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TODAY'S NEWS, March 5, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The meltdown of the libtoid bladderbusters yesterday was enormously satisfying. I wrote a Twitter thread here on each of these---and how many of them had just insisted that the Colorado case was dead on and a sure thing.

2) Today, the House Dems melted down, threatening (stupid, illegal, unconstitutional and impossible) legislation to "keep Trump off the ballot." Look guys, if you're going to pass laws for impossible things, why not pass a law taking all the calories out of chocolate and pizza?

3) Axios reports that Rutabaga is going to "go for the jugular" (which he probably thought meant reaching for the ice tea in the fridge) by calling President Trump a "loser." Well, first he's a tw0-time winner who had one stolen. Second he just won every primary out there except for the one that isn't a state. Third he has been winning the criminal court cases right and left. This is a clear sign of Rutabaga's desperation, and the first indication he personally has given that he knows he's behind. Since the polls have shown this for two years, the doddering pants-filled poopolator is really on the ball.

4) Here is another Axios story though: the "Reality Bites the DemoKKKrats" (as they realize the courts won't save them from Trump.

5) And another "I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it?" (Cue Russell Case from "Independence Day"): Big Mike has no plans to run.

6) Grand Moff Garland calls voter ID laws "Unnecessary." Well of course they are if you plan to cheat.

7) President Trump rolled to victory in North Dakota, with over 850 delegates on the ballot today, Super Tuesday.

8) A desperate Rutabaga brought Zero out of retirement for a fund raiser. Won't help.

9) And in the trial of Fat Fani Willis, another witness has come forward to contradict Nathan Wade's testimony.

10) This author is actually addressing a possibility in which President Trump wins the immunity cases vs the feds but is convicted and sentenced by a New York Judicial Spoogeocrat. Theoretically, from November til January, he could be in jail if appeals were exhausted. (The NY case will go to the NY state appeals court (Trump would probably lose) to SCOTUS. It is possible he could be sworn in from jail, whereupon he could conceivably pardon himself---even from a state "crime"---based on the requirement that he be free to do his duty. Otherwise, the Supreme Court would almost certainly have to so rule, in order to permit the president to, well, be president.

11) The treacherous Victoria Nuland is resigning after Gateway Pundit filed a FOIA request for her role in the Gonzolo Lira death in Ukraine.

12) Interesting but this author argues that in fact the Supes DID address the "insurrection" issue.

13) Utah passed a bill to encourage teachers to carry.


14) Rutabaga is using "secretive flights" to import another 320,000 illegal criminals per year.


15) Christopher Rufo on giving DEI the pink slip at major institutions. University of Florida saved $5 million by chopping these demonic programs, while Meta ("Meta" means "death" in Hebrew) and Zoom have cut back theirs.

16) The idiots in the Rutabaga VA have called for banning the iconic WW II kissing scene because it was a "non consensual act." How would they know?


17) Confounded Interest did a great job of exposing the disaster that is the Rutabaga economy, with food prices as a share of household income at an all time high.

18) Despite what the green boogergoobers at Davos say, people ain't buyin' the green bovine manure, as oil and petroleum exports are soaring.

19) Jeff Bezos overtook Elon Musk as the world's richest man. Well, he definitely has the hotter girl friend.

20) Bitcoin reached its all time high of $69,000.


21) Hun chancellor Scholz calls the news that his generals tried to start World War III by bombing a Russkie bridge "a complete disaster" and promised a thorough investigation. He probably had images of the East Front in WW II creep into his head.

22) Britain has an "EV ticking time bomb." Safety watchdogs are recalling all sorts of electric busses. Wait til they get to the Lithium Car Bombs.

23) The Church of England set aside $100 million for idiotic "reparations," but of course that isn't enough and they are urged to make it $1.3 billion.


24) Well known sports reporter Chris Mortenson, dead at age 72.

25) The former NBA bilgepickle Charles Barkley vowed to "punch" black Trump supporters. Folks, this is your golden ticket. Take the punch, bankrupt this clown.

26) This can be Taylor Swift's next gold record: "A Bridge Too Far," as she refused to endorse Rutabaga while urging Tennesseans to turn out to vote today.

27) Life in the fast lane: one-time star QB Russell Wilson and his wife have had to put up two mansions for sale when he was cut by the Denver Brocos.


28) A pathologist reports a 52% increase in cancers from those who got the vax. The gift that keeps on giving.


29) Food reviews from a wide range of restaurants including a UFO themed restaurant in Roswell, NM. And here is my weird food story, from a restaurant in Milwaukee called "Frenchy's---but you'll have to watch the video.

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