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TODAY'S NEWS, May 14, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The Hill now warning Rutabaga's foreign policy catastrophe is endangering his reelection. Yeah, Hill, that and everything else this demented clowncar does.

2) Oh, and the demented pervert just doesn't believe he's behind in the polls and Axios, with Politico, one of the two official DemoKKKrat mouthpieces, is screaming at him that he is.

3) The corrupt legally-challenged Judge Engoron in the Trump civil forfeiture case is under ethics violations investigation while Boast 'n' Bragg is accused of tampering with evidence. Oh, and Fat Fani is under investigation as well as still more defendants have filed appeals to have her removed. Odd. Who would have thought such pillars of the legal community who were so unbiased would have such problems? Oh, yeah, in Bragg's trial, slimy attorney Michael Cohen blew up the case against Trump saying that Trump wasn't concerned with the Porny Daniels stuff.

4) A New York county is "deputizing" gun owners because of rampant crime. Yeah, those same gun owners that the state sought to ban repeatedly from owning guns.

5) An important article in the Epoch Times destroys the notion of "fake electors." More important, it shows that even if there was no fraud, the 2020 election was not lawful due to numerous violations of the Constitutional process. For example,

"Republican electors in Pennsylvania and New Mexico added conditional language to their vote certifications, saying they were filed “on the understanding that it might later be determined that we are the duly elected and qualified Electors for President and Vice President of the United States of America” from their respective states." And: "The alternate Republican electors filed their own electoral ballots as did members of at least one other group purporting to represent their state. Yet none were named as the duly elected electors on the certificate of ascertainment provided to Congress by the governor . . . ." And yet more: "There were other errors as well.

Only the Georgia and Wisconsin electors met and voted at their state capitols as required by law. The documents sent by electors from Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania lacked the state’s seal, also a legal requirement In Georgia, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania, substitute electors were added without the approval of the state’s governor, also contrary to law. Finally, the documents from the Michigan and Wisconsin electors arrived in Washington after the filing deadline." There are still more, but you get the picture. This election was anything but legit.

6) Better late than never: the U.S. has ordered a Chinese "cryptominer" to sell his land next to a missile base.

7) Little Miss Lying Hood, former Press Secretary Jen Psaki, had to retract a false claim in her book that Rutabaga did not check his watch during the ceremony honoring US troops slain in Afghanistan. We all saw it.

9) Ah, DeSoros is back to doing the important things as governor, raising the minimum age for strippers.

10) Houston's police chief resigned as new emails show he knew about the city's cop problems much earlier than he claimed. He said he was "shocked." "There's gambling here? I'm shocked."


11) Northern border apprehensions are the highest in history---many on the terrorist watch list---while the Southern border is more wide open than Kamala Harris's legs.


12) Rutabaga slapped a 100% tariff on ChiCom EVs. The only problem? The ChiComs sell fewer EVs in America than the Russkies have transoid surgeries. But, it only helps the new President, Trump, who can then use those to expand tariffs on other ChiCom society-destroying goods.

13) In a way you have to love this: the so-called "energy transition" has just hit a mountain the size of Everest in the new (hip, cool, gotta-have-it) tech of AI because . . . AI sucks more energy than three ex-wives.

14) I alerted you to this earlier: Red Lobster now closing dozens of restaurants. Prepare for much more of this: the lockdowns changed behaviors of eating out, and now, when restaurants could rebuild those behaviors, Rutabaga's inflation makes it impossible to make a profit (combined with a dearth of employees). In a related story, more job cuts at Wal-Mart.

15) Love it! GameStop's "Roaring Kitty" is back and shares surge. "It's not over til I say it's over." And as a result, GameStop is one of the top 500 companies in the country.

16) Meanwhile, Rumble has sued Google for illegally hampering ad sales.

17) Wholesale inflation jumped to the highest level in a year. But "people have money" according to Rutabaga. Psst. Demented Pervert. The money doesn't buy what it did under President Trump. For example, rent prices continue to rise.


18) Portugal is recovering economically.


19) The whiny whale-bottomed harpies on "The View" melted down and admitted that Boast 'n' Bragg trial is helping President Trump. Then they blamed the media, then the Rutabaga campaign. So, wait, evil snotlickers: if the "media" covers the trial, wouldn't they also have to cover President Trump's side? or in your femmefascist state does the other side not get a voice at all? Yeah, that's what I thought.

20) Billionaire Peter Theil is bankrolling an effort that would allow Olympic athletes to dope. Theil is a homosexual: is this a backdoor attempt to get men into women's Olympic sports?

21) Singer Kelly Clarkson, who lost 60 pounds and insisted it was not Ozempic, admitted it was some other weight loss drug that did the trick. "I did not get drunk on whiskey. It was vodka."

22) Now the runner up to Miss Teen USA, who replaced the winner who had resigned over Pageant practices, herself has resigned.

23) Despite a good performance from "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes," Hollywood's box office is projected to be down $1 billion from last year. They are still tyring to blame the China Virus.


24) Now we're gettin' somewhere. The COVID committee recommended that EcoHealth's Peter Daszak be debarred and criminally investigated for his actions in perpetrating the China Virus hoax.


27) A Tik Toker and OnlyFans star flashed her boobs at a livestream portal because she wanted to show them her "two New York home grown potatoes." It reminds me of walking behind obese women violating yaga pants: all I can think of is two squirrels wrestling in a pillowcase.

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