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TODAY'S NEWS, May 15, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) President Trump is within two in Minnesota. If he's this close in May, he can easily eke it out in November. And I know this is kinda for poll nerds but President Trump is now over 50% in the aggregate of polls for North Carolina. Translation, I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it? North Carolina is NOT a "swing state" any more than Ohio, Florida, or Iowa are. Now Trump's pollster confirms MN and VA are in play. And Rutabaga is outspending Trump 3:1 and still falling behind. Oh, and if you want any more "pwoof" that the trials are causing President Trump to be viewed sympathetically by blacks, look at this Georgia focus groups.

2) Both President Trump and Rutbaga have agreed to two debates, but Rutabaga had a whole set of demands, including no live audiences and no RFK, Jr. Richard Baris thinks this is a mistake because of the "moderators" (all full leftoids). I agree debates "can" pose a danger, and here I note President Trump must be careful, but he has shown that when he stays disciplined he can be devastating in a debate. It also shows Rutabaga's panic. If he was leading, he wouldn't be debatin'. Bobbah has of course "raged" at both camps for being excluded. On a ballot, RFK hurts Rutabaga, but on a debate stage, it gets to be 2:1 (recall Perot and Clinton v. GHWB in 1992). I think this helps Trump.

3) A coalition of over 1,600 actual scientists (not "political scientists") says there is no so-called "climate change."

4) This is pretty big news: Per his Locals webcast, Richard Baris ("People's Pundit Daily/Big Data Poll") has been incorporated into the 538 aggregators. Rich has been pushing for this, and incorporation into Real Clear Politics' aggregates, for years. Only after many of the pollsters actually adopted his methods did they allow him to "join the club." Congrats, Rich.

5) The human hyenascat known as George Soros funneled $80 million into media censorship efforts prior to the 2020 election.

6) Yes, it may be true that Rutabaga is a "lousy politician," but in 2020 they knew they had the steal. The problem this time is they do not believe they can steal it again.

7) Hip hip hooray! The leftoid crying Capitol Hill cop lost his congressional primary.

8) The greasy idiot Gruesome says "climate change," not his analpucker leftist policies, is partly to blame for Kollyfornia's budget deficit.

9) Good. Nearly 80 officials overseeing election integrity doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Should be in the thousands.


10) The mayor of New Kabul (NYC) said that illegal criminal alien invaders could "fix the lifeguard problem" quickly because "they're good swimmers." Meanwhile in New Kabul, the illegal criminal invaders who attacked NY cops in Times Square got a plea deal, including one illegal who was rearrested.


11) John Di Leo gets it, namely what I wrote about two weeks ago with "New Whine in Old Skins". The Hamas-driven campus radicals can never be controlled by ideological administrators who put them there in the first place, figuratively speaking.

12) MIT just hired six new DEI gas-perpetrators, two of which are serial plagiarists.


13) Common sense abounds in Peru, where transoids and all of the rest of the maladroit possessors of pathological sexual conditions are "mentally ill."


14) The Fed chief says "inflation is higher than anyone expected." Well, not higher than I expected. But no rate cut for you. ("No buf-fet foah you-ah"). By the way, there are two people I miss all the time: Rush Limbaugh and Jon Pinette, who could do an hour of self-deprecating comedy and nary use a foul word.

15) Consumer prices have risen every month since "Bidenomics" began.


16) U.S. threats led to the rupture with the ally Niger. Rutabaga's incredible stupidity and evil sabotages yet another alliance.

17) The "Green Energy Wall" (party costs, part physics) can't arrive soon enough.

18) Guatemala is investigating a Rutabaga-linked NGO connected to human trafficking.

19) The Slovak Prime Minister was wounded (but shot five times!) when a leftist shooter showed up outside a cabinet meeting. My real fear is that given the utter deafness of politicians (and this is a good one), this will become more common.

20) This could be nuthin, could be incredibly significant. For those who have ears, let them hear: the so-called the "Entrance to Hell" Bore Hole has been closed by the Russkies.


20) This is a really good analysis of Taylor Swift's success and her depressing, hollow message.


21) Nice. The Supes ruled against the state of Kollyfornia in its appeal for immunity from China Virus deaths in San Quentin.


22) Well, this is one you don't hear every day. In Zimbabwe, morticians used cadavers to get to the front of the gas lines that sometimes last for days, pretending to take the bodies in a hearse for burial. This is just one indicator of what was a one time vibrant African economy, but which by 2009 was nearing collapse. The currency is worthless, unemployment is 94%, and once a food exporter, Zimbabwe now battles starvation.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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