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TODAY'S NEWS, May 1, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Oh? So the feds sent "pallets" of documents to Mar-a-Lago before the Count Dooku raid. Gee, almost like it was a setup. If they were concerned that President Trump would have them, why send them?

2) The White House admitted to having to "fix" Rutabaga's comments over 150 times this year already to overcome his lies and dementia.

3) In this Patriot Day (J6) case, President Trump won another victory.

4) Another election integrity victory in Pennsylvania involving absentee ballots. Speaking of election integrity, from our friend Rachel Alexander at the Arizona Sun Times: The judge who disbarred John Eastman was a major donor to a super PAC fighting election integrity.

5) The DEA, bending to the obvious, will reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug.

6) This writer sees five ways in which the campus wars hurt DemoKKKrats. One of the most obvious is that the symbiosis of the radical left and the universities is exposed. But quite simply, this fits under "DemoKKKrat Civil War #1, Hamas/Pales vs. Israel/Jews. The DemoKKKrats will lose one group or the other---not entirely, but significantly---in November and can't do a thing about it. As the author says, "These numbers pose hard choices for Democratic Party leaders, who are trying their best to evade them." This article notes some DemoKKKrats are actually going on record about the problems for them these riots cause.

7) Shocked! A DemoKKKrat won in a DemoKKKrat-heavy district to replace a retiring DemoKKKrat in Congress.

8) Oh by all means. Try that. Tech employees in Groomer City want to create a 15 minute city downtown. Does your plan include the homeless druggies and illegal criminal aliens? Asking for a friend.

9) Didn't take long for fascist so-called antifa to get involved with the Hamas murderers. Here is an ongoing riot at UCLA. Ironically, these chuckleheads may do more to raze the universities than any conservative ever could. Meanwhile there were mass arrests at Columbia. Big deal. They'll be out in days.

10) This is really sad and strange news. This woman thought she was just hung over. It turns out she had brain cancer.


11) New data from Homeland Security shows Rutabaga flew illegal criminal invaders to 45 cities, including several in Florida.


12) A circuit court said that state health policies that exclude transoid mutilation are unconstitutional. Maybe we should have NO state "health policies" at all then?


13) A data breach at Kaiser Permanente may affect over 13 million customers.

14) Why are so many men not working? One ignored reason is the elimination of jobs that require men to build and create---the declining auto and steel industries. But it's also social decay and anti-male biases that are widespread. Women are increasingly given all bureaucratic, mid-level, largely meaningless paper-pushing jobs to comply with DEI requirements.

15) The electric time-bomb: how thousands of Teslas could become impossible to sell because the batteries have minimal life remaining.

16) Mortgage demand fell again as HUD regulations have added another $31,000 to already overpriced housing.

17) More propaganda about how great the Rutabaga economy is and why all you people paying 40% more for food, gas, and housing and who have to work two jobs are just too stupid to realize it.


18) Probably too late for Great Britain, but bravo anyway: The UK began its roundup of criminal alien invaders to deport them back to Africa. And the wheel has turned back to mother England in another way, as the NHS declared (based on the Cass Report) that "sex is a biological fact." Yowie! Let the fireworks begin.

19) Several European countries plan to recognize a Palestinian "state" by May, ensuring unceasing violence in the Middle East until such state is removed.

20) The latest sword murder rampage in England led cops to wonder if they need more than tasers. Just spitballin' here, but maybe try . . . GUNS!!!?


21) Big layoffs coming at the special effects firm DNEG.

22) Chris ("Thor") Hemsworth admits he "didn't stick the landing" in the latest "Thor" movie, "Thor: Love and Thunder." True. He allowed himself to be given too many funny lines and not enough serious character development.


23) Shocked, I tell ya. The CDC now has produced evidence that the vaxxes caused death, but won't say exactly how.


24) Here is the reason ice cold beer tastes better. BTW, there is nothing that beats A&W Root Beer in the old-time frosted mugs. I miss those.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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