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TODAY'S NEWS, May 13, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) This definitely rattled them: President Trump drew between 80,000 to 100,000 people to a rally in Joisey. This is 10,000 times what Rutabaga could draw. He also leads big in Georgia. But wait! There's more. The NYSlimes has Trump up fairly comfortably in every swing state except MI, including Nevada, and Trump is only down 1 in MI (better than in 2016). Likewise, this Redfield and Wilton poll. has Trump up in every state, including MI comfortably, but doesn't poll NV. Rasmussen says Rutabaga's 39-40% approval just ain't gonna get better. It's "sticky." Thus now even Harry Enten, a total spoogiologist amen chorus for Rutabaga admits the path to 270 is very tough. Please, Lord, don't let these people wake up in time to switch Rutabaga out. By the way, Rich Baris's comment on that MI result was it relies on a "likely voter" model and is ridiculous. Every other poll has Trump winning PA, WI, NV, and AZ, and Baris notes MI always moves with WI and PA. And a new poll from FL: pretty much supports Rich Baris's bold claim that Trump would win by 10-15. This poll says 9. Oh, and this poll from Virginia has the race a 1-point lead for Rutabaga.

2) President Trump said he supports Israel's right to win its war against the Hamas murder pirates. At some point, this HAS to begin to eat into Rutabaga's remaining Jewish support. Thus Republican strategists see a shift occuring.  Maybe Rutabaga should reconsider his pro-Hamas stand, given what rich Jewish donors are telling him: 81% of 18-34 year olds disapprove of his handling of Gaza. (Won't matter, because the Muslim supporters of the Hamas murder pirates are disproportionately congregated in two key states, Michigan and Minnesota, where Trump is "poised" as they say to take both. But this has prompted Rutabaga to schedule an emergency fundraiser with the Hollywood elites.

3) Rutabaga, whose demented brain was apparently injected with fungalpus, said he wished President Trump had injected himself with bleach.

4) First it was actor (and often nutjob) Michael Rappaport who "unendorsed" Rutabaga, then at Saturday's rally, pro football stars Lawrence Taylor and O.J. Anderson renounced their DemoKKKrat support.

5) Barron Trump has declined to serve as a GOP Convention delegate. Don't blame him. Be a kid, Barron. Do kid stuff.

6) A House committee is investigating Georgia Tech for its ties to the ChiComs. It would not surprise me if this is a little leverage to make sure that the duckdimple governor Brian Kemp doesn't toe the line this election and tamp down the fraud.

7) This fungalwipe of a teacher texted a student 28,000 times, was fired, but now teaches at a different school in New Kabul (NYC), so no harm done.

8) Speaking walking fungii, it's time to put the administrators and trustees of these universities that are permitting hate and rioting on trial. Specifically, THEY are responsible for keeping order and protecting students on campus.

10) In Kollyfornia, the Supreme Court has ruled that people cannot be detained for running from a cop. Meanwhile violence in blue state schools has nearly doubled as gubments struggle with how to maintain order without offending anyone.

11) The GOP's Senate recovery plan, directed by Sen. Steve Daines, focuses especially on WV (a win) and MT (right now, probably a toss up with Tim Sheehy, although the article touts a small-sample poll from March showing Sheehy ahead. I think a better bet is Larry "Hulk" Hogan in Maryland.

12) A new study shows that a daily consumption of olive oil reduces the chance of developing dementia. Too late for Rutabaga. He could eat all the pasta in Sicily and he'd still be a demented pants-filled pervert.

13) Seth Keshel, using population growth and voter registration statistics shows clearly that Rutabaga stole York County, PA. Now multiply that by 3,000+ counties in the US and you get your so-called "81 million votes."

14) Michael Goodwin finally figures out part of the DemoKKKrat Civil War #1, namely that Rutabaga is losing the Jewish vote badly.

15) A Wisconsin woman, who was the first ever to recover from rabies without a vaccine, celebrated her 20th year after the disease.

16) Speaking of Wisconsin, a judge threw out a DemoKKKrat lawsuit against the change in absentee voting requirements, making an honest election in the Cheese State more likely.

17) We tend to forget that Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) is one of the leading murder capitals in the world: 21 dead this weekend.

18) Sorry, we don't have a pervert section here but should: Ashley Biden confirms her diary is real and that Rutabaga showered with her. What a disgusting profligate pus-pedo.

19) Oh yeah, there is a so-called "trial" going on. Now a paralegal said Boast 'n' Bragg's office engaged in tampering with evidence.

20) There is another trial about to begin in NY: Neew Jersey Senator Bob Menendez's corruption trial. You know, the guy indicted of felonies but who still holds his seat while George Santos was kicked out of the House for embellishing.

21) DEI has hit Rutabaga's VA with certain programs excluding white vets. You know, the ones why by orders of magnitude were overrepresented in WW II, Korea and Veetnam.

22) Melinda Gates quit the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. No joy in killing kids in Africa?


23) Pigs are flying. CNN's Fareed Zakaria said Rutabaga "must" adopt President Trump's immigration policies because the "old asylum system is dead." He becomes just the latest lib to sound the alarm that Rutabaga will lose.


24) In a clear sign that the Presbyterian Church is now the Synagogue of Satan, it has invited the usless David (Frenchfry) French of National Retreat a featured speaking spot at their general assembly.This is a guy who believes in child mutilation.

25) From my favorite lib Noah Smith: did AAA (ads, AI, and algorithms) kill the internet? Mostly, but do not discount the concern, even fear, may youts have about the snooping by the U.S. gubment on people. Many kids want to leave as small a footprint as possible.

26) More cowardice in the face of the Hamas Murder Pirates. Pomona moved its commencement after the Murder Pirates set up an encampment around the graduation stage. On April 25, here, I warned that these administrators lack the ideology and the testicular attributes to effectively deal with these terrorists. Now they prove me right. Meanwhile this law prof says Columbia fostered a "hostile environment" for Jewish kids.

27) Yet UNC is actually moving faster than I ever dreamed, abolishing the whole DEI department and transferring the funds to the campus police.

28) Catholic mass has fallen by half, and just 14% of college aged kids are Catholic.

29) Logos Bible software is selling porn.


30) Tar-Gay is limiting homosexual and transoid-themed merch after massive blowback.


31) Rutabaga's festering sore of a brain won't let the US supply the world with low-carbon gas cuz, you know, it's not green. Meanwhile, a new study shows at current rates of consumption, the U.S. has a mere 200 years of oil left. Unless, of course, we find more. Which we always seem to do.

32) This was inevitable. Kollyfornia is tacking on a monthly subsidy charge to utility bills for . . . you guessed it!---EVs.

33) The False Prophet, Yuval Noah Harari, is on a jihad now against bitcoin. Or, as Zerohedge notes, "Davos is desperate."

35) Meanwhile, here is a person's story about his Cybertruck. As Lewis Black adroitly noted, " Cybertruck is about as useful as an adult at a P. Diddy party."


37) Sweden is experiencing the richness of diversity as gangs, guns, and bombs constitute a "crisis of violence" in the tolerant Scandinavian paradise.

38) As Europe deindustrializes, it is returning to its non-competitive position of 1946. Now, let's say President Trump comes back, and we renew the 2017-2020 growth rates. Let's also assume that as the indicators suggest, the ChiComs are in deep economic Bantha poo. That would once again leave the USA as the number 1 economic power in the world, just as after WW II. By the way, this---along with much more detail, was a part of my inaugural Saturday paid substack. Find it here, and if you wish to subscribe, I'll be having considerably more detailed election commentary in the future.

39) This is rich. The UN is building a base in Haiti, which ostensibly is being governed by Jimmy Barbeque, for Kenyan "peacekeepers." I'm sorry, does Kenya immediately come to mind when one says "peace and stability?"

40) Urinals are being removed from Tehran shopping malls. Oooooo k. It's "Un-Islamic to pee standing up."

41) The case holding the Magna Carta was damaged by two anti-oil aged biddies who obviously have no grandkids.

42) Oh they are very worried. Now the Euro youts are "fueling the far right." Which is, of course, the leftoids' way of saying fueling populism and a movement that actually favors ordinary people over elites.

43) You can take the Germans out of the military but you can't take the militarism out of the Huns: Germany to resume conscription out of fear of Pootie-poot. This didn't work out so well last time.

44) Rutabaga's evil cabal of Baal-worshipers is so desperate to prevent Israel from achieving total victory over the Hamas murder pirates that it is offering intel on Hamas leaders in exchange for an IDF pullout. Meanwhile, the UN magically cut the number of women and children who were killed by Israel in half.

45) This is now on the West: Russia, which was going to settle for Crimea, Donbas, and a couple of other small border regions is now moving further west because the western morons would not let them negotiate an end to the war. Now the Russkies are pressing Kharkov. while Green Screen replaced his commander there.



47) The Oscars went woke---but Hollywood also stopped producing stars for a number of reasons. No one cares, and now the Oscars need a $500 million fundraising campaign to stay afloat.

48) Roger Corman, famous for low-budget "B" films such as "Piranha" and "Death Race 2000," dead at 98. His company broke in stars such as Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro and directors such as Martin Scorcese and Francis Ford Coppola.

49) The antisemitic Hamas murder pirate supporters at Duke walked out on Jerry Seinfeld's commencement address. These are evil, vile, uncivilized monsters who need to be purged.

50) A true legend, Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, suffering from dementia, has been placed in a conservatorship.


51) A whistleblower revealed a Pfizer email that offered "separate and distinct" China Virus vaxxes to its employees. Gee, why would they do that?

52) Inside the study of the China Virus vax regarding two teens who "died suddenly."

53) The State Department hid evidence from President Trump that the China Virus was leaked from a Wuhan lab.

54) John Leake notes that the China Virus vax "Death Star" may be exploding. They totally botched the origins of the Virus and then lied about the vaxxes. See this data from Pfizer, where in its marketing report there were 1,223 deaths due to the vax, making it the most deadly vax ever rolled out.


55) A Montana man spends his life traveling back and forth across the U.S. in a horse-drawn carriage at 3 miles per hour. I don't think it was this guy, but a true story: I was driving on a business/film trip to Tennessee from Dayton, Ohio with a friend, and somewhere along the interstate we noticed a one-time hotel that quite obviously had been converted into a pleasure palace and "adult book store." Going down the road to it was an Amish buggy.

Addendum: There was a giant (30-ft high) metal, perhaps aluminum cross not a short distance from said pleasure palace. On our way back, after a storm, that cross had fallen---its beam went right through said house of charms.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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