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TODAY'S NEWS, March 7, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Sometimes they call this "silly season." Nothing is sillier than these bagelpickle "experts" who start a column with "Haley ran a near perfect race." Wow. Near perfect to do what? End any hope of her ever holding elective office or being trusted by a man again? About that "getting along with the other side" and "reaching across the aisle":

2) Rutabaga's disapproval is at 57%. That's awfully low for someone this evil and incompetent.

3) RFK, Jr. qualified for the ballot in Nevada, which will hurt Rutabaga there.

5) Rutabaga looks terrified and confused as he refuses to take questions. This is elder abuse and nation abuse by the Senior Skank, Jilly, the power mad spackelbasket and the DemoKKKrat cabal.

6) And it doesn't stop there. His whole administration is full of toejam incubators like this ATF "agent" who can't even disassemble a handgun.

7) Shocked! The National Economic Council has fiddled with the data to try to make the Rutabaga economy look less horrible than it is. Claims that it is good belong up there with Hitler's "Big Lie."

8) Grand Moff Garland, the head of the Rutabagta gestapo, is back to going after Patriot Day protesters.

9) A Salt Lake City bar has adopted a "No Zionists Allowed" policy. I guess Joshua and Caleb ain't invited.

10) Speaking of antisemitism, Rutabaga in his Mumbling of the Union address will announce plans to build a U.S. site in Gaza to facilitate aid. Not one good thing will come of this. Ronald Reagan understood that Americans on the ground in the ME is a disaster after the bombing of the Marine barracks there.

11) Meanwhile, real crimes like Grand Moff Garland's Department of INJustice, which lied about when Kampuchea Harris as in the Capitol on Patriot Day, J6, are never addressed by anyone.

12) Ozempic now has a weight loss pill it claims is twice as good as its vax. Comes complete with a year's supply of diarrhea and free cancer!


14) After closing shelters due to lack of funds, Denver dimplediggers have begged landlords to put up the illegal criminal aliens. Don't do it!


16) Are high schoolers less religious than in 1995? You betcha. And it's across every category, education level, and sex. As Ryan Burge says, it isn't getting any better: "Brace for impact."

17) AI is going to try to prevent people from fact-checking Hoax News and gubment sources by "targeting" people who read primary sources. MOVE TO BOOKS NOW. Get as many real books in your hands as you can. This is not a drill.


18) New York Bancorp just the latest regional bank to fail, with the small bank delinquency rate hitting the highest on record.

19) Thousands of employees are quitting before they can be fired.

20) I like Wolf Richter and he's often right, but he's wrong here claiming gasoline consumption has a long-term structural problem. Nope. It has a short term political problem named Rutabaga, who will soon be gone.


22) Sweden has joined NATO, showing how horrible this country is. They would not join the allies in fighting Adolf Hitler.


23) The "Rust" armorer has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Don't think this bodes well for the greatest actor in the world, "Aaaaawwwweck Bawwwwwdwin."


25) Four years late, Harvard finally ended its China VIrus vax mandate.

26) Good. Steve Kirsch et. al. are suing Springer Nature for $250 million for the unethical retraction of their peer-reviewed paper.

27) Proposed legislation would strip Big Pharma vax makers of their immunity.


28) Remember the story we had about wolves near Chernobyl being immune to radiation? Now worms there are developing the same traits. Are we in for Tremors? . .

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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