state of emergency after a mass prison escape. No problem: Rutabaga will just invite them here.

29) As to the aforementioned German "blow up the bridge" discussion, the Huns have launched in embarrassing investigation into the tape of German generals pillow talk.

30) Meanwhile, Ukraine blew up a bridge in Russia in an effort to "take the battle to the enemy." So far, the Russkies have been constrained, focusing solely on the Russian regions of Ukraine. But the Ukes may well succeed in giving their whole country away.


32) Awkward! A "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" contestant called his wife on a "lifeline" . . . and another man answered. Could be worse. You could hear several men in the background, I guess.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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