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TODAY'S NEWS, May 10, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Good news story of the day. Fantastic. Ol' Serpent Head James Carville has a really bad day. He admits "nothing has worked" against Trump. He even says he's "irrelevant."

2) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, I think without realizing it, brought amazing news today. In arguing (correctly) that today's youts don't give a damn about the Hamas Murder Pirates (coming in at issue #13 that the youts care about) in his item #1, "climate change" has dropped to issue #5 at only 35%, while "healthcare," "education" and "economic fairness" rate above it. Now, a poll is a poll and depends on HOW the questions are asked. I guarantee that Richard Baris could ask these same questions a different way and that the top issues would be jobs/inflation, illegal immigration, and crime. But this is reassuring that even a slanted poll can only get barely 1/3 of the modern skulls full of mush to worry about "climate change."

3) So just to be clear, Missouri Attorney General, who now MUST be in the running for President Trump's AG spot, has launched an official investigation into the Rutabaga/lawfare connection. This is the first time a red state AG has pulled a "reverse lawfare" move. He is demanding records of all "activity and/or communications between Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, New York Attorney General Letitia James, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith or Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis related to the investigation or prosecution." Yeeee haw!

4) The spoogebloat of a judge, Juan Merchan, in the Boast 'n' Bragg case said he might jail President Trump, to which the Secret Service resopnded that he would STILL get Secret Service protection. Now, that is almost worth watching. President Trump would OWN any jail or prison he was sent into in an hour. Speaking of spoogie judges and jail, Steve Bannon is heading to jail having lost his appeal. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal discusses the "lawfare implosion" of 2024. Love it.

5) Slowly but surely Hunter Biteme's gun problems are moving toward a judicial conclusion as his appeal was dismissed.

6) Faux News, per Richard Baris "People's Pundit Daily," showing that President Trump got 40,000 to a rally while Rutabaga got 100 . . . IN NEW JERSEY. Baris: newly registered voters are heavily R. These are low propensity voters. Rs can register them, then must turn them out. Meanwhile, another new poll is SERIOUSLY good for President Trump who now leads Rutabaga in favorable/unfavorable.

7) Illinois passed a law that prohibited political parties from appointing candidates who did not run in a primary. This is a roadblock, but not a big one. Parties for a very nominal fee can and should have primary candidates in every race.

8) The entire Patriot Day (J6) manure pile is being washed away with yet another shadowy character who "predicted" the "pipe bombs" before it happened. A fedsurrctionist.

9) Congresswoman Nancy Mace says that her staff tried to sabotage her campaign. Meanwhile, DemoKKKrat Senator Jon (Testicles) Tester flipped sides abruptly to co-sponsor the Laken-Riley Act vs. illegals after opposing it. Gee, Testicles, tight race now?


10) The Denver illegal criminal alien invaders have a list of 13 "demands" before they will leave their tent city..

11) Shocked, I tell ya. Mass migration did not drive economic growth as the libs promised.


12) Why is plagiarism so egregious? Because although we have devalued this, cheating oneself is still cheating. Lying is still lying. Analchowder is still analchowder.

13) Shocked, I tell ya! This study of cellphone bans in schools showed significant improvement in mental health---particularly among girls---bullying fell, and girls' grades in math improved, but there were gains for boys as well. A little plug here, but in my e-book, All Thumbs: How Our Obsession with Phones and Devices is Damaging our Children, I foretold all this. You can get the book at as part of the VIP package.

14) DemoKKKrats are preparing for a civil war in Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) without the help of the mayor.



16) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, notes that a new report touting "30% of energy now is renewables" (no such thing) is missing the big picture, which at this rate it will be centuries before oil and gas is phased out.

17) Wait, I thought Rutabaga was a job creating machine. Looks like joblessness shot up unexpectedly to a "worrisome" level. Well, of course not "worrisome" to the multi-millionaire demented pervert, who told CNN that Americans have "money to spend." Thank you Rutabaga. Thank you, thank you for giving President Trump a massive election victory with your amoeba-brained fecalscatter. Gee, maybe that's why consumer sentiment has tumbled.

18) Anyone remember Bud Light? Anyone? Bueller? Its sales continue to slide.


19) Foreign Affairs tells us "What Hamas wants in Post-war Gaza," namely "the power to fight without governing." Well, isn't that the entire Muslim world with the exception of perhaps Jordan? In truth, what Hamas and every Muslim state really wants is the extinction first of Israel, then of all Jews, then of all other non-converted believers.

20) I don't usually report on the Royalrectals, but the Megxit says she is so proud of the Ginger Duke because he spoke to Nigerian kids about metnal health. Pssst: Megxit: he was speaking Farsi.

22) Ukraine is raiding prisons for more soldiers.

23) In Canada, the highest ranking black woman in the Toronto police force admitted to helping black applicants cheat on the po-po test. And another story out of the Land of Maple Leafs, as the so-called "discovery of mass Indian graves" was found to be a hoax. And still more on Canada as a Toronto nail salon sparked debate by offering offering discounts on pedicures if people would allow the salon to traffick in photos of feet. Yum.

24) God indeed works in mysterious ways, as Panama's new president vows to shut down the Darien Gap immigration faucet.


25) Marvel Comics head blamed the China Virus for the decline of the comic book industry---not woke-ism that has destroyed comics.


27) Another double-blind study finds Ivermectin is effective vs. the China VIrus. Gotta "trust the science."


28) Le Dive, a restaruant in New Kabul (NYC) serves a hamburger considered so special that they only serve 12 a day: it has au poive sauce, watercresss in dijon, . . . . Sorry, it's Five Guys for me.

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