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TODAY'S NEWS, March 6, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) It has been a really good week for President Trump and patriots already, and now news comes that over 100 Patriot Day (J6) protesters will have their sentences reduced due to a recent Supreme Court ruling.

2) And as it's Super Tuesday, President Trump won by massive numbers in all states but the Commissarriat of Vermont. Yep, Nick Knack snagged two biggies, D.C. and Vermont. Meanwhile President Trump even won Alaska (with the hideous MurCowSki doing her best to stop him there) and his delegate total is

at 1061 or about 190 from clinching while the skankchop has "suspended" her campaign (i.e., dropped out). Trump will clinch either March 12 or March 19. Baris says that based on outstanding states and current trends, it will be before March 19. As for the notion that President Trump "can't win suburbs," Trump squashed Nick Knack in Loudon Co.

3) Even Yertle, peeking out from his shell, knows Trump will win in November and has endorsed him.

4) You know it's bad when F. Chuck Todd, the crotchcruncher of Hoax News, points out your weakness: "she can't crack 20% in Texas," under 20 in Oklahoma, at 22 in Arkansas, and can't get close to 20 in Tennessee. She's a "gadfly," said F. Chuck. By the way, Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb spent $114 million to win D.C. and Vermont.

5) Trump-endorsed Mark Robinson won the R primary for the NC governor's race---which he will win. He is a rising star.

6) Again, Rutabaga struggled with large numbers of "uncommitted." He actually lost American Samoa to an unknown, while in Minnesota, nearly 20% were uncommitted.

7) Speaker Mike Johnson threw cold water on any attempt by House DemoKKKrats to keep President Trump off the ballot. "Get a grip," he said.

8) Shockwaves swept through the Lone Star state as insurgents made inroads: Dade Phelan, the Speaker of the Texas House who launched the impeachment of AG Ken Paxton, was forced into a runoff by David Covey; six House Rs who opposed school choice all lost to pro-choice candidates; three judges who said they didn't have the power to oppose vote fraud all lost; RINOish Tony Gonzales was forced into a runoff with Brandon Herrera; and Dinesh D'Souza's guy, Brandon Gill, ran at the top of his race also headed for a runoff. And the evil Marxist Barbara Lee is gone after a last-place finish.

9) Steve Garvey, former 1st baseman for the LA Dodgers, defeated the Fuller Brush Girl in the Kollyfornia jungle primary. Adam Schiffty, the Human Lemur, won by about 7%, but DemoKKKrats who supported the Brush Girl will unite with the Human Lemur to win the general, though stranger things have happened than to have Garvey eke it out.

10) A view from across the pond as a Brit writer says DemoKKKrats "ought to be panicked."

11) A Muslim assassin is targeting U.S. officials in revenge for killing Soleimani

12) A CNN scabpalate went off on "election deniers," with polls showing the number of those in Republican primaries thinking 2020 was stolen is now over 60%.

13 As reported here yesterday, Kirsten Sinema (Enema) has dropped out of the AZ senate race---for now. She is reportedly exploring running on the "no labels" ticket. Unlike independents, "no labels" is a recognized party in Arizona and would make it practical for her to get on the ballot. Who does she hurt, El Pollo Gallegos or Kari Lake? Polling now is too mixed to tell.

14) The University of Virginia spent $20 million on 235 DEI commiemonkeys. Thomas Jefferson was not a violent man but he would pick up a musket on this.

15) The so-called "super mayor" of Dalton, Illinois, accused of misspending funds, vetoed any investigation into her finances.

16) In New Yawk, as more data rolls in the lunacy of the state's energy policies unfold: offshore wind projects fell by 2/3rds and prices jumped 30% already.

17) Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey has been indicted a fourth time, but no one except Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, has demanded he resign. Course, with George Santos, the Rs kicked him out immediately for far more minor things.

18) In Florida, a massive human trafficking bust resulted in 228 arrested including 21 in the country illegally.

19) Groomer City (SF) elections showed 60% now favor more law enforcement and tighter welfare. We're about 5 years of continued destruction before they begin to question their DemoKKKrat ideologies.


20) An illegal criminal alien, drunk, crashed his car into a Washington state trooper killing the 27-year-old cop.

21) Governor Hock-a-lugie in New York has now deployed 1,000 National Guard troops to protect the subways. Er, the transportation system, not the sandwich shops. At any rate, while this may work on one level temporarily, it drains tax money from areas of New Yawk that don't particularly have an illegal criminal alien problem, and that now drags THEM into the DemoKKKrat Civil War #2. Good times.


22) A Penn State Abington prof has filed a DEI related lawsuit charging the university with a hostile work environment for refusing to include race in his grading.


23) Wow, this from USAToday, "there is no growing trend of transoidism," say experts.

24) The U.S. has denied a visa to a Ugandan official who called for the castration of homosexuals.

25) Too funny. Look at these back to back stories. First, Doritos is the new Bud Light as it hires a transoid branding man. Almost immediately thereafter, "Doritos FIRES trans brand ambassador after tweet about 12-year-old surfaces." Dey jes kain't hep it."


26) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, interviewed well-known oil expert Daniel Yergin about the "return of energy security," as in President Trump ain't gwine mess with lithium batteries and windmills.

27) Dinobernie slipts up and says the obvious: :"Donald Trump will increase oil production."

29) And here we go . . . . The EPA is looking into evidence that EVs are MORE toxic than gas-powered cars.


30) A group of diners vomited blood after being served dry ice as a palate cleanser at an Indian restaurant.


31) I love this. Here is a mini-recreation of DemoKKKrat Civil War #1, where the Hamas vs. Jews battle has now infested the NYSlimes newsroom, such as it is.


32) It has been a year since Dr. Fallacy announced that, gee, you know, the vaxxes never could work---and he's still walking around free as a bird.


33) What could possibly go wrong? Scientists are looking at stem cells to recreate a wolley mammoth by 2028. Jurrasic Park, here we come!

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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